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Top Ten Horror Movie Cliches

Updated on August 7, 2017

Horror is one of the many beloved genres of movies, from ghosts and ghouls to serial killers and giant monsters, horror movies have darn near covered them all. But with so many movies around there are bound to be cliches that accompany many movies, this is a Top Ten list of Horror Movie Cliches. It is my list so my opinions might not agree with you, but here we go.

#10, Things go bad= Don't run? In many Horror movies things tend to start off slowly, take for example The Boy. A movie about a young woman brought to another country to baby sit a boy, but things start to get weird when she finds out the boy is actually just a doll. Well weird things ensue and yet they don't leave, many times when things aren't exactly going the normal route people tend to stay and admire the scenery, you know instead of up and running out of there.

#9, Dumb choices. The usual running upstairs, getting cornered or like the number ten spot people just don't seem to be entirely bright in horror movies. While there have been several where some good choices have actually been made it still doesn't help. Take for example if a person sees the monster but doesn't tell others, why would you not tell? It is just a dumb trope made to have idiots killed off, but it is rather bothersome.

#8, Black guy/gal dies first. It has become a well known thing in horror movies for the black friend to die first, for what reason we don't know. But it always tends to do it. For some reason they die, almost as a warning sign to the other characters that something bad is happening, but for whatever reason it should stop. Maybe let the Asian friend take one for the team next time.

#7, Jump-scares. Jump scares are a way of getting a few cheap jumps out of the viewer, usually there is no real meaning behind it except for making a seen more tense. The usual music goes loud then goes quiet, then somebody pops out or a sharp noise gets made to scare the viewer once in a state of a lowered guard. While some might be fun here and there, you know get your heart pumping for the real thing, it does get bothersome for it to happen so much.

#6, Walking beats running. Characters like Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers have become leaders of this trope, the victim runs faster and faster leaping over hurdles and what not, only to have the killer still inches behind them. It is a strange concept considering the distance the victim usually gets, even at times the killer will just appear in front of them. I believe there was a small gag of this, the serial killer gets in a taxi to chase the person but gets to far ahead and has to stop, its simple but kind of gives you a image of how these people can keep up with the fast runners.

#5, Everything is fine at the end. In alot of horror movies the ending usually has the victims becoming victorious, they celebrate with warm hugs and smiles. But in reality I doubt that would actually happen. I mean think of it, three of your friends were murdered, you almost got turned into fresh cut sushi and the guy who was chasing you didn't die no matter how many times ya hurt him. If I was in their shoes I would be having some bad PTSD, paranoia and everything would keep me up at night. But no it seems you can just get over a hellish experience pretty darn quickly.

#4, The backwards ending. Now in my horror movies I like to have some gore and murder, but end on a light note. But some movies decided to take it and do a complete three sixty. The Descent 2, Drag Me To Hell, these two movies put their characters through so much hell but in the end they die anyways. In The Descent 2 the only survivor gets attacked by some random guy in the middle of the woods and tossed back into the hole she just escaped from, there was no explanation to why he did it or who he was. It is a ridiculous thing to have such a wack ending and explain nothing. I don't appreciate being brought on a ride full of murder and blood and not be given a happy ending, I just won't stand for it.

#3, The totally not evil character. In some movies there are just bland characters, in some movies a person will try to act like a person they aren't which makes things a little confusing when they show their true self. But then you have the guy who just looks evil, talks evil, walks evil. He looks like the murderer himself and yet no one says a thing. It is even weirder when you find out that sometimes he isn't the evil one, it was that little girl down the street with a weird talent of being able to turn her head completely around, it is weird I tell ya.

#2, Suddenly appearing madman. Slasher films love to have their guys seem paranormal, even when they are simply human. A good explanation is when the person is standing by a mirror, nothing appears until the character goes down to spit out his toothpaste or splash his face with water, then when the camera goes back up, boom, Houdini killer guy. It is weird because they simply appear out of nowhere, like no footstep or anything was heard. It even happens out in the woods or in a small hallway. Unless you're walking around in just socks I don't see how you can't make any noise.

#1, No insta-kill. Today we live in a world where alot of people own alot of guns, hell probably everyone even has a kitchen knife. The fact that so many horror movies have it to where nobody has a weapon is ridiculous, even sometimes when they have one they either don't use it or when they do it doesn't kill the guy. Running through a thick forest or an abandoned building I can understand being a problem, but honestly if you go running into the street screaming about a guy trying to kill you I am sure someone would hear it and help.


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