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Top 3 Jeremy Kyle Show Moments

Updated on September 6, 2015
Mad Dog Deon - Massive Tattoo Fan!
Mad Dog Deon - Massive Tattoo Fan! | Source

When Jeremy Kyle burst on to the British daytime telly schedule in 2005 he had some very high heels to fill. Taking over from Trisha Goddard, and Vanessa Feltz before her, a man was suddenly thrust into the post This Morning time slot. Luckily for Jeremy, he was an instant hit.

The usual format of outrageous guests baring their souls in front of a baying crowd provided the perfect show for people who liked to watch other people. Jeremy’s extensive radio experience made him a smooth choice for heading the show.

In the ten years that he has been on our screens, he has certainly cemented his place in the British psyche. His shows are even featured in the tabloids each day, propelling the stars of each episode to fleeting fame.

The show has taken many twists and turns over the years. He has produced celebrity specials and even took the show to the United States where he’d often proclaim ‘We have a saying in England. Put something on the end of it’. Well, I can assure you that the only person who says that in England is Jeremy Kyle himself! The ego has certainly landed.

The Jeremy Kyle show still regularly attracts audiences of millions, and shows no sign of slowing down.

As we celebrate ten years of Jeremy Kyle, here are just three outstanding examples of the show. I’m in doubt that there are many more still to come.

A discreet tattoo being created!
A discreet tattoo being created! | Source

1) Tattoo Face

Tattoos seem to be everywhere nowadays. You hardly see an arm, a hand or a neck that is free of ink anymore. However, full face tattoos are still rather rare.

Deon ‘Mad Dog’ Hulse stormed to fame on the Jeremy Kyle show back in 2011. As is the format of the show, a dejected partner kicked things off by complaining to Jeremy about how awful her relationship is. Though there was a twist in this tale. As well as being a rubbish boyfriend, Deon had gone on a wild weekend and ended up getting a dodgy tattoo.

Now, we’ve all seen laughable examples of bad ink. How bad could this tattoo be? Surely not worse than the rumoured cheating that Deon was accused of.

The show’s title was ‘How Could My Boyfriend Destroy His Own Face?’. When it came to the point in the show where the bad boyfriend walks out to get the requisite jeering from the crowd, we’re left on a cliff-hanger. Jeremy cuts to a break, making us wait just a little bit longer. Jeremy tells us that he hasn’t even seen Deon himself yet.

Despite the title of the show, nothing could prepare the audience for that they were about to see. Everyone was tantalised, waiting to see. They weren’t disappointed. The fast paced music started, the applause began, then fell. Only a few people laughed as a hush fell over the crown. When they saw what Deon had done to his face, they were clearly shocked.

Thick black markings, as if made by a Sharpie, covered the entirely of Deon’s face. It just looked like the most unbelieved tattoo. How could anyone do this to their face? His defence of this extreme inking? ‘That’s why they call me Mad Dog’.

Envelope! Frisbee! Hair ruffler!
Envelope! Frisbee! Hair ruffler! | Source

2) Jeremy Kyle Gets Enveloped!

Jeremy often has guests who chat back to him, calling him names. Attack is indeed a form of defence. The host usually does well, letting people know that it is ‘The Jeremy Kyle Show’, so what he says trumps anything bad the guests can throw at him.

On one show, a guest took such exception to Kyle’s attitude that he threw his lie detector results envelope right back at him. Literally. The envelope sped through the air like a thin frisbee. It hit the intended target, though happily, Jeremy wasn’t hurt by this flying attack. It just ruffled his hair.

Envelope-gate was definitely a top moment for the show – someone was bound to bring Jeremy Kyle back down to earth sooner or later!


3) The Tooth Fairy

For some reason, the Brits have an awful reputation for their dental health. The most shocking televisual example of teeth in need of fixing was in 2015, on a show entitled ‘Stop harassing me just because I’m sleeping with your Ex’.

Gemma Swift’s appearance on the show sent social media into meltdown. No one was interested in the story, they just wanted to remark on her teeth. It transpired that she had suffered an accident as a child.

Gemma became so well known, and so talked about, the Jeremy Kyle show did something great. They took Gemma under their wing and paid for her to get her teeth fixed.

Well done, Jeremy Kyle. At least something good came from Gemma’s sad tale.


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