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Top Ten Comedies Of All Time As Specified By Us

Updated on June 16, 2008

Top Ten Comedies - Movies.

My husband and I decided to write about top ten comedies, at least the ones on our and most of our friends top tens. So without further ado here's our opinion on the top ten comedies of all time.

10. Stuck On You - This movie featured Matt Daemon and Greg Kinnaer as Bob and Walt Tenor, conjoined by the hip twins. Walt wanted to be a Hollywood star but Bob's shyness prevented him from it somewhat. All through out the movie problems with them being joined at the hip occured and outrageously funny scenes came in. This was just all around a great comedy and a cute movie.

9. Not Another Teen Movie - From Pretty In Pink to She's All That, this movie picks on every teen movie out there, classics and newer films alike. This movie put together some extremely funny scenes and at the same time a sterotypical teen movie cliche in every line. From beginning to end this movie was a side splitting, humorous, out there flick.

8. The Longest Yard - Now we are talking about Adam Sandler's version of The Longest Yard, the first make of this movie was good, but not hilarious like this one. From the McDonald's selling inmate to the great advice giving inmate that wouldn't hurt a fly this movie kept you entertained and laughing. I would have to say though, my husband and I got the biggest kick out of the opening scene with the police chase.

7. 10 Things I Hate About You - Most that have seen this movie have to admit it had some pretty great comedy parts. You have your typical PMS case, your popular uppity chick, your bad boy and even your nerds and jocks. This is truely a great comedy, and if you look into it you see how much fun it pokes at the whole high school popularity ladder.

6. Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me - What's better then James Bond movies or any other spy movies? A movie purely based around making a mockery of the sometimes tiresome storylines in the action/spy flicks. This movies makes fun of every aspect in each of these movies and its highly enjoyable. Dr. Evil is at it again and Austin Powers is called in to save the day, once again. You can't forget Dr. Evil's son Scott, or even the most popular one Mini Me. I mean come on, how can you not love Mini Me?

5. The Waterboy - Whats there really to say about this one? I mean its Adam Sandler, how can you not like Adam Sandler? This time we find Adam in the role of Bobby, a somewhat mentally disabled waterboy, with some amazing tackling skills. In this movie if they laughs don't come from the characters lines then most likely you're laughing hard about the tackling that Bobby does.

4. The Mask - Witty quips and cartoon antics. The Mask is truely a classic in the comedies and rightfully deserves a top ten spot. Jim Carrey puts on an amazing preformance in this movie and his character, what a roit. How can you not like a man that makes a whole police force break out singing and dancing?

3. Robin Hood: Men In Tights - "Because we're men (manly men) we're men in tights!" There's not much to say about this, everyone knows the story of Robin Hood and seeing as this movie is definately a classic I'm sure they know the story of Robin Hood: Men In Tights. Most people had to have seen this movie at least once in there lives. This movie is a hilarious explaination, yet at the same time a mockery, of the classic Robin Hood story. From small bridge spanning a pathetic creak that requires a toll, to the blind servent of Robin's family, and the witch that has the hots for the sheriff. This movie is truely one that delivers non stop laughs. Watch out though, your sides might get hurt.

2. Detroit Rock City - Based in 1979 four teenagers shared the dream of going to a KISS concert, and finally got the chance to. However as the pot... err, I mean plot, unfolds a bunch of things come into play that seem to ruin there chances. The first obstacle would be Jam's mother, your typical rock music is satanic, religious mom, burned the concert tickets the boys worked so hard to get. Then Tripp wins four tickets and back stage passes to the same KISS concert over the phone, you'd think everything was right again in the world, that is until the boys get to Detroit. Trip forgot to give the radio station the information they needed and low and behold they are stuck in Detroit on the night of the concert with no tickets. The four teens split and go seperate ways in order to find there own way into the concert. This movie is another one me and my husband consider to be a classic. It is definately worth the watch if you ask us.

1. Tenacious D in The Pick Of Destiny - JB and KG are on a quest to find an almighty guitar pick made out of the devils tooth! The pick is said to contain a power to make some awesome rock! Wouldn't that be a great thing? However this duo goes through hell trying to get the P.O.D. and in the end, ends up getting themselves into a rock off with the devil, leading to them getting a B.O.D. (Bong of Destiny) as they call it. This movie is filled with nonstop laughs, entertaining songs, and great cameo's. This movie is at number one on our list because no matter how many times we watch it, it never gets boring.


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    • profile image

      Matt 7 years ago

      What a sh!ty list! Monty Python and The Holy Grail? Ace Ventura? Theres something about Mary?

    • profile image

      rory 8 years ago

      where is the funniest movie of all time?????


      you stay classy san diago.

    • bgamall profile image

      Gary Anderson 8 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      I think some of these films are really funny. Nice hub.

    • profile image

      worst 9 years ago

      please engulf yourselves with comedies filmed before 1999. Goodness. The laughs you should be having with Manhattan, Fletch, Annie Hall, Ghostbusters, The Big Lebowski, anything Monty Python...argh. An insult to comedy, this page. Thanks for reminding me of the crap that sells. Dirty slapstick.