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Top Ten Shows On Cartoon Network

Updated on June 8, 2017

Cartoon Network is one of the go to channels if you want some good cartoons, even today among some of the worse shows some pretty good ones still remain. As always this list isn't in any order and I personally love these shows.

#10, Ed Edd n Eddy. This show was my favorite to watch when growing up as a child. It is a show about three kids who have basically the same name, they grow up and become rather good friends even though most of the Cul-De-Sac kids they hang with despise them. Ed is the rather dopey but lovable oaf, for some reason he has super strength, Ed is the muscle and usually one of the main attractions in the scams. Edd otherwise known as Double D is the brains of the operation, Edd is the genius and clean freak of the group, Edd is usually the one making the contraptions of whatever the scam of the day is. Eddy is the short and egocentric leader of the group, for what he lacks in height and muscle he makes up for with a quick temper and scams. The trio usually tries to scam the other kids out of their money, while Double D usually tries to persuade his friends to not do it they do it anyways, it is a great show.

#9, Adventure Time. This cartoon is one of the newer ones, it's art style is visually appealing and has a certain feel good attitude about it. The shows two main characters are Finn a human boy with a passion for heroism and his brother Jake the Dog, a magical talking dog with power of stretching and transformation. Ice King, Marceline and Princess Bubblegum as well as several others make appearances in the show. There is some drama, some horror, romance and action for anyone who likes that kind of stuff. The show has some light hearted humor while also having some deep moments, one such moment is when Finn gets tired of the Princess not liking him like he likes her. It is a confusing but I know but this has become one of the most popular shows of all time with merchandise, cosplay, video games and fans around the world.

#8, Original Teen Titans. Before Teen Titans Go came out we had the Teen Titans, a show filled with drama and action. The show was a mixture of both east and west forms of cartoon which made a very appealing art style. The characters were vibrant and each had their own character development, the battle scenes were quite nice as well. During each of the seasons every character would face their own enemy and succeed. The show had alot of values in it as well such as loving who you are, excepting others and standing up for what is right. The show even had some humor in it and romance as well, during one of the movies two of the characters finally kiss and embrace each other. The show definitely had some heart wrenching moments as well as some suspense, it is definitely one of the greatest shows Cartoon Network has ever had.

#7, The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy. First I just wanna say who wouldn't want to have the Grim Reaper as a best friend? This show had three main characters: Grim the self loving and rather pitiful at times Grim Reaper, Billy the idiot boy with a very large nose and a love for chocolate and disobeying Grim, Mandy the soon to be dictator of the world. The three have been on countless adventures and there have been some signs that they truly care about one another. Mandy is the leader and tends to have an "I don't care." attitude about basically anything, everything and everyone. However even she had been shown to be a little sad when Billy was thought to be dead. The show has alot of monsters in it but they are not scary, except for the giant spider. The show has some dark humor in it which makes it a little unique. While it's story is a little all over the place it is a show you will never be able to forget, unless you scrub your brain clean with a spatula.

#6, Powerpuff Girls. Back in my day we had little girls as superheros and they kicked butt with some class. The Powerpuff Girls are one of the most popular cartoon shows of all time and why wouldn't they be? They are scientifically made little bundles of joy who just so happen to fly and everything. The Powerpuff's fight crime and still have time to draw in their elementary school class. Mojo-Jojo, Him, Sedusa and Fuzzy Lumpkins are a few villains to be named. The Powerpuff Girls had a rather appealing art style as well but it wasn't as vibrantly colored as many of the others on the list. Much of the backgrounds have light colors which are very easy on the eyes. The show had a narrator which was missed in the Revival of the show. It makes me sad.

#5, Steven Universe. This was is a personal favorite of the newer generation of shows. The visual style is so vibrant and colorful, when the scenes with the ocean come into play I get a little jealous. Steven Universe is the son of a Crystal Gem, an alien from the great beyond. Since the Gems cannot give birth his mother Rose Quarts sacrificed herself to allow Steven to live, now he is slowly unraveling his abilities. Many of the characters have interesting personalities. Garnet is the strong and silent type, she tends not to say more then she has too and she is a fusion of two gems which is kinda cool, she likes to use large gauntlets as a weapon. Amethyst is the laid back and chill kinda girl, she likes to cause trouble and loves to eat, she uses a whip as her weapon as well as some transformation from time to time. Pearl is the mother like character, always trying to make Steven into a good kid and doing what she can to help the others, her weapon is a spear or sword like weapon I can't exactly tell. The show like others has its fair share of drama and action but with Steven's happy go lucky attitude it is hard to get down by any of it. The musicals they sometimes play and even the background music are well used and sound amazing.

#4, Courage The Cowardly Dog. This show takes me back. Courage is a rather easily scared dog who lives with Muriel and Eustace Baggs. They live in a little farm house out in the middle of nowhere and much like what happens to those who live out in the middle of nowhere bad things happen. Courage usually has to save his family from aliens, monsters or freaks called Fred. Well technically he only really saves Muriel since the husband is a bit of a prick. But it shows how much Courage loves his owner, constantly heading first into danger to save his owner. He is rather smart for a dog too and for some reason can shape shift when the time calls for it. The show is great but does have some rather disturbing moments if you are a kid but let me tell you it is an awesome show.

#3, Samurai Jack. This show is about a Samurai who gets sent back in time by an evil deity. The show is jam packed with some stunning visuals and rather good fight scenes, Jack uses his magic sword to strike down anyone who stands in his path of defeating the evil tyrant Aku. The show has a very big fan base and it is not hard to see why. The show relies alot on visuals and sounds, the creator even said he wanted to know if he could make a cartoon that didn't have nonstop talking in it. Even the final season amped up the art work style and battles, although the final season is a little more bloody and to me personally had a rather disappointing end the show is a hundred times worth the watch.

#2, Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends. I was in the hospital when this came out but I was very glad I got to see the debut episode of this, thirty times in a row. The show is about a home where imaginary friends go when their creators no longer need them, a boy named Mack had to get rid of his but he goes down to the place to see him. Mister Harriman, Misses Foster, Frankie, Bloo, Edwardo and several others constantly show their faces in this masterpiece of a show. Even though Bloo became an egomaniac jerk later down the line. This show has a pencil like drawing look to it, the stories are rather pleasant to watch and it is fun to see what kind of mischief Bloo and the others can get into.

#1, Ben 10 Original. Ben 10 when it first showed had massive potential which it used to send the show hurtling towards new heights. Ben Tennison is a regular old kid until he finds a secret alien watch that crashed into the woods and granted him the power of alien transformation. Down the road he becomes a superhero and fights crime even though he still kinda stays a little prick throughout the show.His cousin Gwen later learns magic and becomes helpful in the plot and their Grandfather is a plumber which is actually a special type of alien dealer. Which means he deals with aliens. The show has alot of action with some rather good visuals, seeing Ben turn into some cool aliens and being able to fight some other cool aliens was pretty awesome.


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