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The Game

Updated on March 9, 2013

Otherwise Known as Triple H

I'm making this page about Triple H because he's one of my favorite professional wrestlers. He stands about 6' 4" tall and weighs almost 300 pounds. He's best known for carrying a Sledgehammer around, and having Motorhead do his entrance music. He's married to Stephanie McMahon. He now is basically in charge of the WWE. I think that's really weird. You would think that Vince would like his own son Shane to run it. Anyways, some people are saying that he's not equipped to be in charge, but I don't care, I get to look at him every week.

I used to watch him before he shortened his name to just Triple H. He was Hunter Hearst Helmsley back then. Wasn't always as big as he is now either.

He recently showed up on the cover of Muscle and Fitness looking amazing for a man of 40.

Which Nickname Is The Best?

I like The Game the best. It seems to fit him better than King Of Kings does. I'm glad he only used that briefly.

Which Nickname Do You Like Best?

Triple H Picture

Triple H On YouTube

Whether you're a fan or not, let me know you came by.

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