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Top five hot movies to watch out for #I

Updated on February 3, 2018


We assume we probably watched all the movies that are out there to watch and therefore find it quite unnecessary to look ahead. The truth however is that there are still a lot of classics which have either been made and not released yet or which are still in the process of being produced. Take Fast Five for example. I have to admit that even though it was a classic, i would have expected it to be last movie in the the Fast and Furious film series but it has been revealed that Fast Six would be released on May 24 2013 and Fast Seven would be released on 2015. Well ya that is obviously due to the fact that the previous five movies have been hits in cinemas and the cash would definitely not stop rolling. But well i would not be speaking of film series though as i take ahead to the future classics you should definitely not miss. (Drum Roll)...

The shower smiles in a politician.



Ok before we go on, we all have to agree on fact: the first on a bloody classic. No? No? Well go get yourself the Blu-Ray copy( not restricting you to this copy for any reason though) and watch that movie again. Truth is before i got to watch the first movie, i had the whole 'Sherlock Holmes smart detective with his dumb ass assistant, Watson' ideology, as portrayed by the older Sherlock Holmes movies, stuck in my head. So i was absolutely when i went to watch that movie in the cinema. Maybe it was because Robert Downey a freaking genius especially with Jude Law by his side or maybe the brilliant trickery(though quite fake) the film entailed was really intriguing or maybe it was just the whole movie but the fact is that the first movie was just beyond awesome. I have always used the amount of money movies gross to judge their quality and though it is not related in anyway, it always breaks my heart to see movies like The Twilight series grossing hundreds of million's while a quality movie like The Devil's Double grossing under 2 million.But well lets look at the figures for the first sherlock holmes movie and get out judgement

'The film opened to an estimated $62.4 million in its first week in America alone placing it second in the US Box Office Chart after Avatar. The movie earned a strong per theatre average of $18,031 from 3,626 theaters. its one day Christmas sales broke records as it grossed $523 million worldwide and the 8th highest grossing film of 2009 worldwide and domestically.'

Quite a figure there right and i am sure you would point out, i have really given a good reason to hit the cinema this 16th but i can guarantee you that i trust the quality of Robert Downing(from the Iron Man) ,Jared Harris(From Mad men and Fringe) ,Rachel McAdams(The Time Travellers wife and The Vow) and Jude Law (From Contagion and Repo Man) to release a classic beyond your wildest dreams.



December 16

Confused already huh on which to see between Sherlock Holmes and this? Well why don't you do yourself a hell of a favor and go to see both of them. But at this point i would have to admit that i have only watch Mission Impossible three out of the previous three installments made, so do you still think i have the right to give my judgement on this upcoming movie? Ok well i don't intended to argue with you based on your answer to that question but i would like to let you on a few of my drawn out facts here. Majority of the movies that Tom Cruise has starred in have turned to be huge success. No? Lets see some stats then

Box office gross
Mission: Impossible
Ethan Hunt
$80 million
$70,000,000 (gross participation)
Jerry Maguire
Jerry Maguire
$50 million
$20,000,000 against 15%
Eyes Wide Shut
Bill Harford
$65 million
Frank T.J. Mackey
$37 million
Mission: Impossible II
Ethan Hunt
$125 million
$75,000,000 (gross participation)
Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures
Vanilla Sky
David Aames
$68 million
$20,000,000 + 30% of profits
Space Station 3D
Minority Report
John Anderton
$102 million
Austin Powers in Goldmember
$63 million
The Last Samurai
Nathan Algren
$140 million
$25,000,000 +�% of profits
$65 million
War of the Worlds
Ray Ferrier
$132 million
20% profit participation
Mission: Impossible III
Ethan Hunt
$150 million
Lions for Lambs
Senator Jasper Irving
$30 million
Claus von Stauffenberg
$75�90 million
$20,000,000 against 20%
Tropic Thunder
Les Grossman
$100�150 million
Knight and Day
Roy Miller
$117 million
$11,000,000 +�% of profits
Mission: Impossible � Ghost Protocol
Ethan Hunt
$140 million
$12,500,000 +�% of back end
Rock of Ages
Stacee Jaxx[3]
One Shot
Jack Reacher
$100 million

Ok a bit of data here to be honest but my point here is really that you should trust this movie for the mare fact that Tom Cruise actor in it. But going to the only film in the film series that i have watch i would analysis the mission impossible 3 a bit honest. Honestly speaking i have glimpses of the other two installments and one way or the other, they usually seem to have their plots scattered all over but Mission Impossible 3 so how managed to keep its place with mindless action and computer generated sequences. As awkward as it might sound, i found M.I.3 quite similar to xXx:State of Union in some aspects.

Ok well now to M.I.4. I have to admit that the plot for this movie look totally captivating and well there is also the thing of Eminem's Wont Back Down being used in the original trailer not in the posted here, that really gets totally mesmorised throughout the trailer. But do your kids, spouse and friends a favour and get yourself a ticket for this movie's premier



You know i have to admit that i had been looking forward to a badass vampire/warewolf movie after Van Helsing. Ok at this moment you would stop me at this moment and point out this and that and that. Well lets chuck out movies from that list of your's. Twilight series? Well for the life of me i have always looked at Twilight as a hybrid gotten from Van Helsing (ok seriously let me finish) and American Pie. Wow being harsh there right and maybe it is just me but is my opinion. Well i can really go through all you movies you have in mind though.The Priest for me was quite good and original if i may add but I found the story too short and quite predictable at times.

