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Transformers: The Last Knight (2017) - Everything Good About the Movie is Hannibal

Updated on October 27, 2017
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Transformers: The Last Knight - "Rethink your heroes". This movie hurts my brain.
Transformers: The Last Knight - "Rethink your heroes". This movie hurts my brain.

Anyone else wanting Shia LaBeouf to return to the Transformers franchise?

Here’s to wishing I did a quick Google search for Transformers: The Last Knight (fifth instalment) before making the decision to purchase it on TalkTalkTV (plus, anyone miss the days when TalkTalkTV was called Blinkbox?). The description for Transformers 5 on TalkTalkTV movies had The Telegraph quote, “the best Transformers movie yet”, and on that note alone it was a go - and now, I’m stuck staring at Transformers 5 (the failed one) on my (heck, I don’t care) Blinkbox library.

Growing up, Transformers was my most watched movie on Sky Movies, and even the two sequels, Revenge of the Fallen and The Dark Side of the Moon were still good movies. Shia LaBeouf was the lead actor in Transformers (the trilogy), and this was great because he was just your average skinny teenager whose used car happened to be an Autobot, named Bumblebee (a robotic ‘transformer’ alien) from a broken planet, Cybertron.

The Autobot’s are the good alien ‘transformer’ guys. Shia LaBeouf was being stalked by the Autobot’s because he owned a pair of glasses that were owned by his grandfather after he went crazy after seeing the Deception (bad ‘transformer’ guys) leader, Megatron - frozen in Antarctica. Megatron was taken to an ultra-secret US government facility where he was kept frozen until the end of time. Only, the Decepticons have arrived on earth and they are looking for their master, Decepticon leader Megatron. The co-ordinates to Megatron’s location have been imprinted on LaBeouf’s great-grandfathers glasses, that he currently has in his bedroom drawer.

Cut the story short, the Autobot’s get ahold of the glasses only to have them stolen away from the Decepticons. Megatron is later released from his frozen prison, and the Decepticons are eager to destroy earth, and as we find over the course of the following two Transformers sequels, the Decepticons want to make earth their new home. Basically, Cybertron is going to be merged with earths natural resources to make Cybertron strong again.

Shia LaBeouf started the Transformers franchise on a high because his relationship with Bumblebee (the yellow transformers Autobot soldier) was true, and that made it easy to imagine the Autobots and the Decepticons being real on screen, helped of course by the expensive CGI technology that was used to bring the transformers to life on the big-screen. Without Shia LaBeouf things have started to fall apart.

Transformers… Dwayne Johnson?

The fourth instalment for Transformers: Age of Extinction was showing cracks, as Shia LaBeouf was pushed out of the door, and replaced by Mark Wahlberg. The studio wanted to start a whole new Transformers trilogy, and Shia LaBeouf had received all of the screen time that they wanted from the rising star Hollywood actor. Yeah, Mark Wahlberg is an actor that everybody loves, and every action, action/comedy, and action/drama these days seems to star the actor so it only makes sense that the star studded actor would be chosen as the lead replacement. Wahlberg’s performance in Age of Extinction was unprecedented, as it is difficult to imagine anyone else playing the actor hanging around the green-screen for the entire movie (then again, this would probably look more like green-screen walls). Then again, was Dwayne Johnson not available for contract at the time of the casting for Transformers 4? If this was the case, then maybe there would be better finished results from a Dwayne Johnson lead in the new trilogy for the Transformers franchise.

Michael Bay, what in the living nightmare was “The Last Knight”?

The Last Knight (Transformers 5) was the sequel to Mark Wahlberg’s Age of Extinction, and they remove every relatable character to the series so far from the movie. This was a bad decision, but who in the living hell found Wahlberg’s daughter relatable, which calls to question the problems with Age of Extinction.

Wahlberg is even feeling somewhat lost in “The Last Knight”, as his great ambitions to be an inventor seems to have fallen to a holt. Now, Wahlberg is in full action get-go gear, and he is using alien weaponry, and everything feels that bit less badass. Yeah, there are explosions, and the gun looks melodramatic, but there is no creditable human-fighting-evil-transformers in this movie.

Michael Bay is a brilliant action director, and knows how to work with CGI technologies in movie-makings relatively well in comparison to less-seasoned movie directors, but even he seems to have gotten lost in the story board for Transformers 5. Anyone seen The Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge, as the mistakes seem ever so similar to one another’s productions. The stories were overdone, even to the point where audiences want to walk away from the armchair for half-an-hour to do something less of a chore to just come back to see how the movie ends. This is a sign of bad movie-making, which calls to question the types of film critics that The Telegraph has been hiring over the years. These of the critics that just want to seem cool because they agree with what the kids are saying, as this was a bad movie - even worse, a bad - major production - big-budget, Universal Studios movies.

OK, the characters in this movie will leave an audience member tearing their hair out before the movie has even hit its half-way point, and this is still a sign that there is a bad movie in the process of being consumed by yet another victim of grossly-represented major movie productions in Hollywood. Mark Wahlberg plays Mark Wahlberg, there is a British predominance setting, and so they have thrown into the mix a talented British veteran in the acting business, Anthony Hopkins (you know, he played Hannibal in The Silence of the Lambs), a smart talking British model - making her best efforts to act in a Mark Wahlberg movie. The list is cut somewhat short as every other actor/actress in the movie really need not be named for disappointing performances. No, the problem isn’t with the mismatched casting. No, the problem isn't the redone scripting. No, the problem isn’t Michael Bay’s obsession with using dumb-fun movie-making formulas. No, the problem is ANTHONY HOPKINS (OK, now we’ve gone too far, everyone watch the movie - it stars Hannibal-the-cannibal-Lecter).

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