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Starscream's Legacy

Updated on February 15, 2011

Starscream is among the most famous of the Transformers Characters. He had one undeviating goal: destroy the Decepticon leader Megatron,and take command. This ambition made Transformers that bit more interesting. He has since be reintroduced into different series as a popular second in command to Megatron. I all began inthe original cartoon series of the 80's,but througoutTransformers Armada, Cybertron, Animated and Prime his trait were carried through as a nod to the fans of the G1 series. These traits have made him a fan favourite, but what's his story?

Starscream' brief moment of success

There were some pathetic and just plain funny attempts on Megatron's life by Starscream. In one episode Starscream proclaimed himself the new leader when Megatron lost his voice. Althought most attempts were thwarted by Megatron, he never stopped trying.One popular episode of Season 2 called 'Starscream's Brigade", Starscream is kicked out of the Decepticons by Megatron, only to form his own group with his newly built Combaticons. Later in the episode Starscream battles Megatron and Devastator, utilising the combaticons ability to merge and form a giant robot called Bruticus. Devastator is defeated by Bruticus and Starscream forces Megatron to admit defeat, before momentarily bring defeat by Menasor of the Stunitcons.

Starscream finally gets rid of Megatron

Years later during battle Megatron is almost destroyed fighting Optimus Prime and the Decepticons are force to retreat. On the trip back to Cybertron Starscream disposes of Megatron to lighten the load inorder to get back safely.After a brief scrap between all the Decepticons over who should command, Starscream wins and holds a coronation. During this a mysteriously strong new Deception arrives by the name of Galvatron, built by Unicron and a reincarnation of Megatron. Galvatron exacts his revenge on Starscream, killing him and taking command once again, but as Galvatron.

Down but not out!

So Starscream has been destroyed, but as a massively popular Transformers Character, he makes his return in the 3rd season of the Transformers. The Episodes Starscream's Ghost and Ghost in the Machine he returns and confronts Octane in a Decepticon Crypt. Starscream asks for his help, he then possesses Cyclonus's body and attempts to destroy Galvatron. After his attempt has failed he then moves on to possess Scourge's body and then visits the head of Unicron. Starscream reactivates the giant and asks for him for a new body. Starscream carries out a series of tasks and at Unicron's request, then is granted his wish. Once again Starscream livesm but only to be discovered by Galvatron and killed once again! Starscreams Spark then floats around the Galaxy for hundreds of years before crossing through a time storm to enter the Beast Wars, where he then takes over the body of Waspinator. He once again tries to take command over the Predacons, lead by (the different, Predacon descendant) Megatron, only to fail for one final time.


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    • optimus grimlock profile image

      optimus grimlock 6 years ago

      great article!!! I remember watching an episode of beast wars when they found megatrons orignial body wanting it to come alive! I didnt like beast wars and now there kinda wimpy!