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Travel Channel - Samantha Brown

Updated on January 30, 2012

I usually don’t enjoy anything outside of football, basketball or money-related TV shows, but this show that I am about to talk about is definitely the exception. For one thing, travel opens my mind to different possibilities.

But, really I may also just have a crush on the TV host Samantha Brown who has a very perky personality and is very attractive. So when I say Travel Channel – Samantha Brown I am talking about all the shows that she has hosted whether it is Girl Meets Hawaii, Great Vacation Homes, the Emmy Awardwinning Great Hotels, the European Adventure Passport to Europe, the very relaxing Passport to Great Weekends, and my favorite Passport to Latin America (maybe because it features many bikini takes of Samantha Brown).

Speaking of beaches, look at these videos to get a sense of what the show is like. Here and here.

It really does open your eyes to what is out there and allow you to see the world in the comfort of your own home. Travel opens your mind and I really don’t have the wherewithal right now to pursue it so watching shows like this on the Travel Channel is a great way to exercise an open mind for me. I also had a lot of other favorite shows in this channel such as Europe’s Richest People. I mainly enjoy shows like that for the grandiose nature and a way to escape from daily responsibilities. Additionally, there is a lot of new information spewed that I just love to know because I have so much curiosity for these types of things.

At the end of the day, you can’t help but envy the host’s job and the fun she is having with a show so fantastic. The show has Samantha Brown feeding pandas in China to eating gumbo in a revived New Orleans.


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