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Top 5 must watch Anime Movies for grownups.

Updated on August 17, 2014

This list is for people of all ages but its gonna resonate a lot with those who like stories which can force them to think , to make decisions , which can make them think about something they would never have thought before . This list is definitely not for those who like to be spoon fed throughout the movie and possess a very narrow and stiff mindset . Keep yourself flexible because the movies mentioned in this list might rock the very base of the norms your life runs on . These movies will make you rethink about the very conventions that you blindly follow and might end up teaching you about the things you didn't know before!
There might be spoilers out there so be prepared whenever you see this ---------->SPOILER ALERT

Princess Mononoke(1997)

Princess Mononoke, also known as Monster Princess is a historical fantasy adventure movie by Ghibli studio.People who like anime are aware of ghibli movies and the masterpiece movies they make and trust me ,, there's a lot of them. Listing them all might fill this list with just ghibli movies!
But since its a list for grownups,i pick the favorite of the bunch especially for the grownups. Without spoiling anything , let me give you a brief introduction of this movie . Princess mononoke is a unique and most emotionally attaching movie in this list and definitely one of its kind. This movie etched into my mind and heart and stayed there for months . Its about a prince who gets cursed by a demon god while saving his village .The village elders ask him to leave the village and find a cure for the curse . And hence starts the epic adventure against his destiny which will lead him to her -- The monster princess .
It has been released in blueray and english by disney movies . English dub is pretty awesome too so watch it in english or japanese , upto you...


Ghost in the Shell

Oh i am sorry , were you expecting me to elaborate on ghost in the shell? Its Ghost in the Shell! Its the movie that inspired the matrix series . Go watch it , its one of a kind and available in blueray.


Kara no Kyōkai (The Garden of Sinners) movie series

Its a series of films (8 in total) based on a japanese light novel of the same name . 'Kara no kyokai' is definitely for grownups as it has plenty of adult content, gore ,violence , psychological theme , scientific phenomena , fantasy , romance etc., pretty much everything one can think of .
.The movies show a deep connection between female and the male lead who knows about her secrets but is still willing to stay by her side.
Movies are available in fantabulous and astonishing print and are said to have one of the best animations to date . Unfortunate enough , they are not yet english dubbed and are only available in japanese.
SPOILER ALERT------------------
The female lead 'shiki' who suffers from split personality disorder. Her other half is 'Shiki' with a capital 'S' with psychopathic tendencies . she belongs to a cursed clan who's heirs are said to possess supernatural abilities , in shiki's case the power is called 'the mystic eyes of death perception' . Basically she can see the lines of death on living or non living things and she can kill anything by cutting those lines with a knife


Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door

Cowboy Bebop , one of the most successful anime in US . Its said to have repeated so many times on Cartoon Network and still maintained its high trp rate . Bebop is a show for grownups because it has grownups inside of it duh...just kidding. Cowboy bebop best selling point is......
Do you know what it is??? try and guess.........ok fine , lemme tell you about it .
Futuristic cowboys who possess flying ships to catch world class criminals in various space colonies (mars , moon etc..)
Its actually one of the most coolest anime out there with cool characters , storyline , awesome jazz music and dialogues . The movies however is a filler that takes place somewhere between episode 22 and 23 .
SPOILER ALERT-----------
Its about a terrorist who has this biological weapon capable of killing a whole city .And out cowboys have to protect the city from this badass . Movie is fast paced but totally amazing , at some points it might blow your mind away .Try it , not because its cool but because it might change the concept of cool in your head.


Sword of the Stranger(2007)

Its a very heart warming , heart touching , emotional , samurai action and stick to the tv screen kind of anime movie. I wont spoil much about it . Its about a little boy who is being hunted down by a group of chinese soldiers for mysterious reason and is saved by a rogue samurai who is haunted by his bloody past and tends to avoid any kind of contact with anyone until his fate clashes with that of the little boy's . what will happen ? well watch the movie , its crazy as hell


Anime movies data table

Anime movie
Languages available
imdb rating
Princess Mononoke
Ghost in the Shell
kara no kyokai
(8 movies) 2007-2013
varies from 7-8
Cowboy Bebop
Sword of the Stranger

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