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Treyc Cohen uk X Factor bootcamps 2009 now 2010 Xfactor audition Wild card tracy song Updates

Updated on September 29, 2012

Treyc Cohen X Factor 2010 Wildcard

Could Treyc Cohen be the lucky wild card to return to the X Factor 2010 on this weeks show which see the start of the live finals.

12 X Factor contestants excluding Treyc Cohen have so far been put through to the live finals in the following Categories

  • MalesAiden Grimshaw, Nicolo Festa, Matt Cardale
  • Females Cher Lloyd, Katie Waissel and Rebecca Ferguson
  • Groups FYD, 1 Direction, Belle Amie
  • Over 28s Mary Byrne, Storm Lee, john Adeleye

There has been rumours that there will be a twist in the first live show and with alot of talented people being rejected it will be no surprise that some contestants will return.

Treyc Cohen should most definitely be one of the contestants who should return and in my opinion should of made it too the Live X Factor finals in 2009.

Treyc Cohen auditioned in 2009 for X Factor and made it through Bootcamp to audition at Simon Cowells house. Treyc Cohen performed her audition in front of Simon Cowell and Sinitta singing He fills me up and i thought Treyc was awesome then with really strong vocals and was one of my favorites to go further in the competition.Simon Cowell commented after Treyc Cohen's audition at the time "that was really good" which is a compliment in its self from the ever hard to please judge.But when it came to the crunch Simon said to treyc Cohen that she was "missing that star belief".

Unfortunately for Treyc she didnt make it any further on that occasion but she came back to X Factor 2010 this year to audition and got through to Bootcamp and rightly so.

This time Treyc Cohen found herself at the house of celebrity judge Cheryl Cole and performed her audition in front of Cheryl and Black eyed peas star

You can see the video below of Treyc Cohen's performance and I'm sure you will agree that was more than worthy of a final 12 slot.

My fingers are crossed that common sense will prevail and that TreyC Cohen will be Cheryl,s Wild card.

Treyc Cohen Pics

Treyc Cohen X Factor 2010
Treyc Cohen X Factor 2010
Treyc Cohen X Factor 2010
Treyc Cohen X Factor 2010
Treyc Cohen X Factor 2010
Treyc Cohen X Factor 2010
Treyc Cohen X Factor 2010
Treyc Cohen X Factor 2010
Treyc Cohen X Factor 2010
Treyc Cohen X Factor 2010
Treyc Cohen looks great in this outfit for X Factor 2010 live show 2
Treyc Cohen looks great in this outfit for X Factor 2010 live show 2

TreyC and the X Factor

My Opinion

Is it or is it not a singing competition? Well the X Factor is there to find talented singers like Treyc Cohen and turn them into stars.But are treyc's singing skills alone enough to get her through the competition well so far obviously not.

Why in fact if Treyc Cohen had been turned down the year before why then was she allowed to audition again!!! well Treyc was allowed to audition because she is a very good singer and far better than other finalists of this and previous years on X Factor.

There is the argument that Treyc Cohen doesn't have the X factor well she can sing she can perform she looks fabulous what more can the young lady do.

Once again it is very evident the whole show revolves around what acts the show will be able to profit the most from instead of picking serious artists. If Treyc Cohen is given her wildcard entry then she will perform and be judged by the general public this will then decide her place in the final was afterall deserved.

My Hope is that Treyc Cohen gets her chance and i for one will be giving her my vote!!!

Latest Treyc Cohen X Factor Updates

10th October X factor 2010 Treyc Cohen breezes through to next weeks live show

Treyc Cohen was the first contestant announced through to next weeks live X Factor show tonight. Treyc Cohen screamed with joy as her name was called first by show host Dermot O leary.Although Treyc was called first dosn't mean she received the most public votes but the fact she has gone through will please her and Judge Cheryl Cole who was originally under fire for over looking the singer at judges houses.

