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Transformers 3 Wallpapers

Updated on February 22, 2012

Finding Transformers 3 Wallpapers

Transformers 3 Wallpaper can really liven up the view on your desktop or laptop. There are a lot of great options on there, which you can find in a variety of ways. You might just go ahead and do a Google Images search. Of course, this sometimes takes some backtracking to find the actual wallpaper rather than just the thumbnail image. The great thing is almost always, you will find wallpapers for free. With the ease of making wallpapers, companies have learned that they really don’t have the ability to charge for them. So, they are given away as freebies on their website, and it has become common practice to allow fans to make their own wallpapers. After all, a cool Transformers 3 wallpaper on a friend’s computer may remind you that you haven’t bought the DVD yet, so there might be a variety of hidden sales in this market.

Finding the Right Transformers 3 Wallpaper for your PC, Laptop, or iPad

Ideally, the Transformers 3 wallpaper that is going to look best on your screen will match your screen’s resolution. If you are using a Windows XP, Vista, or 7 machine, it’s pretty much all the same. Either go to the Start (or Windows) menu, then either Settings to Control Panel or straight to Control Panel. You’re going to find the display setting here, which will show you the current screen resolution you’re using. You can also right click on the desktop itself and select either Properties or Personalize and then the display settings to find your screen resolution, depending on your particular version of Windows.

With a Macintosh, you’re going to go to the Apple Menu and then Displays under the Hardware option. Now, you have found the screen resolution for your Mac. By default, the Apple iPad supports only one screen resolution—1024x768.

Now, your computer can automatically stretch a wallpaper image to make it fit, which is the default setting on most computers. And, this works well for images that are sized larger than your screen as long as the ratio is the same. If the image is smaller than your screen resolution or not to the same ratio, this stretch option can distort the wallpaper image and diminish overall quality. So, it is best to find a wallpaper that matches your screen’s resolution.

Best Transformer 3 Wallpaper Choices

Now, when it comes to something such as an iconic Transformers 3 wallpaper, it can be pretty hard to define what is the ‘best,’ but I have found a selection here of some my favorites. Now, as you go through these, understand how I decided which I liked best. A logo is great, but the movie has been in theaters and moved on to streaming and DVD. I don’t need a date there telling me when it’s due to hit theaters in the past. At the same time, I want something that looks good. I don’t want something that is a heavily pixelated screenshot from the movie or a poor drawing of these techno-organic life forms. I am looking for something with color, but not so much brightness that it makes it difficult to see the icons on my desktop.

Prowl Transformers 3 Wallpaper

This first Transformers 3 wallpaper is one of Prowl. It’s a stylized image with great contrast on the metallic body of the Decepticon. I also really like the aged look of the Decepticon logo here. It is a reminder that these are visitors from a time long, long ago from a galaxy far, far away. The perceptive trick they used with the Prowl Transformers 3 wallpaper was also pretty cool, because it also makes it seem like he’s right there, reaching out and coming toward us.

Optimus Prime Transformers 3 Wallpaper

I like this second Transformers 3 wallpaper, which brings us an action pose from the Autobot leader, Optimus Prime. It has some great imagery here with excellent, but subtle contrast. The wallpaper has the technological feel with the mixture of both the champion of Cybertronian and Earth engineering and technology. The dichotomy is a beautiful touch here.

Second Optimus Prime Transformers 3 Wallpaper

Here is another Transformers 3 wallpaper showcasing Optimus Prime. It follows the same design as the first Transformers 3 wallpaper select here. It has the white background with a worn away Autobot insignia also in the background. The stark reds and blues really draw the eye against the white backdrop. It looks pretty sweet. However, if you have a bunch of icons on the left side of your desktop, the image of Optimus Prime and his gun may start to infringe upon there area, making them more difficult to see.

Ravage Transformers 3 Wallpaper

While this fourth image isn’t technically a Transformers 3 wallpaper—instead, it promotes Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. I still love it. The mini-bots were always a cool idea, and I don’t think I liked any so many as Ravage. I always remember the puma styled mini-bot flying out of the original Soundwave’s chest on those early mornings watching the first animated Transformers series. The color is pretty sweet. I have found with too many images on the desktop, however, they can be harder to see as well as detract from this image. It does make a good wallpaper for a laptop, netbook, or iPad, though.

Arcee Transformers 3 Wallpaper

I cannot tell a lie. I have always been a huge fan of Arcee. This Transformers 3 wallpaper actually seems to be from the second movie as well, but who cares?!? It’s Arcee. The sleek motorcycle techno chick is all anyone could ask for. Personally, I’d try moving the image around or just flipping it in a program like Adobe Photoshop. Frankly, I’d prefer it had more depth all around, but it’s an early image of the Arcee concept, and I can’t deny my fandom.

More Transformers 3 Wallpapers

I’ll certainly be back with more Transformer 3 wallpapers and more, but I wanted to at least get a chance to share this little bit with you. One of the things you will definitely run into out there is finding what seems like it would be a cool Transformers3 or other wallpaper and the site suddenly redirecting you to some site trying to sell you something or steal your information. I’ve run into this a number of times. Or, again, even from the site that claims to have designed the Transformers 3 wallpaper, all they have available is a thumbnail image? O.o

So, I’ve selected a few that I use here. I am also toying with the idea of putting together a tutorial on how to make your own Transformer 3 wallpapers. Also, if you want to spice it up a bit, remember with the newer versions of Windows and with Mac OS X, you have the ability to set up your wallpaper as a sort of slideshow, so you don’t have to pick just one Transformers 3 wallpaper. You can have multiple set to rotate in a variety of different ways.


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