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Tribute to Angela Gossow-Former Vocalist of the Band Arch Enemy

Updated on January 24, 2018
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Angela Gossow of Cologne, Germany


Angela Gossow proved that she was one of the elite vocalists in her time with the band Arch Enemy

Angela Gossow is one of those vocalists in the music business that will leave many fans in awe because of her ability to growl so effectively and do a death metal voice just like a man! The first album that she was a member of was the album Wages of Sin released in 2002. Yes, 2002 is 16 years ago but enough time has passed that this writer feels that a proper tribute should be given to Angela Gossow for her talent, hard work, and dedication to one of the greatest bands in Sweden. We will also review the album Wages of Sin. Angela Gossow was a member of the bands Asmodina and Mistress before she joined Arch Enemy. She is from Germany and along with Sabina Classen of Holy Moses, she is Germany’s best female vocalist but she does death metal vocals and is one of the best in the genre. I did not know what to think after she replaced Johan Liiva but she proves that she is worthy to be in this band. Looking back, she was a more than effective replacement for Mr. Liiva. It is still impressive when you hear growling like this and realize that this is a woman doing this!

Track listing for Wages of Sin

  1. Enemy Within
  2. Burning Angel
  3. Heart of Darkness
  4. Ravenous
  5. Savage Messiah
  6. Dead Bury Their Dead
  7. Web of Lies
  8. The First Deadly Sin
  9. Behind the Smile
  10. Snow Bound
  11. Shadows and Dust
  12. Lament of a Mortal Soul

Angela Gossow expressing her love of heavy metal


A brief review of the album Wages of Sin

Wages of Sin obviously continues with Michael Amott and Christopher Amott playing the guitars. Joining them for this album is drummer Daniel Erlandsson and bassist Sharlee D' Angelo of the thrash metal band Witchery. One of the biggest highlights and the best songs in the album is Ravenous. The harmony parts played by brothers Michael and Christopher Amott are so brilliant that there are no words left to describe them. The song is about a blood sucking creature, probably a vampire that is out to get human blood. The solo near the end of the song is excellent as well! Savage Messiah sounds like a slower song by the British grindcore band Carcass along with an older Arch Enemy influenced song. The melody then kicks in. I also see some Metallica style guitar playing later in the song. Does anyone remember Phantom Lord? I’m sure you do and kudos to James Hetfield and company for influencing so many bands. The next song Dead Bury Their Dead is about someone that is ready to leave their past anguishes behind and live a brand new life. I may be ready to do the same. It is still early in 2017 so it is not too late for us to turn over a leaf and get a fresh start in our lives. The song has a guitar part that is similar to the early days of the band Death. Web of Lies is about exactly as the song title implies. Living a life of lies and deceit is a path that will lead us crashing down into the lowest depths of our being. Lying and deceiving is going to lead people and world leaders into lots of trouble eventually. If people cannot trust you, then you will not be successful. There’s a reason why they say that cheaters never win. In the end, GOD judges all of us. We must lead a path of honesty and good morals. The First Deadly Sin turns to a fast song first and the guitar picking reminds me of a more modern version of the song Reaction written by Annihilator guitarist Jeff Waters. Behind the Smile is a song about a person that feels that as time slips by, they see their life just slipping away as they feel nothing. When the emotion of love dies down in a person’s life, we know what replaces that. The solo by Christopher is pretty melodic as well. Snow Bound is a short, soft instrumental song that really shows the immense talent of Arch Enemy. Michael Amott was one of my favorite guitar players when I was growing up even though heavy metal did not become a part of my life until 1993. Shadows and Dust sounds somewhat like one of the songs by the band The Police. I’m sure most of us remember the famous song Every Breath You Take. Wages of Sin is one of the best melodic death metal albums out there and should be given a chance.

Angela Gossow showing passion


Why did Angela Gossow leave Arch Enemy as their vocalist?

In 2014, Gossow announced that she would be stepping down as Arch Enemy’s vocalist. Her then new job would be acting as the band’s manger behind the scenes. She gave her reasons for leaving Arch Enemy as the vocalist. Gossow revealed that she no longer had the same passion and joy to be doing the job and constantly being on the road and traveling. She would rather leave the position rather than stay there and pretend to like it. She has been active in the music business since 1991. Angela Gossow is one of my favorite death metal vocalists along with Tokiko Shimamoto of the band Shadow.

The song Ravenous (Angela Gossow really does good vocal growls here!)

Angela Gossow VS Johan Liiva

Which one of these two former Arch Enemy vocalists do you think was the better one?

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The song Enemy Within (good piano part in here)

Rate Arch Enemy's Wags of Sin

Cast your vote for Arch Enemy Wages of Sin

The song Burning Angel (LIVE in Tokyo in 2008)

A map of Cologne Germany, the birthplace of Angela Gossow


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