9th October 2010 Treyc Cohen makes wildcard appearance and blows competition away

Cheryl Cole's wildcard entry Treyc Cohen was brought back for tonight's X Factor live show and didn't disappoint with an outstanding vocal performance that stole the evening and impressed all the judges even Simon Cowell. Treyc proved to Cheryl Cole that her place was deserved on the performance tonight it would of been scandalous for treyc not to have been on the live shows.One sure fact is that this performance will win over the public and i dont see any problem in Treyc Cohen making it through to next weeks live show.

What was also very interesting before Treyc Cohen's live performance she commented on video before hand that the two other contestants Cher Lloyd and Katie Waissel whom which she had spent time with at Cheryl Cole's house gave Treyc a less than welcome reception.Credit to Simon Cowell and the producers for allowing this video and Treyc's comments to aired and maybe this was a of either showing the bitter rivalry or just to further boost those X Factor ratings!!!

8th October 2010 Treyc Cohen X Factor update

Expect to see Treyc Cohen return tonight on X Factor 2010 live show as a wild card. Treyc along with 3 other wild card contestants have been rehearsing for tonight's live show.Treyc Cohen and the others have had their faces covered to try and keep there identity a secret till tonight's show is shown!!

6th Oct 2010

Latest Trayc Cohen updates

The plot thickens on the Treyc Cohen wild card saga as it seems more and more likely that Treyc could well be Cheryl Cole’s wild card this weekend.

Cheryl was spotted this week filming in Tamworth interestingly the home town of Treyc Cohen.

I have also been following Treyc on Twitterand a follower of Treyc on her Twitter page wrote “‘Spill the beans Treyc, we know Cheryl was in town today x x’.

I should imagine that all this speculation has the X Factor 2010 bosses rubbing their hands in anticipation at this weekends viewing ratings.

Another story that has come to light and also adds further strength to Treyc Cohen being on the X Factor live shows is the News that rival Contestant and one time favorite to win the show Gamu Nhenguwho along with Treyc was rejected by Cheryl Cole.

Originally from Zimbabwe Gamu Nhengu’s Family have been refused permission to stay in the United Kingdom. 18 year old Gemu’s Mother who has been for the last 8 years living in Scotland was refused permission to stay after the expiry in August of her visa.

A statement from the UK Border Agency said: "The applications made by Ms Ngazanaand her family were considered in line with the published immigration rules.

"Ms Ngazana's application was refused as it did not meet all of the conditions for approval.

"Her family, who had applied as her dependants, was therefore also refused."

This news obviously puts doubt over the 18 year olds place in the live finals and could therefore be welcome news for Treyc Cohen!!!

Other X Factor News

Chloe Mafia X Factor Audition caused a stir after accusations about her being a prostitute hit the headlines




X Factor live show week 2 Treyc Cohen sings Purple Rain

Week two on the X factor 2010 and Treyc Cohen was 2nd to perform and what a performance it was once again as she belted out the Prince song Purple rain.It was fantastic and a spine tingling performance.Treyc can sing she looks the part and you can now see her confidence bursting through with every performance. The only thing that can get in her way it would seem would be a bad song choice but i dont really think that Treyc would have trouble with any song!!! Check out the video below of week 2 live X Factor performance Vote up Treyc Cohen!!!!

X Factor live show 2 Treyc Cohen sings Purple Rain

X factor live show week one Treyc Cohen

Trey Cohen stole the show with her rendition of the U2 song One and impressed the judges and justified her place in the live shows.Her voice is fantastic and this song showed just what treyc can do and the arrangement of the song was great also we will be seeing her in next weeks live show no problem!!! Check out the video below for Treyc's Performance

X Factor live show 1 Treyc Cohen sings her version of U2's One

Trec Cohen latest pictures

Treyc Cohen strikes a pose
Treyc Cohen strikes a pose
Treyc Cohen singing U2 song one on Saturdays 1st live X factor 2010 show
Treyc Cohen singing U2 song one on Saturdays 1st live X factor 2010 show

Treyc Cohen on X Factor 2009

Treyc Cohen 2010 X Factor Bootcamp

Treyc Cohen A Time to heard single 2009

Treyc on GMTV 2009 discusses her future Plans


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