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Transgender Artistry Hits Screens with Tasteful Timing

Updated on March 4, 2021
Ariyah Elrith profile image

Ariyah Elrith labels herself as a mother, writer and seeker. In that order. She has been writing most of her life.

After hundreds of years of conformity, equality and freedom of choice finally seem to be a topic which has risen to the forefront of our culture. Laverne Cox became the first transgender woman to receive an Emmy nomination, Caitlyn Jenner at last gave in to her true self by openly identifying as a woman and even the refusal of marriage certificates for gay couples by Kentucky clerk Kim Davis resulted in a backlash of lawful proportion.

In light of this there is no denying that it is the perfect time to release a film that not only will touch hearts, but will also touch on the subjects that are so close to home for many of us.

The poster art copyright is believed to belong to the distributor of the film, Focus Features, the publisher of the film or the graphic artist.
The poster art copyright is believed to belong to the distributor of the film, Focus Features, the publisher of the film or the graphic artist. | Source

Controversy has surrounded the film industry for an incredibly long time. Gay actors and actresses have often found it difficult to openly express themselves and even the roles that they are offered were limited depending on their sexual orientation for the most part.

However, as we have moved further into the technological age where expressing oneself is merely a tap of the keyboard away and reactions to life events are judged by the masses, we have also moved further into an age of individuality and expression of self.

Eddie Redmayne has defiantly taken on a role that defines the start of this new era. The role of Lili Elbe, the first ever recipient of male to female sex reassignment surgery. The film’s title comes from the novelized account of Lili Elbe’s life as written by the American-born author David Ebershoff.

Not only has Eddie Redmayne wowed audiences throughout his film career with his roles as Marius in Les Misérables, Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything, among others, but he is set to do it all over again. By embracing yet another role which is shrouded in emotion and turmoil Redmayne is sure to have us on the edge of our seats as we both cheer in encouragement and cry in angst for the belle of the ball and his incredibly supportive wife whose journey is just as tumultuous as Miss Elbe’s.

Set to release in the US on November 27th 2015 and on New Year’s Day in the UK, your resolution should be not to miss it!

The Danish Girl

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