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Transformers 4

Updated on January 23, 2015
Another version of the Theatrical Release poster
Another version of the Theatrical Release poster | Source

Oh, yes. As I am a big fan of robotics and advanced aliens or aliens in general, let alone robotic aliens, I decided it's high time I review this billion-dollar box-office movie.

Do you remember the year of our Lord 2007? No? What a shame, really. No matter. That year was when the first Transformers movie came out. And my goodness me, what a superb movie it was! It was one of the best, if not the best movie of the year. I'm actually surprised that the first movie didn't get as much earnings; only $709 million. Some people just can't see the value of such in-depth graphics detail. Do you, dear reader, know how many hours it took for the crew to achieve the few seconds of the transformation of each vehicle? I'll let you guess. No, really. Guess. Guess, you handsome and/or lovely person, you! Oh, alright, alright, alright. I see you have no intention of even guessing so I'll just give you the answer on a, shall we say, gold platter. 34 hours per frame. Lemme say that again, if you think I've miss-typed a number. 34 hours, thirty four hours. You'd bloody well believe it, cause if you don't, I'd like to see you, dear reader, replicate, in exact and precise detail and sound, each transformation of each vehicle from the Autobots to the Decepticons.

I remember the first time I sat in the seat in Ayala's cinema house number 3, where it was as dark as the night sky and the subwoofer sound system kept making you jump in your seat with all the action! When I saw the Decepticon Blackout (the MH-53 Pave Low helicopter in the beginning of the first Transformers movie), transform in to a hideous, ginormous and gargantuan robotic humanoid wreaking havoc in that fictional U.S Military base, Soccent, I realized that this must be the movie of the decade. Seriously. No one, not even Titanic lover and Avatar genius, James Cameron, could conjure up anything this superb, amazing, astonishing and astounding in his silly, preposterous and fascinating mind. My favorite parts in the first movie, by the way, was when the Autobots had arrived on Earth and turning themselves from Cybertronian contraptions in to Earthly vehicles.

Now, fast-forward seven years later to the Age of Extinction, and you'll find that both the Autobots and Decepticons are being hunted down one by one by a secret CIA group called Cemetery Wind with the aid of Lockdown, possibly a Creator's subcontractor or hired gun. Optimus Prime claims he and the others were ambushed by this same group of thugs and a Mr. Yeager buys him from a sheriff. Later, this same group of thugs finds Optimus and threatens Tessa Yeager (Cade Yeager's daughter and only child). And Optimus saves the day by fighting back and, thankfully, Tessa's boyfriend in a Chevy Sonic shows up. What a shame that it was destroyed. Then Optimus finds and summons the other remaining Autobots to a dessert location somewhere in Texas where he vows to kill the man responsible for killing them off one at a time.

Now, at that point, it had been five years since the Battle of Chicago. Humans have become scared and frightened of alien robots and were obliged and willing to report any robotic activity. All thanks to Megatron. (Thanks for that, you over sized metal prick). And also around this point, KSI had been developing, in secret, their own version of Autobots. Using Megatron's brain and reverse engineering it, they made what KSI calls, Galvatron. It sure looks galvanized because it doesn't look anything like a consumer friendly product, let alone a sell able product.

Going back to Lockdown, by the way, is just marvelous. Simply marvelous. The black Lamborghini Aventador they featured is one of the most sought after hyper cars in the world today and Lamborghini did a great job having it showcased and featured in this movie. What's your favorite Lockdown moment? Come on, folks, don't be shy. I don't bite. I like the large gun on his head when he's about to shoot his target. That head gun must be about as long as he's tall. And it packs a punch, too. It looks like a more advanced form of railgun coupled with a plasma cannon. It was strong enough to split Ratchet in half from 300 yards or so, cripple and kill him. Thankfully, when he shot Optimus with it, Lockdown merely injured him, saying he wanted Optimus alive. Can you imagine that? The most powerful Autobot is nothing against Lockdown. Just one shot from his head gun and that's it. How powerful is this gun? You're either going to robot Heaven or the other place. Suppose Optimus had this gun, what do you think he'd do with it?

If I had a gun like that, mind you, I'd wipe out any Decepticon that shows itself. Even if it claimed it'd surrender. Once a Decepticon, always a Decepticon. And if Megatron got his filthy evil hands on it...... God help us all... We all know how ruthless and demon-possessed that creature is.

Now, the Dinobots. Who are they? What are they? Where did they come from? Even the wisdom and knowledge of Wikipedia is incapable of telling us. Respectively, they are: Grimlock, a Tyrannosaurus; Strafe, the double-headed Pteranodon; Slug, the Triceratops and Scorn, the Tri-sailed Spinosaurus. The Tyrannosaur, Grimlock, is what amazed me most about the movie. He's a Rex, for crying out loud! The Tyrannosaur today is synonymous with the word dinosaur. Yes, I'm a big fan of robotics (including Robocop, 1980s and the present) but I'm also a big fan of dinosaurs. (And yes, the Jurassic Park movie franchise and the up-coming Jurassic World in 2015). I practically grew up playing dinosaur games. In fact, if you, dear reader, would be so kind as to allow me to plug in four games I played in my childhood... They are: Carnivores, Carnivores 2, Carnivores Ice Age and Jurassic Park Operation Genesis. They're on Android and iOS. I especially like Grimlock. That over sized lump of metal. Red eyes, fire-breathing ability and even crushing the other Transformium-powered bots with a single bite. Just looking at the bots being eaten is enough to tell me, "Ouch, that's gotta hurt" and it even gave me a vague impression of what it might be like to be dead. That much power and force, I think, is strong enough to rip open an armored carrier.

Back to the movie.... After the defeat of Lockdown, the last remaining Autobots stayed behind while Optimus left Earth with a radio transmission: "Stay away from Earth, I'm coming for you". That, dear readers, about says it all.

Oh, I can't wait for the 5th movie. I can't. I simply can't. This movie was exciting enough, was it not? If you don't think so, you'd best see a shrink. I mean, yeah, Megatron had a very little role to play and a new cast of Autobots like Hound, an Oshkosh combat vehicle; Drift, a Bugatti Veyron and Crosshairs, a Chevy 'Vette C7 Stingray. Who's your fave? I take Drift. The Samurai-Veyron voiced by Ken Watanabe. I like Ken, he's a funny guy. Or rather, his roles in the movies is funny. Of course, the evil, Brains is there too.

I know Michael Bay's making a 5th movie. But before he does, I just want to say, hat's off to such an incredible, splendid and superb 4th movie.

Another Theatrical Poster of Optimus Prime and Grimlock
Another Theatrical Poster of Optimus Prime and Grimlock | Source
We're a family
We're a family | Source
Transformers 4
$210 million
$1.0 Billion
Transformers 3
$195 Million
$1.1 Billion
Transformers 2
$200 Million
$836.3 Million
$150 Million
$709.7 Million
A quick movie guide to year made, budget and earnings.
Hi, Optimus, I'm Lockdown
Hi, Optimus, I'm Lockdown | Source
A happy family
A happy family | Source


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