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Top Five Christmas Films/Movies of All Time

Updated on February 9, 2013


Every year, I'm sure we all have our traditional values. Some spend time with family. Others go out caroling or get heavily involved in church work. While others, they just don't even bother celebrating it, as it's just another day off for them. As for me, I really don't have any normal traditions that I can think of telling people. However, I do like watching films around the holidays, and many of them I still watch to this day around this time of year. Therefore, I would like to make this hub topic about my personal top five all time favorite holiday films. During this hub, I'll not only explain why these films made my top five, but I'll also list notables that almost made it, while explaining why they didn't crack the top five. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy reading my hub, and please be sure to watch the videos, as I'll be sure to show various scenes from each movie; along with a surprise Christmas special at the end.

5. Miracle on 34th Street

Who could possibly forget about this holiday classic? By far, one of the best holiday films ever conceived. Although, the story does border on the line of the fairly cheesy, and it's predictable to boot. However, it's one of those typical old fashioned Hollywood stories that you can't help but love anyway; featuring great performances by Edmund Gwenn, John Payne and Maureen O'Hara. If you do choose to watch this film, then please stick with the original, as it still ranks as one of the best holiday films out there. However, I wouldn't bother seeing the remake of this film if I were you. That film was just absolute mediocre cliche garbage, at best. Sure, you can say this film is cliched too, but George Seaton and Valentine Davies never sacrifice story content and character relationships for cheap feel good moments like the remake. Thus, it allows for a more natural feel to the story, as the film focuses more on the intricate relationships of the characters themselves. Sure, it's cliched and campy but since the director and writer didn't treat it that way, in telling the story, it allows the audience to suspend their disbelief in the name of cinematic fun. Something the remake severely lacks, as it feels too over saturated with holiday feel good crap.

4. Home Alone

What can I say? I'm a sucker for "Three Stooges' style" physical comedy, and this film has plenty of it. Like director, Chris Columbus, I never found a person getting hit with a pie in their face to be all that funny. If anything, I find that to be probably one of the least funniest things to ever see happen in a film, as I still don't see the humor in such a thing. Sorry. However, when a guy gets hit in the face with an iron, or get his head burned off with a flame thrower, in a weird cartoon style sort of way, then that's comedy to me. As long as there's no blood or any resemblance to reality (i.e. Ending up in the hospital for severe injuries and/or possibly killed), then you'll definitely see me laughing. Hence, I absolutely love this film. Sure, the story is a cliched written piece of crap, but the physical style comedy by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern, while being openly mocked by a young Macaulay Culkin, more than makes up for it. I highly recommend it if your looking for a few good laughs around the holidays.

3. Nightmare Before Christmas

Great animation, and a highly unique story. Probably one of the most unique holiday films that I've ever seen. Unlike most holiday movies, this one involves both Christmas and Halloween. Jack, the king of Halloween, feels bored having to repeat the same old routine year after year, but he gets inspired to steal Santa's role during Christmas time. Needless to say, this causes all sorts of anarchy and havoc, as Jack's attempts go horribly wrong. If that wasn't bad enough, he may even lose his own holiday, Halloween, since it seems his long time rival, Mr. Boogy, is out for his job as king of Halloween. 

In an era of CGI animated movies, stop motion animation still reigns as one of the best and unique styles of animation to this day.  Heck, this movie could still easily rival any of today's animated films in terms of detail, and innovative story telling. 

2. Bad Santa

Finally! A holiday movie just for adults! "Bad Santa" is quite possibly the funniest Christmas movie that I ever seen in my life. Literally taking all the feel good holiday themes we're used to seeing in Christmas films, and throwing them all away, while giving a giant middle finger to all those that disagree. And, that's just the way I like it. Trust me, when you've seen as many holiday films as I have, you tend to get tired of them after awhile, as most of them are generically the same. You have some would be protagonist(s) struggling with the basic concepts of Christmas, while learning some moral lesson about family and holiday spirit. Don't get me wrong, all those themes are important, but it does come off as too overly redundant in holiday movies. That's what makes "Bad Santa" so freaking hilarious, as it's not afraid to show controversial low brow comedy, for the sake of comedic fun.

Plus, aren't you folks tired of seeing Santa Clause movies, where he's always portrayed as some jolly old fat guy that loves kids? Wouldn't you rather see a Santa that would prefer hot girls sitting on his lap, while drinking booze and cussing up a storm. I know I would. That's why I can't get enough of this film, during the holidays. It may not be appropriate for the kiddies to watch, but it's perfect for adults yearning to see a different type of Christmas film for the holidays.

