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Top 90's Hard Rock & Metal Tracks You Might Have Forgotten to Keep Listening To

Updated on August 31, 2017

Ever said, "why isn't that song in my playlist?" Here is a list of great tunes that you need to re-add to your playing roster, and maybe a few you've never heard before!

Machine Head - From this day (1999)

We kick this list off with Machine Head's From This Day, taken from their third album The Burning Red released in 1999. Some say they were sell-outs when they made this album due to their image change, but I saw them live a couple times in Manchester England after this release and they still rocked the place.

Korn - Blind (1994)

Next up is Korn's Blind from their self-titled debut from 1994. Defiantly not a song to turn a Blind eye to ey? Originally a song from Jonathan Davis's previous band SexArt, he and Korn utilized the song on the album without crediting the original songwriters Dennis Shinn, and or Ryan Shuck. However, both Dennis Shinn and Ryan Shuck were later credited on the Greatest Hits Vol 1 compilation album when the song was used on that LP., as well as being credited on multiple products that contain the song.

"It was Korn's professional production that brought the song to life". −Dennis Shinn

The Almighty - Takin' Hold (1993)

Switching from the nu-metal vibe to Glaswegian hard rockers The Almighty with this powerhouse of a song from their album Powertrippin' (1993). Obviously in the 90's we didn't like to use the 'g' at the end if words ending in 'ing'. So Takin' Hold from Powertrippin' makes the list.

White Zombie - Super Charger Heaven (1995)

"Super-Charger Heaven" (sometimes referred to as "Devil Man" due to its chorus) is the third and final single off White Zombie's 1995 album astro Creep 2000. Like many White Zombie songs, the song contains clips from old horror films. The song opens with spoken words: "Look, I know the supernatural is something that isn't supposed to happen, but it does happen", a sample from the 1963 film The Haunting.

The song contains a section of spoken Latin, from the 1976 Hammer film To The Devil a Daughter. The Latin states: Insipientia corde suo, non es deus. Non est vita qui adorem, non es usque ad unum. Es excommunicatus, ex unione fidelium. ("Foolish of heart, thou art not a god. There is no life for those who do not adore, and to a man thou hast not. Thou art excommunicated from the union of the faithful.")

Another line from the same film, "It is not heresy, and I will not recant!", is also spoken by actor Christopher Lee and sampled in "Super-Charger Heaven".

The lyrics contain the line "Bury me an angel,/God, I need some inspiration", a reference to the 1971 film Bury Me an Angel. The song also includes the line "ring-a-ding rhythm", which was a Film About Jazz by Amicus Films.

Raging Speedhorn - Mandan (2000)

Released in 2000 (not the 90's, but we'll let that one slide as I wanted it in this list) is Raging Speedhorns Mandan from their eponymous debut album. Referred to as British sludge metal, the music can be characterised by pounding basslines, heavily distorted riff-thick guitarwork and subject content consisting generally (but certainly not exclusively) of hedonism, drug-use, violence, antipathy for major band labels and depression.

One Minute Silence - A More Violent Approach (1998)

A change of tempo now with one of the best live bands in the 90's One Minute Silence's A more violent approach from their Debut album Available in All Colours (1998). Three songs of Available in All Colors are featured in the 1999 video game Twisted Metal 4; "South Central" is played in the opening cinematic, "A More Violent Approach" serves as the menu music, and "And Some Ya Lose" is used as the sixth level theme (The Oil Rig). All of them are instrumental versions. London nu-metal never sounded so good.

Clawfinger - Tomorrow (1995)

Sticking with the Rap/Metal again, but this time from Sweden is Clawfinger's Tomorrow from their 1995 second album Use Your Brain.

From Clawfinger's Facebook page: "After a lot of touring with JustD, Alice in Chains, Anthrax and others, Clawfinger went back home and wrote Use Your Brain in less than two months."

Entombed - Rotten Soil (1993)

Luckily I managed to find the early version I owned as a limited number of early pressings of the album Wolverine Blues contained audio samples taken from films (most notably Flatliners and Hellraiser III) which were subsequently removed from later pressing due to record label fears of potential legal action over their unlicensed use. "Wake up you little shit you've got company" adds so much to the song. Also.. if i'd like to get hold of download of the version with the clips of the album if anyone knows where I could get it.

One version of Wolverine Blues was released with Marvel character Wolverine on the cover, despite Entombed never wanting their album to be associated with the superhero. Earache Records, without the band's permission, had made a deal with Marvel in order to use Wolverine to promote the album to a more mainstream audience. This edition included a Wolverine mini-comic inside the CD booklet. The Marvel edition was also heavily edited, with the track "Out of Hand" being removed entirely.

Sepultura - Refuse/Resist (1993)

The penultimate song in this collection is Refuse/Resist from Sepultura's 1993 album Chaos AD. The lyrics of "Refuse/Resist" mention "tanks on the streets, confronting police, bleeding the plebs." Its chorus ("Refuse! Resist!") resembles a protest march slogan, and when released as a single featured a photograph of a South Korean student rushing at Seoul's riot police contingent while holding a Molotov cocktail.

Rollins Band - Low Self Opinion (1992)

And I'll be polishing this list off with the brilliant, but probably rather unexpected Rollins Band song Low Self Opinion from their 1992 album The End of Silence. The song made Kerrang's list of 666 Songs You Must Own (Alternative Rock Section). So I will leave you with these warming words,

"The self hatred that blinds you
Binds you grinds you keeps you down"


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