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Touched by music and song

Updated on August 7, 2013

Music artists touch us

A song that touches you

I believe we all enjoy making connections in time and reliving our past sometimes because we find comfort and happiness and we can remember those special days of our childhood and our youth. For me one way I can go back in time is through the ageless power of music. It is music that can touch us and bring us back to a moment in our life. One such song that stands out is the song that my wife and I danced to on our wedding day. Every time I hear the song I tear up as it brings back such wonderful memories of our special day and the song is such a beautiful melody sung by a beautiful woman. The song is From this Moment on by the very talented and gifted Shania Twain.

There are 2 songs I enjoy listening to popularized by the singing trio Peter, Paul and Mary because both songs bring me back to a time in my childhood when I would listen to them on our turntable as my my mother would gently sing them both to me when I was just a little tyke and it made me feel good every time she did. They are Puff the magic dragon and Blowin in the wind. Every time I hear them I shed a tear because I miss my mother who was so very special to me.

As a teenager I was pretty shy and I was very quiet and although I had two sisters to grow up with I still felt alone sometimes and a song that instantly brings me back to those years and was a song I enjoyed then and still to this very day I enjoy listening to is the classic song by Andrew Gold, Lonely Boy. It touches me every time I hear it.

I remember listening to a song on the radio as my father drove me to my little league baseball games in 1971 and it brings back happy memories and is the classic Joy to the World by Three Dog Night which was always one of my favorites and now when I hear it play I think of my dad and those special times.

A song that has a special place in my heart is the song sung by the Tokens in my birth year, 1961 that is one of my favorite songs of all time, The Lion sleeps tonight. Every time I hear it I just think back to the day when I was just a little one and those special days growing up with my loving parents and sisters. Songs have a way of touching us and helping us relive our fond memories.

Blondie's Heart of Glass reminds me of my first days of college as I remember hearing it on the radio as I was starting my first year of college in September 1979 and Pat Benatar's Hit me with your best shot came out in the following year. The Go Go's Vacation also reminds me of my college days and so does REO Speed-wagon and so many others.

A song that I remember listening to as a 13 year old was the beautiful song Cats in the cradle of a father and his son and their relationship sung by the late Harry Chapin who was one of my favorite artists and I found this song to be very touching with an extremely important message.

Few songs have a profound effect on your life with it's beauty and imagery but occasionally you will hear a song and when you do you are hooked for life and that is exactly what 2 artists did with their amazing songs. The first was Don McLean's American Pie which was about the tragic loss of 3 popular musicians; Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper in a plane crash shortly after performing in concert together. The other artist was John Denver who also died tragically in a plane crash who influenced me tremendously with his music. I enjoy listening to many of his songs and the one song that is my absolute favorite is Take me home country roads which came out in 1971.

When my son was born in December 1998 a song I heard on my cd as I was driving to visit my wife and son at the hospital that reminds me of the happy occasion was Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Christmas Eve in Sarajevo which was pure joy. I had a wonderful bonding moment with my son in 2008 at their Christmas concert and when I heard this instrumental with my son I clenched his hand and thanked the lord for blessing me with such a wonderful child. I also wiped the tears of joy from my face as I thought back to that very special day.

I also enjoy listening to songs by artist's who touch us with special songs and one such artist is Jayne Nelsen who sings a beautiful song about learning of her daughter's diagnosis of autism called On that day and it really hits home as we the parents of autistic children go through so many emotions when we find out our child is autistic.

A sentimental song that is always enjoyable to listen to and touches me deeply is Lonestar's I'm already there which is a song about distance, love, father and child and how the father assures his child that even though he may be far he is there also and will always be there.

A song that is simply beautiful but elicits sadness in my heart is the beautiful song sang by Bette Middler; Wind beneath my wings which was popularized in the 1990 film Beaches starring Barbara Hershey and Bette Middler. It is very sad to me because I was watching the movie and heard the song on the night before I learned my mother passed away.

Music and song touches us all and the memories that come from hearing the songs again is truly remarkable. The memories can be very joyous or very sad and that speaks on how powerful music is.

I find that I do enjoy listening to music of the 1960's and 1970's as those decades were the time of my youth, a truly special time and the music was incredible.

Here's to our memories and to the artist's who make it so with their beautiful songs.

Edward D Iannielli III

From this moment on

On that day

Lonely boy

Hit me with your best shot

Take it on the run

Cats in the cradle

Take me home country roads

Christmas eve in Sarajevo 12/24

i'm already there

Beaches - Wind beneath my wings



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