1. It's a Wonderful Life

Call me an old softy for the classics, but I still say that Frank Capra is hands down one of the best directors of all time. Not only is he known for practically inventing the romantic comedy genre, in Hollywood, he's also known for producing some of cinema's most prestigious films throughout history. "It's a Wonderful Life" happens to be one of those films. Unlike most holiday films that talk about the Christmas spirit, "It's a Wonderful Life" is actually a story about how the power of one person's life can make a difference in this world, while being cleverly disguised as a holiday movie. George Bailey (James Stewart) is a simple small town guy that's been forced, during various accounts in his life, to give up on his dreams, in favor of helping others. However, when he finds himself in bankruptcy, he contemplates killing himself and wishing that he'd never been born at all. It's then that an angel pays him a visit, and shows him a world where George was never born.

What I love most about this film is that it's not just a simple holiday flick, it's a movie that talks about the importance of the human spirit.  The power we all have to make an impact on this world, and the importance of relationships in our lives.  Sure, we may never live our lives exactly the way we want all the time, but the relationships we forge in life and the blessings we do have are very special in itself.  Something seldom few ever come to realize until it's gone, and that's why this movie is number one on this list.

Michael Jackson Parody


A Christmas Carol (1984)- I know there's been remakes after remakes of this story in the past. However, this version has always remained my favorite, as it's a lot more detailed in it's way of depicting Charles Dickens' classic novel. However, the problem with this film was that because the story has been retold so many times, I just couldn't think of any reason to put it into my top five. Sorry but if a story is retold too many times, then I do expect something that's damn near perfect and offers a something a bit different, to separate it from the other versions. Sadly, this one does not. Although this version is a lot more detailed than some of the other ones that have been released in the past, it still wasn't enough to crack the top five.

Scrooged- Again, like I said for "A Christmas Carol (1984)", the biggest flaw this film has going for it is that it's story has been retold countless of times. Therefore, it would've had to be damn near perfect to crack the top five. Don't get me wrong, I do love the unique modernized version of the story, and the comedic elements to it as well. Plus, it was kind of interesting to see the "Scrooge" type character turn out to be a TV Executive, that was orchestrating the production of a live TV special of "A Christmas Carol." However, it just wasn't enough.

A Christmas Story- You'll shoot your eye out kid! Ah yes. It seems like only yesterday this was considered one of my favorite movies to watch during the holidays. However, it's funny on how things change. Sadly, the story often suffers from various pacing issues throughout the movie. However, it's still a fairly interesting story to watch, as it does offer a lot of great situational comedic moments.

Home Alone 2: Lost In New York- Very funny movie, but it's a shame that it's essentially a rip off of the first movie; with the only exceptions that it takes place on a bigger scale and a few minor scenario changes.

Christmas Vacation- Although I still deem this to be one of the funniest comedies of all time, when it comes to holiday films, the sad reality is that if you've seen one "National Lampoon's Vacation" movie, then you've seen them all. Clark Griswold tries to organize the perfect trip for his family, but everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. Don't get me wrong, it's still a very funny film, but it lacks originality.

Jingle All The Way- Is it campy and stupid? Yes. Is the story predictable as hell? You bet. Does it feature another annoying know it all kid, while drenching us in that holiday feel good crap? Your damn right! However, is it funny while making fun of how crazy the holidays get over popular toys of that perspective season? (Tickle-Me-Elmo anyone?) Oh yeah!


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    • Stevennix2001 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      lol. thanks, I thought the michael jackson parody was funny too. lol. Thanks for stopping by schoolgirl. :)

    • schoolgirlforreal profile image


      9 years ago

      The Michael Jackson Paroday was funny

      I love A Christmas Carol

    • Stevennix2001 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      lol. You know, I forgot all about "Jingle All The Way", but I'll definitely be sure to add it in my list of notables. Thanks for stopping by, John, and happy holidays to you. :)

    • profile image

      John E. 

      9 years ago

      Cool to see 'Bad Santa' on your list, but what about Arnold's classic, 'Jingle All The Way?' I thought you considered that one a masterpiece...? :)

    • Stevennix2001 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      Well to be perfectly honest, I never seen that movie before, so I didn't put it down. However, I'll be sure to check it out the first chance I get. Thanks for stopping by.

    • truebluewriter profile image

      Malds Menzon 

      9 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      What!!!!! No "love actually"? hehe I personally loved that movie


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