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Top Seven Ecchi/Harem Anime Similar To Masou Gakuen HxH

Updated on August 1, 2016

Rating : 7/10

3 stars from 1 rating of Masou Gakuen hxh

Masou Gakuen HXH Plot

The story follows a Second Year student, Kizuna Hida, who recently joins a defense school Ataraxia because of his sister. His sister is the Principal of Ataraxia and also the high commander of the defense squad Amaterasu whose members Equip a gear called Heart Hybrid Gear which gives them the power to fight back the unknown creatures appearing in the sky . Furthermore , His sister appoints him as the captain of the Amaterasu squad in the Tactical division where he is the only male with three other girls (by girls i mean girls with large breasts) . Our hero has a special Heart Hybrid Gear named "Eros" by which he can help other members of the squad to regain and increase their powers, doing perverted and lewd things to them specifically called "Heart Hybrid" . The more heart hybrid they do , higher will be the possibility for the girl to retain her powers and even increase in strength . The anime is fondling with breast grabbing harem and comedy scenes. It's absolutely worth watching for harem/ecchi anime lovers.

Top Seven Ecchi Harem Anime like Masou Gakuen HxH

Here is a list of top ten anime similar to masou gakuen hxh :

1. Freezing

As far as i can say , Freezing is the most similar anime to masou gakuen hxh . The story involves the overtaking of the world by unknown creatures called Nova who just appear all of a sudden in their world and start destruction to the whole place . Only a few Genetically engineered women (called pandoras) and men(called freezers) are capable to combat with the Nova in the war .

The story is quite similar but it does not have as much ecchi scenes as compared to Masou Gakuen .

2. High School DXD

Starting at a high school , the story is about a highly perverted guy, Issei Hyodo, who is fond of large breasts and does not leave a single chance to sneek whether it's the girls locker room or an open bath .

Issei meets a girl who asks him for a date but in actual, she is a fallen angel who tries to kill issei. Issei then accidentally summons the daughter of the demon lord, Reas Gremory who then revives him from the dead,turning him into a devil.

3. Heaven's Lost Property [Sora No Otoshimono]

The anime revolves around Tomoki Sakurai, who accidentally encounters a fallen angel (angeloid) ,named ikaros who becomes his servant . The lead character Tomoki is a perverted guy who is always surrounded by fallen angels who live in his house .

Those who like masou gakuen hxh , this anime is certainly a good option to go for.

4. Shinmai Maou No Testament

shinmai maou no testament (the testament of sister) is like some borderline hentai where the lead character, Basara Toujou does all sort of lewd things to his "sister" who is also the daughter of the demon lord . Basara toujou was a member of the Hero clan who lived in a small village and is the enemy of the devils . But due to some circumstances he decides to save the daughter of the demon lord from he ones who ar trying to kill her.

The anime has some extreme ecchi scenes which i consider are really bold which might make you feel like youre watching some hentai .

5. To Love Ru

The story revolves around the lead character Rito Yuki who is a very shy kind of student when it comes to confess his love for the girl of his dreams , haruna sairenji.

Rito encounters with Lala, the princess of planet Deviluke who ran away because her Father wants her to marry a candidate from the planet Deviluke. Soon enough , she fells in love with Rito.

6. Date A Live

The story revolves around Shido Itsuka and a number of Spirits who are beautiful girls from a different dimension. These spirits are considered dangerous for the existence of humanity as they cause devastating damage whenever they appear in the world . Shido's adopted sister, Kotori recruits him due to his special ability to seal away the powers of the spirits into himself and hence, stopping them from being a threat to the humans .

7. Monster Musume No Iru Nichijou (Everyday Life With Monster Girls)

Kimihito Kurusu is a japanese student who lives in a world where Mythical creatures called "liminals" coexist with humanity. In order to make a stronger bonding between humans and Liminals, Government passes the "Interspecies Cultural Exchange Act".

Kimihito unintentionally gets involved with the "Interspecies Cultural Exchange" program when Ms. Smith mistenly drops a lamia(a type of liminal with half snake body) named Miia to his doorstep. Kimihito then gives shelter to Miia and soon enough he meets other liminals who start living together with him as the story continues.


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