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Toy Story: Movie Night and Family Fun Follow-up Activities

Updated on March 24, 2016
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HH4u began as a side project while Tatiana was completing her Master's degree in Education as an outlet for turning learning into fun!

Disney and Pixar's Toy Story teach us how to be friends and family.
Disney and Pixar's Toy Story teach us how to be friends and family. | Source

THEME: You’ve Got a Friend in Me

To infinity and beyond…or at least through the grocery store! Don’t let conflicts in the family get you down. Family members can be friends, too! Blast off a great family movie night with these ways to get along and get happy.

Learn a few lessons from Woody and Buzz about how to work together through tantrums, how to share, or just decide what toppings go on the pizza. Dinner prep will take Cooperation and Agreement Skills...

DINNER TIME: Pizza Planet Party!


  • Stellar Pizzas: wheat pita pockets, pizza sauce, shredded cheese, choice of toppings
  • Sid’s Salad: any favorite bagged salad
  • Rocket Pops: Available in the frozen treats section at the grocery store
  • For Stellar Pizzas, you will need a package of uncut wheat pita pockets, a can of spaghetti sauce, cheese, and whatever toppings you like. Cooperate by sharing the duties of putting the ingredients on the pizzas. You will have to agree by talking about what skills each person is able to do. Who can grate the cheese? Who is able to slice the toppings? Younger children can’t perform these duties yet, but keep it positive: they can smear on the sauce and drizzle the cheese on top. No agreements are needed for the toppings; these pita pockets are healthy and small enough for everyone to make their own, unique pizza. Bake at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes on a foil-lined cookie sheet.
  • Sid’s Salad is any salad you prefer. Use prepackaged salad mix and allow everyone to choose one favorite addition: tomatoes? cucumber? How can you cooperate and come to an agreement? Trade or Compromise?
  • On serving plates, put the pizza in the center and surround it with the salad. Now you have the "sun" surrounded by an "asteroid belt". Buzz Lightyear is from somewhere beyond that. Talk about the planets and any other way-out-there facts. Kids always seem to know more about this stuff than grown-ups. Place four toppings inside the asteroid belt. This shows a little of the comparison between the sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars which all share space inside the belt. Look for the “Milky Way” as a family on a clear night. Sometimes you’ll see a shooting star!
  • Dessert is easy now that your brain is melting from all of your interstellar imaginings. Firecracker pops, Rocket pops or other version of this "explosively" delicious novelty are still sold in stores and they are low-calorie, too! Rip open a package and get ready for some more fun.

We wouldn't leave you without a Cheat Sheet!

A friendly graphic for the grown-ups!
A friendly graphic for the grown-ups! | Source

GAME TIME: The Newly Friend Game

Supplies: Notepads or a stack of paper and pencils for everyone.

One of the greatest ways to become friends is through kindness. Use this game to show how much you know and care about each other.

This is a question and answer game based on The Newlywed Game. Everyone needs to make up to five questions about the person to their left. They need to be positive subjects such as favorite foods, activities they are proud of and so on. One at a time, a player asks the family a question, gives ten seconds for everyone to write their answers in their notepads. Then, everyone reveals their answers at the same time. If the answer is correct or (be kind) close to correct, they get one point. Keep taking turns. The person with the most points is the winner. Keep the game lively by adding your own compliments and kind comments to one another.

Newly Friend Example Questions

Possible Answer
(Sister's) best subject area at shool is...?
(Brother's) favorite color is...?
If Dad had a million dollars to spend on a toy he would buy...?
Jet Skis!
If Mom could go anywhere in the world for vacation she would choose...?

Mr. and Mrs Potato Head modeling "cooperation and helpfulness" - Sort of!

CRAFT TIME: Potato Head Family Portrait

Supplies: Old magazines or newspapers, glue, scissors, and construction paper.

Another way to promote friendship is by always keeping a positive attitude especially when problem solving. Use this skill for this super easy craft. It is chock full of goofiness and a guaranteed laugh at the end.

It’s time to create your own Potato Head Family portrait. Everyone needs some construction paper to cut out a potato shaped body. Are you a tall potato? Are you a round potato? Are you orange because you’re so full of fun? It’s all in the family, so make your potato represent you. Use magazines to cut out eyes noses, mouths, mustaches, etc.

The difficulty with this activity is finding features that are the right size. What if you can’t find any noses in your magazines? Everyone keeps a positive attitude while coming up with solutions. Can you draw the noses? Do you have buttons? Is it o.k. if one eye is much bigger than the other? Of course it is! Glue your features on your potatoes, compile them on one sheet of paper, frame and place in a prominent place in your home…or just post it on the refrigerator for a daily laugh!

Yes, there is an app for paper plane ideas!

Kids love challenging themselves to create wild designs for speed and distance.
Kids love challenging themselves to create wild designs for speed and distance. | Source

CRAFT TIME: Buzz’s Flight Plan

Supplies: Construction paper

Creative problem solving is also a way to avoid conflict and keep friendships going. This game is all about focusing on the goal and how to best reach it. In the movie, Buzz Lightyear thinks he can fly, finds out he can’t, but Woody helps to find a creative way to fly anyway!

Designate a safe “landing area” for paper planes to fly in your home. The goal is to get each person's plane onto the runway. Each person makes their own airplane and then works with ideas of the family members to make their airplane get to the airport. If you have to give up, crumple your plane into a ball and chuck it across the room, it still counts! It is a solution and that’s what friends do to get to the common goal. Grown-ups can enhance the challenge by making inherent flaws in their planes such as a hole in the wing or super tiny paper planes.

I don't know why, but when I was a teacher, the kids absolutely loved this game!


Support and visit your local library! Your local librarian will be happy to help you find stories about cooperation, sharing, kindness, creative solutions and optimism. Books about outer space are awesome, too! My recommendations in order are: Swimmy by Leo Lionni, Chubbo’s Pool by Betsey Lewin, Duncan and Delores by Barbara Samuels, Snow Baby Could Not Sleep by Kara La Reau, I’m Gonna Like Me: Letting off a Little Self-Esteem by Jamie Lee Curtis, and A Circle in the Sky by Zachary Wilson. For grown-ups, listen to How To Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk by Adele Faber or Stephen Hawking’s The Universe in a Nutshell on audio book!

Friendship and Family Fun to you always!

Read Bedtime Stories with Your Kids for as long as they'll let you! Here is one of my favorite stories for the theme of this movie!

There is no app that replaces a parent's lap!
There is no app that replaces a parent's lap! | Source

© 2016 Tatiana Resetnikov


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