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Updated on February 23, 2013

Tiger vs Dragon...

Ever reject a guy for your friend? Tried running away from home with the person you love? Have an affinity with the girl next door who happens to be your classmate? From enemies to lovers? All these happens to Aisaka and Takasu,yet it is not the end yet there is lots of things that are waiting for them to overcome together.

The fate of our love...

The worst thing that could happen in school was to bump into Taiga Aisaka, a very fierce girl that everyone is afraid of. Yet, Ryuji Takasu was the very first person to bump into her on the first day of school. On his second year, he ignored AIsaka's stare and went on into the class and was happy to see his best friend, Yusaku Kitamura and his crush,Minori Kushieda. Takasu-kun had been having a crush on Minori for a long time and he dared not tell her as he is afraid of being rejected. Thus one day Takasu-kun came to a resolution to confess to Minori his affection he needed to be her friend by getting into Aisaka's good books.

Thus, Takasu started being friends with Aisaka and found out that she actually stay in the next building thus from then on Aisaka would visit Takasu whenever she is free. Takasu's mother, Yasuko Takasu , took a liking to Aisaka and treat her as a family member instantly, Aisaka was too willing to part of the family as she do not have a complete family as her parents divorce. Takasu found out that Aisaka had a crush on his best friend, Yusaku Kitamura, and she too do not have the courage to even speak to him, Takasu came up with the plan of them helping one another by mentioning more of their good point.

Most of the time, the five of them,including Ami Kawashima hang out together during their break, Aisaka could be considered Ami's best friend as she knew her true colours, as Ami is a model, most of the time she pretended to be lady-like. Yusaku Kitamura, his childhood friend knew about her real personality and he did not find it a bother and he wanted his classmate to know about the real Ami.

This anime fully shows the life of a student and the things that they had to go through from examinations to minor stuffs like falling in love. Taiga and Ryuji really made a good match and it is cute to see them falling in love with each other yet they are denying it. I look forward to another series of such anime that had deeply touched my heart.

Toradora!, Volume 1 (Standard Edition)

Ryuji Takasu

Whenever i saw Takasu i will think:"He is the only guy who still haven't realized his feelings for Aisaka!" It is a torture for me to see him caring for Kushieda even though he is in love with Taiga,I was really happy for him when he did and willing to work hard for the sake of Taiga,I love the way he treat his mother which was like a friend who cares for him.

Aisaka-chan x Takasu-kun

Aisaka-chan x Takasu-kun
Aisaka-chan x Takasu-kun

Taiga Aisaka

If you think she looks very fierce by looking at her, you are wrong, to me Aisaka is actually very weak and she needed someone to take care of her badly. I cried when i saw her spending the Christmas alone,she always tend to hide her feelings and never confide to any of her close friends,except for Ami who seems to get along well with her.

Palm Taiga

Palm Taiga
Palm Taiga

Taiga x Ryuji

Taiga x Ryuji
Taiga x Ryuji

Yusaku Kitamura

The things that he did was hilarious,especially when he was trying to be rebellious and dyed his hair which was totally against the school rule.I love his attitude in life as he remained positive throughout the whole anime,I am glad that he had helped Aisaka to face up to reality and learned to think more for herself,he is a good role model to look up to.

Minori Kushieda

A optimistic girl who treasures her friend,Taiga Aisaka so much that she is willing to give up Takasu when she found out that Aisaka also love Takasu too.I love her character as it really touches my heart, it is obvious that she likes Takasu however for the sake of her friend she is willing to reject him as she knew that AIsaka needed Takasu more than her.

Ami Kawashima

Never judge a book by its cover - this phrase definitely can be used on her,she may be sophisticated for most of the times yet deep in her heart she is just a normal girl with her attitude,she matches well with Aisaka although they always quarrel together,I always got the feeling that she love Takasu just that she did not want to say it out.



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