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Choosing an affordable drumset

Updated on October 13, 2015
PDP Z5 5 piece drum set in Emerald
PDP Z5 5 piece drum set in Emerald | Source

PDP Z5 5-piece shell pack ($250)

This 5 piece drum set from Pacific Drums and Percussion features a 22" Kick drum, 10" and 12" rack toms, a 14" floor tom, and a snare drum. Poplar shells are a cost efficient wood, but still sound great. It's also available in 5 different colors. The reason it's number ten on my list is only because it's the cheapest, but that doesn't mean this drum set won't be a great first kit!


Sound Percussion Street Bop 4 Piece Shell Pack ($300)

This 4 Piece Bop kit from Sound Percussion is smaller in size, but still packs a punch. This kit features an 18" kick drum, 10" rack tom, 13" floor tom, and a 13" snare drum. It's made from birch, which is a wood generally used for higher end kits. Birch is very punchy and loud which is fantastic for drums.


Ddrum D120B 5-Piece Drum Set ($360)

This is the Ddrum D120B. It's a 5 piece drum set with a 20" kick drum, 14" snare, 10 and 12" rack toms and a 14" floor tom. Priced at $360, it's a very affordable drum kit and includes all hardware.


Yamaha Gigmaker 5-Piece Shell Pack

The Yamaha Gigmaker is one of the first kits I was seriously considering when buying a drum set. This kit features a 20" kick drum, 10 and 12" rack toms, 14" floor tom, and 14" snare. It's made out of basswood and poplar, which isn't the best wood for the price, but Yamaha definitely knows what they're doing.


Pearl Sound Check 5-Piece Shell Pack ($400)

This is Pearls entry level drum shell pack. Don't let that fool you though, Pearl drums are some of the best drums in the world, even their lowest priced kits. This is the soundcheck series, it has a 22" kick, 10 and 12" toms, 14" floor tom, and a 14" snare drum. It's shells are made out of mahogany, and it's available in three different colors. (Sorry about the video quality, I couldn't find a video that showcased it like the others)


ddrum Journeyman Player 5-Piece Drum Kit ($500)

Another Ddrum kit... This one is on the border between beginner and intermediate and because of that, it's a little more expensive. For $500, you get basswood shells and a 22" kick, 10 and 12" rack toms, 16" floor tom and a 13" snare drum. It comes in a beautiful yellow color with black hardware. I have to say, I'm a bit biased when it comes to this kit. It's well worth the money.


Pulse 4000 Series 8-Piece Double Bass Drum Shell Pack

I had to ad this one in here because it's just so ridiculously awesome! 8 Pieces, including two kick drums. It doesn't get more metal than that, except maybe three kicks (; This bad boy is made out of poplar and comes with two 22" kick drums, 8, 10, and 12" rack toms, 14" and 16" floor toms and a 14" snare drum. If you're looking for sheer size then this is the kit for you. (The video is of a sound percussion 8 piece kit, but they're basically the same thing.)


Ludwig Accent Combo 5-piece Drum Set ($600)

The Ludwig Accent drum kit is a fantastic kit from Ludwig. They use "Select quality wood shells" whatever that means. It features a 22" kick drum, 12 and 13" rack toms, a 16" floor tom, and a matching 14" snare drum. It also comes in four colors.


Tama Imperialstar 5-Piece Drum Set

Tama has long been a metalheads favorite drum brand. It's a hard hitters dream, the Tama imperialstar 5 piece drum set. This kit features 100% poplar shells and smaller sized drums. An 18" kick, 10 and 12" rack toms, 14" floor tom and 13" snare drum make up this kit. The available colors are black and midnight blue.


Mapex Mars Series 5-Piece shell pack ($600)

This is the kit we've all been waiting for, and my personal favorite. The Mapex Mars series. This thing is innovation at it's finest, and at a fantastic price. Drums aren't cheap, but when it comes to drums under $700, you can't get better than this. this kit boasts 100% Birch shells and a 20" kick drum, 10 and 12" rack toms, 14" floor tom, and a 14" snare. The mars series is probably the best kit for your money. It also comes in four beautiful colors called Bloodwood, which is a dark red. Bonewood, which is white. Nightwood, which is Black and Smokewood, which is gray


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