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Tribute to my Teacher

Updated on May 21, 2012

I am writing this hub in reverence to my Teacher whom I have left behind somewhere in the journey of life. I did my schooling from Seventh day Adventist High School, I was an average student in School, but I can strongly say here i was very energetic, loving and naughty. All my teachers use to love me.

The reason which made me write this hub is that I could not thank her as I was too young to understand her contribution in my life. And know when I have realised that; I am unable to trace her, as she is no longer living at that place where she was living and also not teaching in the same school. But because I want to share my heart and value of teacher with everyone in our Life, I thought of sharing it on Hub Forum .

According to me Teaching is the most pious profession in the world.And teacher is the preacher who preaches his disciples the “Art of Living, Teacher is like burning Candle who burns itself to light others. Teacher is the confidence of Parents”. Parents trusts the teacher’s for their Children future. The respect, honour, and pride available in the profession is beyond words. The proud which one can feel being a teacher can’t be expressed in words and when the students achieve success and dedicate their achievements to their teachers, the feeling is ultimate and can't be expressed in words.

On other hand ,where Teachers were treated as Guru (Enlightened Person) in past, the advancement has adversely effected teacher-student relationship as teachers are not given that much respect, love and care due to modernisation, which is the reason behind scarcity of Teachers in society. I would like to say this to everyone that , they devote their whole life for their profession. SO considering this we all should love them and respect them and should always bow our head in their Reverence.

Today, when I don’t have her too guide me I miss her and thank her for her contribution towards my life. She has guided me through the hard days of my life. And have nurtured me to be a perfect fit for the Society. She has thus moulded me in the shape which is best desired by the Society with her care, knowledge and love. As she is my future maker. Whatever I have today and wherever, I am today all is indebted to her. I really thank Mrs. David for her immense contribution to my life.

Teacher is a creator and generator of education so we all should respect our Teachers. Teachers should be voted up in every country and everywhere.


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