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Top ten Sabaton songs

Updated on November 8, 2014

Top Ten Sabaton songs!

10) 40-1.

About the Battle Of Wizna where about 720 Polish were against 40,000 German troops.

9) Counterstrike

One of the top ten tank battles in history, the Six-Day war.

8) Carolus Rex

About the Swedish king Charles XII who took the throne around 15, and lead his people in the Great Northern War.

7) Shadows

Despite Par not really liking this song, I put it in the list because its about the Nazgul in Lord of the Rings. And Sabaton mixed with LotR is just epic.

6) Wolf Pack

The German submarine wolf packs! When the subs would circle around the boat and attack!

5) Night Witches

The Russian woman's bomber pilots in WWII. These woman were amazing!

4) Coat of Arms

When the Greeks went up against the Italians in WWII

3) Midway

Who hasn't heard of the battle of Midway? the fight for the islands.

2) White Death (Simo Hayha)

The Finnish sniper of WWII who has 505 comforted kills in WWII.

1) Swedish Pagans

About the Vikings and a general feel for their battles and lives.

Please remember all of Sabatons songs are amazing there are no bad songs by this band and to make a top ten list for them was very hard since I love all of their songs.

If I messed up on any of the facts above please comment and tell me and I will fix it. And please leave the name of your favorite Sabaton song in the comments.


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      shirley 3 years ago

      Very interesting