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Torchwood Episode #3 Recap: Dead of Night

Updated on August 24, 2011

Torchwood' Recap: Dead of Night'

Last Friday's episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day was hot. I have never been a real fan of Starz original programming, but I am quickly become not only a convert, but an addict thanks to this show. The series adeptly blends science fiction with religion and philosophy, providing not only something smart to watch on Friday nights, but something to talk about afterwards. Here are the five best moments from this episode:

#5 '" Newman (I mean, uhhhh -- Friedkin) gets mugged by Rex. The show opens with Rex surprising his CIA boss Friedkin (played by Wayne Knight of Seinfeld fame) at his home. Rex gets Friedkin to confess that he set him up at the direction of a secret group that only calls him on a certain cell phone. Rex takes the phone and escapes, confident that they now have a way to find whoever is behind Miracle Day.

#4-The evil "umbrella" corporations are at it again. The team follows a lead from the phone that Rex stole and ends up at a huge warehouse owned by PhiCorp. Turns out that it's filled with pain killers (and noted by Jack to be "bigger on the inside than on the outside", an obvious homage to its parent series, 'Dr. Who'). The team deduces that PhiCorp somehow knew in advance that Miracle Day was coming, and had been stockpiling pills for over a year to get ready. Ahhh, the plot thickens.

#3- This is what murder looks like now. Dr. Juarez and the world's medical professionals try to deal with a changing system where no one ever dies while new babies continue to be born. The Police can't charge anyone with murder anymore because it is impossible for anyone to die. (These are some of the philosophical questions that are causing deep, after show conversations. Good stuff!)

#2 '" "You should've run faster Oswald". Oswald Danes is loving his new found fame until he runs into vigilantes who are upset that he has gotten away with murder. He runs from them into the arms of the Police, begging for help. The Police run off the vigilantes, but promptly begin to deliver their own version of justice by beating Oswald to a pulp. They leave him with the same words he said about the little girl that he killed: "You should've run faster".

#1 '" Jack likes it with a twist. Stressed out from life on the run, both Jack and Rex decide to take a night off for some well deserved R&R. Rex ends up at the home of his sexy female doctor, Vera Juarez and they end up getting it on at the same time that Jack is hooking up with a hot male bartender from the club. Hot, hot, hot. Need I say more?7

Next week: Episode# 104 '" 'Escape To LA'

The Torchwood team follows the PhiCorp trail to California where more trouble is waiting. Meanwhile, Oswald and PhiCorp Drug Rep Jilly join forces.

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