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Top Ten Reasons Not To Become A Celebrity

Updated on March 21, 2011

So You Want to Be A Celebrity


While you may dream of becoming a big time Hollywood actor, Hollywood actress, Model or Entertainer in the music business because of all the perks that come along with the fame such as money, expensive cars, expensive designer clothing, jewelry, mansions, traveling anywhere in the world, partying at the most fabulous and exclusive clubs, dating the hottest men or women, and worldwide notoriety, in this hub we are going to discuss the “Top ten reasons not to become a Celebrity”.

With all the perks that were just presented you’re probably saying to yourself there’s no way you wouldn’t want to become a celebrity but hold that thought because you’d be surprised how many celebrities would agree that if they had it to do all over again they would definitely choose living a normal life without the fame or the fortune. Celebrities have had a taste of the good life filled with all the fancy perks and freebies to the extreme where few are lucky enough to find true love or real happiness. Everyone knows that not many relationships or marriages between celebrity couples survive and that’s why people can only name about four celebrity couples whose marriages has actually survived.

Celebrity Status
Celebrity Status

Top Ten Reasons Why Becoming A Celebrity Might Not Be Such A Great Idea

Top Ten Reasons Not To Become a Celebrity

1. Privacy- The paparazzi is always watching your every move, taking pictures of everything you do, waiting for you to mess up because they earn their living through what goes on in your everyday life by broadcasting even the littlest things to the world. Every celebrity has had their run-ins with the paparazzi, some can handle it and some cant.

2. Money- Everyone is always looking for a handout because you have so much money they feel you should always have your pockets open to donating to any little even that comes up.

3. Busy Schedules- You’re always on the go and can hardly make time for friends or family because you’re either working on the set of a movie, doing photo shoots, or making personal appearances to promote things.

4. Lawsuits- There’s always someone looking to earn a quick cash flow off you, whether it’s the paparazzi or some unknown person off the streets they will taunt you and if you give in its lawsuit time.

5. Your Children Can’t Attend Regular Schools- Your children either have to be home schools or attend private schools. Even with attending private schools your children would never know whether their friends like them for them or if they just hang out because mommy or daddy are famous.

6. Limited Public Outings- A celebrity cannot do their own regular grocery shopping or other normal things without a bodyguard for fear of their being a crazy obsessed fan waiting to kidnap you or do other harm.

7. Isolation- If you do become a celebrity you’ll end up living in a gated community full of stuck up rich people and feel cut off from the rest of the world. Those gated communities tend to seem a bit like the community in the movie “The Stepford Wives”.

8. Haters- There will be plenty of jealousy towards you from people we all like to call” haters”. The haters are seeing you do something they wish they could so they will try anything to bring you down. Many of these so called haters work in media jobs like newspapers, magazines, radio or even your average online bloggers.

9. Only dating rich or famous people- Being a celebrity means protecting yourself from the gold diggers and con artist who will try to woo you to get to your money. That’s why celebrities can only date people who are celebrities or have money just like them. It’s hard to find true love when you are a celebrity, it’s hard to judge whether someone wants you for you.

10. Changing Occupations- If you’re a celebrity, you can’t just wake up one day and say I’m going to become a school teacher or police officer. You’re known all over so as a police officer you’d get no respect and the only way to live out your dream of becoming a teacher would be by taking a teacher role in a movie because the kids won’t take you seriously because the world would think it’s another publicity stunt. Just ask Arnold Schwarzenegger who went from Terminator to Governor of California. Maybe some people do take Arnold Schwarzenegger seriously but c’mon the man just looks funny in all those suits.


Still Want to Become A Celebrity?


I hope you’ve enjoyed my “Top Ten Reasons Not to Become A Celebrity” hub. But if you still want to become a celebrity than go ahead. Remember as a celebrity the world will be watching you and your family for a very long time and you’ll have to keep active so your career stays on track because one mistake could damage your career then you’ll be known the has been celebrity, laughing stock in Hollywood that nobody will want to take a chance in casting ever again, well maybe in infomercials.



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      SandCastles 5 years ago

      Good Article. I wrote a piece on celebrities too.