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Transformers: Age of Extinction Film Review

Updated on July 15, 2014

Warning: This review contains spoilers.

By now, you should know what you're getting from a Micheal Bay-helmed Transformers movie. If not, or if you're expecting something else, then there's nothing here for you to see anyway. Bay's Transformer films are loud, dumb, ridiculous, and ridiculously fun if you allow yourself to have fun with all the chaos. In the fourth installment, the United States government has betrayed the autobots and hunt them down to give to a corporation that is building it's own transformers for use by the US military. Optimus Prime is found by a Texas family and discovers the real villains pulling the strings and brings back some old friends to defend the Earth once again.

I'm not even going to try to explain the ALL of the craziness they called a plot this time around, so I'll give you the basics. Optimus Prime is found by Cade Yeagar, played by Mark Walhberg, and is nursed back to health while the CIA hunts him down in order to hand him over to Stanley Tucci's corporation, KSI, who's building his own Transformers for the government. The CIA is being aided by a Cybertronian bounty hunter named Lockdown who's looking for Optimus so he can capture him and take him back to what he calls the Creators, the beings who created the Transformers. Once Optimus is found, the humans and Lockdown attack forcing Optimus to defend Yeagar family. He then regroups with the last of the autobots, including Bumblebee, to uncover the humans true intentions. It's soon revealed that KSI had used the remains of Megatron to build a new robot called Galvatron. Galvatron becomes possessed by what's left of Megatron and becomes self aware. Since all of the other robots are built from Megatron's remains as well, Galvatron infects them and turns them all into Decepticons. The Autobots and the Yaegar family race against time to prevent a Cybertronian bomb from being detonated in Hong Kong while Lockdown seeks to recapture Optimus. Eventually the good guys win, Galvatron escapes, Lockdown is killed, and Optimus leaves the planet to find the Creators.

If none of that made any sense, then it's okay, it didn't make a whole lot of sense in the first place. The biggest thing to take away from it all is the awesome special effects and crazy battles that are delivered in classic, Michael Bay, overkill is underrated style. You're either into it or you're not.

However, there were some truly good things contained in this zany sequel. For instance, the robots were handled a lot better than they've been in the last two films. They each have distinct personalities and have a ton of screen time. Stanley Tucci's performance is pretty awesome and he steals the show from everyone else. He seemed to realize how ridiculous everything was and decided to just cut loose and have as much fun as possible. Like all the other movies, the action was spectacular. From car chases to city-wide battles, Bay relishes in the destruction. Even though the Dinobots were done completely wrong, they were pretty badass once they joined the battle. They served their purpose even if they weren't true to who they are in the source material. All in all, there isn't much to talk about with this movie. If you like the Transformers, and took any kind of enjoyment from the other movies, then you'll be okay with this one. If not, then don't waste your time and watch something else. I, for one, enjoyed it. Sometimes it's fun to kick back and watch shit blow up for nearly THREE HOURS (seriously, this movie did not need to be that long) and the Transformers have always delivered in that department. Age of Extinction was no different.

3 stars for Transformers: Age of Extinction
Lockdown was one the true bright spots of the movie. He might've been the best villain in the series so far.
Lockdown was one the true bright spots of the movie. He might've been the best villain in the series so far.
The Dinobots were done wrong, but they were still badass.
The Dinobots were done wrong, but they were still badass.
In an improvement over the last two films, the Autobots were all given clear personalities and received a ton of screen time.
In an improvement over the last two films, the Autobots were all given clear personalities and received a ton of screen time.
The action was as crazy as ever.
The action was as crazy as ever.


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