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Tough Love 2 ep. 4

Updated on February 4, 2010

Daddy Issues All Around

Break out the tissues, Oprah!  Steve and JoAnn sat the girls down for a big cry-fest over the most obvious obstacle these girls face in relationships:  their daddy issues.  They were given pictures of the low-life menz who walked out on them as children (in the majority of cases), verbally abused them, or ignored them all around.  The exercise was for the ladies to write letters to their fathers so they could get passed it all. 

Try to contain your shock, but there’s a stripper in the house with abandonment issues.  I’ll let you guess which one (it rhymes with B-angel…).  All of these girls obviously have a lot of problems; otherwise they wouldn’t be on this show.  I don’t think there’s enough room on the Internet to type all the issues this exercise brought up. 

Jenna, in a saw-that-coming moment, was crying and eating cheese.  Most of these girls had absentee dads, which is probably why they attach themselves to the closest loser.  We learned that Angel was a troublemaker as a teenager, which was not surprising.  Jenna’s letter made everyone cry because her father was a jerk to her, even when she asked for help.  What a dirtbag.

Rocky shockingly opted to write a poem instead of a song about her road-thumbing father.   However, it was Sally who got the coveted hug from JoAnn for her scathing letter to her absentee pops.  Liz, on the other hand, had a decent dad but sadly he passed away before she could resolve her issues with him.  She likes tough guys because her father was really passive.  Whew, that was a heavy first 10 minutes of show.


The girls were sent out with specific confessions they had to make to their dates.  Angel had to tell Adam that she has a kid and is a dancer.  Adam took the news quietly, and finally told her “it’s cute that you’re honest.”  Borderline condescending?  In an ever-classy move, Angel got a tattoo on her date.  Nice.

Taylor has been waiting for Willy to show up, and whined every time someone else knocked on the door.  Willy has a daughter, so Taylor needs to grow up so he doesn’t have to raise two.  The always-mature Rocky plotted a flirting scheme involving Willy simply to piss Taylor off. 

Alicia is sucking up whatever this clown, Jeff is putting down.   Sucker.  He’s only 23, and he thinks he’s mature because he’s looking for a party partner.    He apparently has sprinkled some kind of bullshit powder all over Alicia because she thinks they’re the “perfect match.”  I thought she was there to settle down, not to get a new drinking buddy.

Screaming Kids

I love when Steve unleashes a swarm of little kids on the unsuspecting ladies.   Tina, Jenna, and Sally hate children which is always fun. 

Alicia continued her journey in her delusional world and declared that Jeff would be a great dad.  Based on what?  She doesn’t know that guy any more than she knows the Salvation Army bell ringer outside of K-Mart at Christmas.

Taylor is way too self-centered to do well at this princess party.  She was supposed to be spending time with the little girl, but instead played dress up and made a bracelet for herself.  Bad move for someone dating a single father. 

Adam seems like a genuine guy.  He made me laugh out loud when he was talking about tea parties, like it was something he did every Tuesday afternoon.  Who doesn’t want to go to a twenty-something man’s tea party?  When put that way, it sounds creepy.

Rocky claimed she wanted to avoid friction, but wouldn’t keep her hands off of Taylor’s boyfriend.  I do enjoy Taylor’s crazy eyes.  It was interesting to see Taylor back down when Willy told her to chill out.  I think Willy should replace Steve.  He told Taylor that, “It’d be real gangsta if you apologized and hugged Rocky.”  Great advice.  Taylor is so demanding of Willy’s attention, and begged for affection as she was laying all over him.  Smother much?  I loved Willy’s command as he was leaving, “Be nice to these people.”

If there was a drinking game for every time someone said “choke out” you’d be wasted by the end of the episode.  Liz was so awkward around Dave all day.  She struggled to break up with him, and I don’t think he saw that coming.  He certainly didn’t fight for her; he just calmly went into that good night.  She’s looking for a fighter, and he just doesn’t fit the bill. 

Group Therapy

All of Jenna’s compliments from her list involved “I guess” and “fairly.”  It’s a step in the right direction—a baby step.

Angel did the best this week, with her double-confession to Adam.  He digs her anyway, which shows that being honest can work out.

Alicia is like a footnote on this show.  Her cluelessness was obvious because she thought Jeff was so perfect, and his interview conveyed the opposite.   He’s super noncommittal and the age difference is a big deal to him.  He talked about every woman’s nightmare—her biological clock.  She deserves someone on her level, and she was way too willing to sell her soul for some dude who barely knew her name.

Taylor was in the hot seat again, nothing new there.  During his interview, Willy was completely honest about what he observed, when Taylor ignored the little girl.  If it’s too painful for her to be around children who are the same age as the kid she gave up, she needs to reevaluate her relationship.  Willy’s daughter is the center of his world, and she’s not going anywhere.  Taylor needs to get on board or move on.  I’m glad Willy stood up for himself against her neediness.  She wanted to wash her hands of him just because he didn’t spend the whole interview praising her.  He seems like a great dude, and he might be too good for her hot mess-ness.


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