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Favorite Movies List-Did Your Movie Make the List

Updated on March 21, 2011

Why They're My Favorites


My favorite movies of all time are the ones that made me cry, laugh, think, sing, and dance. I’m sure some of the favorites on my list are yours as well because these are the ones that pull you into the story.

And the List Goes On

The first movie is one that I remember seeing as a child, I didn’t appreciate it much at the time but as I got older I fully understood and had much love for “Imitation of Life. My favorite version is the starring Lana Turner, Juanita Moore, Susan Kohner and Sandra Dee. The plot of the movie involves a struggling actress played by Turner who is also a single mother of a young daughter who hires an African American woman played by Moore to be a maid and nanny. In this movie Juanita Moore is also a single mother dealing with issues involving raising a bi-racial daughter who passes herself as white and finds trouble along the way. I could feel the pain the two women were going through, one just wanted to be a successful role model for her daughter but ended up making her daughter feel isolated, while the other just wanted to raise her daughter to be proud of who she was and where she comes from. At the end when Moore dies, it’s very sad because her now grown daughter that isolated her mother from her life shows up at the funeral screaming “that’s my mother” but by then it’s far too late.

Second on my list is “The Ten Commandments” and this movie tells the biblical story of how Moses led his people out of slavery. Again the writers of this movie drew you into the script as if you were right there when it all went down. My grandmother still watches this movie that seems to come on Television every Easter.

Third would be “Saturday Night Fever” because this is the movie that set me apart from my friends when I was younger. Being that I am African American my friends found it kind of strange that I would fall in-love with a disco movie and the music but you like what you like and nobody can change that. I bought the soundtrack to the movie and played my cassette until the tape got caught up in the radio, so I must’ve bought the Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack at least ten times because the tape got caught up and ruined a lot. Now I listen to the soundtrack all the time on my computer and as corny as this might seem have been practicing those moves that John Travolta made look so smooth in the film.

Color Purple"You Told Harpo to Beat Me"

Grease Is the Word

Fourth favorite movie is definitely” The Color Purple” oh how I loved watching this one with the grandparents. My favorite line in the movie is Oprah Winfrey saying “You told Harpo to beat me” hilarious. The south looked so beautiful and peaceful, times were tough but this movie showed the strength and courage we all have inside us, and how important having true friends and family really is. At the end when the character Ceely played by Whoopi Goldberg’s sister Nettie returns with her children and you see the African colors flying was just awesome. If you have not seen this one then you’ve missed out big time.

Fifth on the list is most definitely” The BodyguardWhitney Houston showed her true talent in this movie, all jokes aside. Whitney Houston was a true diva in the bodyguard movie, she has the voice and the looks plus everything she needs to capture the attention of handsome bodyguard Kevin Costner. In this movie Whitney has a stalker out to kill her, hired by her sister who despises Whitney for being the star while she faded into the background. Kevin Costner is the perfect knight in shining armor to protect Whitney and her people from harm’s way. The soundtrack was awesome, everybody saw this film, and it was major when it first hit theaters.

Sixth on my list is “Grease” because it’s one of my singing n dancing movies. John Travolta was the star again in this movie and was in love with Olivia Newton John character Sandy. Sandy was the girl who fell in-love over the summer with the undercover bad boy but when she appeared unknowns to both of them at his new school she quickly found out she had a very bad boy on her hands but through all the game playing love won out in the end and Sandy was rocking a Bad looking Leather outfit, by bad I mean really knockout.


You Want My Arm to Fall Off?

Seventh on my list is” Sparkle” starring Irene Cara. Irene Cara had the lead role as Sparkle and in the movie she along with her two sisters also two guy friends started a small singing group that was cut to just the three sisters with Sparkles boyfriend as the manager of the group. Sparkles older sister fell in-love with a drug dealer, got hooked on drugs, broke up the group and died. The other sister left town, but Sparkle went on to become a star despite everything that happened. I have heard rumors that there was supposed to have been a remake starring the late R&B Songstress Aaliyah who died in a plane crash before the film could start shooting. The remake is still said to be coming out but I don’t know who the parts were cast to or if Aaliyah was supposed to have played the role of Sparkle back then.

Eight on my list is” Face Off” John Travolta and Nicholas Cage were the best duo I have seen both being able to play the role of bad guy and good guy. I don’t know who played their role better because you never really knew who was who, see John Travolta played a cop who got plastic surgery to look like a comatose criminal Cage to infiltrate his crew and get information. Along the way Cage woke up and got plastic surgery to look like Travolta but killed the doctor who was said to have been the only person that knew about Travolta’s plastic surgery. Travolta found himself going crazy in Cages body, while Cage was loving being a cop while playing the role of husband and daddy. This was one of the bests of its time.

Ninth on my list is” Lady Sings the Blues” starring Billy Dee Williams and Diana Ross. Diana Ross played legendary singer Billy Holiday and Billie Dee Williams was her love interest. Throughout the movie Diana’s role struggled with a drug addiction causing her career to take a downward spiral before getting back on track to fall back off track. Billy Dee Williams was the man who stood by her side through it all, makes for a great romance movie night plus Diana Ross has a wonderful voice.


Cut Loose, Foot Loose

Tenth on my list is “Footloose” starring Kevin Bacon. I’m sorry the movie didn’t really pull me in at first; it was all about the music. And the ending when everyone is dancing was just insanely fun. I must admit though the soundtrack really comes in handy when you’re exercising, a lot of great hits from this one.

Eleventh on the list” Little Shop of Horrors” the awesome talking plant. Rick Morranis played a geeky flower shop worker who was in-love with a character that had a really irritating voice except when it came to singing. Tisha Campbell from Martin also was in this movie along with Tichina Arnold, they were two of the backup singers strolling around town. The plant lived off blood and Morranis fed it his own and a few other people but the flower shop grew in business. Excellent singing throughout this movie as well, the kids would love this one, our kids could watch this every day, and have.

Twelfth is “The Terminator” starring Arnold Swartzenneger. He was awesome in this movie playing a machine sent to kill Sara Conner before she gives birth to the future savior of the world John Conner. The plot is to prevent the war against the machines, the day computers take over everything but as we all know from the sequels that didn’t really happen. But it was love watching the Cyborg Arnold chasing Conner and Reese all over blasting and trashing everything in sight.

I’m going to stop at twelve but this will probably be continuing because as I was thinking about my top twelve favorites a lot of other movies came to mind. What are a few of your favorite movies or movie lines?

Watch Online Movies

 No need to run to your local video store for rentals, full movies are available for your viewing pleasure online. Make tonight a family night to laugh, cry, sing and dance. But if you need to make a trip to your local video store then make it quick and pick up a few of these movie titles.


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    • brandonfowler66 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from EveryWhere USA

      the kids here really do watch little shop of horrors every single day

    • Video Rewind profile image

      Video Rewind 

      7 years ago from A Video Store Near You

      Those are all pretty nice movies, I'm particularly fond of "Little Shop of Horrors," "Footloose," and "Sparkle."

      Keep writing!


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