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Tough Love 2 ep.5: Miss Tough Love

Updated on March 13, 2010

Miss Tough Love Beauty Pageant

Who wants to be crowned Miss Tough Love? Not Jenna, that’s for sure. Upon hearing of the pageant, she immediately kicked into complaint mode by boldly stating, “I’m not taking off my clothes to impress men.” Ummm, what did you do for the sexy photo shoot? Put on a turtleneck and sweatpants? Don’t think so.

There’s always a catch to these things. This time, the male judges were blindfolded and the girls were being graded on their personalities. Taylor was greased from here to the moon for the occasion, and no one could soak up her glistening gams. What a waste of baby oil! Luckily, she was able to show off her talent for singing the ABCs, and the judges could not have been less impressed.

Meanwhile, Rocky talked a lot of smack about Taylor’s lack of singing talent, only to take the stage and frighten everyone with her crass lyrics (strap-on?) and equally-devastating voice. She thinks she’s a singer? That’s just sad.

Liz, in all of her classy glory, opened a beer with her teeth and shotgunned it. She’s reinforcing the “redneck” stereotype at almost every turn. I’m not sure who was worse though, since Kanisha (the braggadocios gold-digger) took the stage and claimed that if she won $1 million she’d give it all to charity. I smell bullshit!

Jenna was faced with serious questions about global warming and healthcare, but instead of forming a half-way intelligent answer, she laughed them both off and made some dumb comment about it being hot outside. Sarcasm is a great quality when used at the appropriate time. She needs to get over her Negative Nancy garbage.

Taylor never, ever takes feedback well. She still lives in a world of delusion where she thinks she can do no wrong. Maybe someday Steve will get through to her. Maybe.

Rocky tried to justify her trite, scary mess of a performance by claiming, “I’m an artist.” Yes, you’re just very misunderstood, that’s it. Very.

The judges called Kanisha out for lying about the million dollars. You don’t have to know her to see through that line of crap.

Steve took it personally that Jenna didn’t take any of the pageant seriously. He was hoping she would take the opportunity to show her intelligence, but instead she made a joke of the whole process. Last episode, Jenna claimed she was a great singer, and she missed the opportunity to show that to the world during the pageant.

Sally did really well, by answering the questions seriously which led to her winning the crown. She’s been rocking the challenges since she broke out of her shell, and discovered that she has a non-sucky personality after all.

Steve told Taylor that she has the “wow factor.” I like it when they play nice.

Steve dismissed everyone but Jenna and immediately started their chat with, “You’re pissing me off.” Don’t dance around your emotions, Steve-o. She’s not sure that she fits Steve’s standards, and she’s not sure she wants to. Ok, if she’s happy being single for the rest of her life then why show up to a matchmaking show?

Willy paid a visit so Taylor could address her anger with him over what he said during the last exercise. She played a little game of walking away from him to see if he chased her. He’s a great guy and super sweet to her, so she should give up testing him. She explained to him why she has a hard time connecting to children that are the same age as the kid she gave up for adoption. Take it or leave it.

Flying-High Dates

Rocky and Alicia took their dates paint balling. Rocky was determined to be a tactical genius, and her team ended up winning. Alicia acts like she was in love with Jeff and she’ll never find it again. She knew that dude for 2 weeks! She also showed her intelligence when she yelled “I mighta broke a carpel” after getting hit by a paintball in the finger. She was ready to halt the date completely with Jeremy when he mentioned Hebrew School. In her head, she went from first date to having to convert in order to marry him in about 30 seconds. Calm down!

Taylor and Willy went rock climbing, which was pretty hilarious to watch. Tay-Tay was ready to give up halfway up the wall because her “nails couldn’t grip the nubs.” Impressively, she pushed through and made it to the top. She and Willy had good teamwork which was refreshing.

Each week, Steve pushes the boundaries of at least one girl. This week, he chose to send Jenna on a trapeze date, to conquer her fear of heights. Steve told her that she had to complete the challenge or else he’d send her packing. Poor Tina and Sally got stuck with Debby Downer, and tried to not get brought down by her negativity. Sweet little Tina actually dropped the f-bomb about Jenna refusing to try the trapeze. Meanwhile, both Sally and Tina went for it and were successful. Tina received a little fist bump from her fella. Jenna, on the other hand, spent the entire date crying and making things awkward.

Group Therapy

Taylor did the best this week, which proves that anything is possible if you just try!

Alicia seriously pushed the limits with her comments about not wanting to date a Jewish guy. She doesn’t want to have a wedding where “people wear little hats.” She acted like she was going to be forced to convert to Judaism, and then they would eat her soul. A lot of what she said was not only ridiculous, but also offensive. Steve just so happens to be Jewish, and he certainly did not appreciate Alicia’s comments. It’s one thing to prefer to date someone of the same belief system, it’s another to belittle an entire religion.

Jenna found herself in the hot seat for her uncomfortable and embarrassing date. She was unwilling to even attempt to defeat her fear, and Steve lost his patience with her. She claimed that she always makes an effort, but that he doesn’t notice because she’s not girly like everyone else in the house. What kind of crap logic is that? The other ladiez turned on her with a quickness--they were done quietly tolerating her negativity. Steve lost it on her and exclaimed, “I’m not a doctor, I’m a g-d matchmaker! I’m here to find you man!” Obviously, he’s got his work cut out for him.


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