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Tough Love 2 ep. 3

Updated on March 18, 2011

Tina Being "Sexy"

It’s the “What’s Sexy” Episode

The photo shoot is one of my favorite exercises at Tough Love boot camp because it’s the opportunity to see how truly misdirected these girls are when it comes to being sexy.  Steve, on the other hand, loves it because he’s a pervert—plain and simple.

In incredibly unshocking fashion, Jenna immediately started complaining.   Snooze on her.  At least Taylor was there to set the tone, in all of her greased-up-in-baby-oil glory!  Meanwhile, Liz was rockin’ the Walmart sexy look and Angel (the stripper) struggled to bring the sexy at all.  I guess she has to be taking off clothes in a smoke-filled room while sweaty men stare and try to keep their hands to themselves in order to feel any kind of confidence.  Thanks to Tina, Angel wasn’t the most awkward of the day.  Tina is all business, no pleasure.

Rocky, on the other hand, put on her best porn face.  No shock there.  Who knew Sally was that bootylicious?  She puts on that girl-next-door act, but she looked like she was auditioning to be on the show, Girls Next Door.  Uh-oh, I smell a closet FREAK!  (Not literally, that would be disgusting.)

The truly ridiculous part is the <fake> surprise the women have when Steve reveals that he showed the photos to a panel of men to get their opinion.  Have they not caught on to the fact that he does this with every exercise?  Taylor received harsher criticism than she expected and the same overplayed Steve-Taylor fight ensued.  “If you don’t want to do the work, leave” is Steve’s favorite line to Taylor.

Liz always gets raves because she has that bumpkin appeal.  Guys love Southern girls.  The panel did not, however, like Alicia’s frazzled porn star picture, nor Tina’s Allstate advertisement.  Oddly, Jenna looked like a hooker which is ironic for the girl who is so uncomfortable in her own body.  Sally was extremely popular as the sweet girl with a sexy edge.  Her sex kitten noise, though, needs work.  She revealed that she gives up the goods before dudes even have a chance to take her on a date.  Makes sense since she’s so eager to please (I assumed she meant that figuratively, but I guess literally too). 

On to Liz, who had an interesting episode.  She told her sad story about her dad and gave us an opportunity to see Steve’s sincere face, which is nice.  Then, Liz went on a date with the object of her infatuation, Dave, that didn’t go exactly the way she’d planned.  They went to where he does cage fighting stuff, and it started off all exciting and doused in sexual tension while they wrestled on the floor.  Then Dave made the mistake of trying to show off for Liz and ended up getting choked until he had a seizure-like episode and took a nap on the floor.  Liz was super awkward, not knowing how to take such madness, while the dude who choked Dave was very calm while basically shooing all the blame back to Dave.  This “haltered” Liz’s view on the relationship (I love a good Liz quote). 

Meanwhile back on the ranch, Taylor decided to give poor, misguided Tina a little makeover.  I think Taylor has a quota of how many nice-girl moments and how many bat-shit crazy fits she has to have each season.  Lucky for Tina, it was time for the former.   Tina looked smokin’ hot.  There’s something very Gayle King about her (and I mean that in a good way).  Later at the dance party, Tina shows up in work clothes again.  Someone slap her in the face and take the girl shopping!

Valentino, one of Taylor’s dates from last season, shows up and sends T-Bomb into one of her childish fits.  Her first reaction was to run upstairs and hide.  Since there were no cameras there, she came back downstairs and proceeded to drink the night away.  Taylor got wasted, took a nap, then woke up yelling.   Hey, at least the girl is consistent!  Her favorite target this season is definitely Rocky, who ended up drenched in Miller Lite after tampering with the beast.  It’s like the ever-wise band, The Offspring, once said, “You gotta keep ‘em separated.”

Sally, on the other hand, was having a great night.  She broke free from her shell and went to town on her dance partner (in an appropriate way, pervert).  She had a moment of boldness, and went in for the kiss during the cha-cha (or salsa, or tango, or whatever that was).  My only question is, why does Sally have a Joan Jett mullet?

Liz was in a panic because Dave had choked the romance out of their budding relationship on their previous date—nice pun, right?  It was a make-or-break night, and Liz used the fitting phrase “yikes, stripes!” to describe it.

Ms. Negativity, Jenna, had to write 50 positive things about herself.  What a feat!  I hope her attitude turns around soon, or I’m gonna have to throw my TV out the window.

During group therapy, Tina was under the microscope.  She said Michelle Obama is her style role model, but even the president’s wife looks more relaxed than Tina!  I will say that Tina takes criticism well, and clocks in low on the drama meter.  Makes me think there’s still hope for her.

Steve got to say his second favorite phrase, “Taylor, get up here!” with the extra Hot Seat of the night.  Taylor actually had the balls to call the other girls train wrecks.  Pot meet kettle, you have a lot in common.  Steve has the same conversation with her every week.  I think he should get serious and start sending some girls packin’.          


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    • profile image

      Skylar Kunkel 7 years ago

      ok.. i missed the little part on the last eposode did Liz give Dave the ring ... i Really think she should have if she didnt because he was soo nice to her.. they were my favorite couple ... and who cares if he has been married it didnt work out the first time and he is ready to marry Liz if he says he doesnt have anything to do with his EX i would believe him!! So COME ON LIZ!! hope thats who you picked you 2 are soo CUTE and a perfect match!! It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure that you to are ment to be together like im only 12 and i can see it :) !!