Then came my true love,Underworld:Rise of the Lycans, which is the third movie in the Underworld series. Don't get me wrong though, i found the other two movies really entertaining but for me this was unarguable the best of the three. The whole story line for the movie and the originality it protrayed captivated me to the end(Every movie seems to captivate me right?).So a bit of what i know about Underworld Awakening

.Underworld Awakening brings a stunning new dimension to the epic battle between Vampires and Lycans, as the first film in the franchise to shoot in 3D Kate Beckinsale, star of the first two films, returns in her lead role as the vampire warrioress Selene, who escapes imprisonment to find herself in a world where humans have discovered the existence of both Vampire and Lycan clans, and are conducting an all-out war to eradicate both immortal species. So I guarantee you that this is a movie worth seeing

Underworld Trailer


April 20, 2012

Well Well Well who would have thought that there would be a installment to the Scary Movie series after the last one. When i got to find out this, i have to admit that i was bit shocked. As in serious must really be skilled to keep on coming with ideas and newer ways of spoofing horror movies that had come out recently. I would like also to use this opportunity to ask for a moment of silence for Leslie Nielsen who starred in Scary movie four and died two years ago. May his soul rest in peace.

Now the question i have not actually is if you are familiar with the Scary movie series in the first place. Well if you aren't i would recommend...well i was about to say using torrent to download the movies but now that would just be illegal. But what ever you choose to use, just ensure you watch the four installments before going for this one next year.But for now though a brief info about the Scary Movie Series

The Scary Movie series is a series of films mainly specializing in spoofing several popular horror films, which have collectively grossed over $818 million at the box-office worldwide. The two main recurring actors of the series are Anna Faris and Regina Hall as Cindy Campbell and Brenda Meeks, and are also joined by other recurring actors and characters.

The franchise was conceptualized by The Wayans Brothers who wrote and directed the first two films before leaving the franchise. They were distributed by Dimension Films through two different studios: Miramax Films, as it was originally the studio's genre film label during executive producers Bob Weinstein and Harvey Weinstein's run and produced the first three films, and The Weinstein Company, the brothers' newly formed studio, which currently produces the rest of the series' release after departing from Miramax and taking the Dimension Films label with them. Miramax Films (Buena Vista Distribution) retains international distribution rights.

Sorry the trailer is not yet out so i would not be able to post any at the moment


Ok ya you don't have to re-read the tiltle because you got correctly the first time. But seriously Men in Black? I thought...that...ok well i don't know what i thought but the truth is that it has really been a long time. So would really prompt the Sony Pictures Production president to release this movie ten after the previous was made? Well i would not answer but i would give you sneak peek on what i found out about from the web( to be more specific)

  • Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are returning to star. Barry Sonnenfeld is returning to direct.
  • Josh Brolin will play the younger version of Tommy Lee Jones’ character, Agent K.
  • Jemaine Clement is playing the villain, Yaz. An early draft of the script describes him as “a nightmare biker who looks like Dennis Hopper and Satan”.
  • According to a report from July, the story has Yaz traveling back in time to kill K and Agent J has to go to 1969 and team up with a young K in order to stop Yaz from setting off a chain of events that will destroy the world in the future.

Hmm quite interesting right but for a weird reason, i thought Tommy Lee had retired and I thought Will Smith had movies to produced. But well i can't speak for you but i am reall looking forward to this one.


This ends my list for now but expect more from me in the future

Which of these movies are you anticipating for the most

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    • amazmerizing profile image


      3 years ago from PACIFIC NORTHWEST, USA

      Loved Downey as Sherlock... he is epic... and the MIB series also! Nice review here! :)

    • Billrrrr profile image

      Bill Russo 

      6 years ago from Cape Cod

      I liked the first Downey Sherlock and probably will watch the second, though I AM NOT a sequel fan. Call 'em franchises, call 'em series, I call 'em boring. Once is enough...even for the Godfather.

    • labnol profile image


      6 years ago

      Sherlock Holmes is one my favorite movies. I don't know why some guys didn't like it. Great action & awesome background music made that film very entertaining i am eagerly waiting for 2nd part from lst 2 years. This December gonna be very entertaining.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I didn't like the first Sherlock Holmes and I'm not a big fan of Jude Law, but this one sounds interesting. I'd prefer to see another Iron Man. Love the Mission Impossible franchise, will definitely see the newest one. Not sure what to say about Men in Black. It sounds like an intriguing plot. I might check it out. Not a big fan of comedies so I know I won't be seeing Scary Movie 5, is it? The Underworld movies are okay; I might check this newest one out.

      Thanks for this preview of movies to watch out for. Rated up and interesting.

    • profile image

      Derek Abel 

      6 years ago

      can't wait till they come out!!!!! so excited!

    • Darkmetaly profile image

      Daníel Guðmundsson 

      6 years ago from Iceland Höfn í Hornafirði.

      love men in black. I still haven't watched the first Sherlock Holmes. I think I need to go see it.


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