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Triple H as Champion is Best for Business

Updated on March 16, 2016

Reigns Destined to Fail

So last year Reigns wins the Royal Rumble and is booed out of the stadium. Not even The Rock could get him over. When The Rock can't get you over then you have a major problem. Reigns went on to have an awesome year. All his matches were fun to watch and entertaining. So why is everyone booing Reigns? This is the Reality Era in wrestling. Everyone reads the internet and think they know everything. Reigns is not anti authority because he is hand chosen by the boss to be the next big thing. So in some respects he is the authority. It may not be fair to Reigns, but he is not going to turn down a good thing to provide for his family.

Enter The Game

Triple H is called the cerebral assassin. He is a sick and twisted person who will do anything to keep the WWE Championship around his waist. He looks like an absolute ass kicker. The weapon of choice is a sledge hammer. Time to play the game blares over the speaker system while the lights go down and the green lights come on. His entrance is one of the most bad ass in wrestling only being rivaled by the Undertaker. The crowd loves Triple H as a wrestler. No matter how many times you boo him when he is talking in a suit and tie as soon as he puts those wrestling trunks on the crowd goes wild. He is the ultimate anti hero. Even at 46 years old he still can out wrestle most of the superstars on the current roster. He puts on a clinic every time he is in the ring and demands respect from his opponent. He loves the wrestling business and is a scholar of it. Triple H looks like the WWE Champion. He acts like a champion. He plays the villain to absolute perfection. People just don't like the good guy any more like they used too. Stone Cold changed all that. Triple H helped move it forward. We don't want smiling champions that make dumb scripted jokes that insult our intelligence. We want violent ass kickers who spit water out of their mouths and bring sledge hammers to the ring. We like the bad guys. That is why Triple H needs to stay champion after Wrestlemania.

Seth Rollins and Summer Slam

So how long should Triple H be WWE Champion? Summer Slam. Plain and simple he should drop the title at Summer Slam. The month before if Rollins is healed have number one contenders match with all three Shield members. Seth Rollins comes out on top and goes to Summer Slam to face Triple H. This is a natural feud. Everything with Roman Reigns seems like it is forced. Seth Rollins will be cheered by the fans with him being a true baby face. After he defeats Triple H in an amazing Summer Slam main event he can feud with damn near anybody. A heel Ziggler vs Seth Rollins feud sounds amazing. Another person I would love to see if Kevin Owens. The list is endless for Seth Rollins where Roman Reigns would be limited.

Talent Elevation

Triple H has the ability to put over talent even if they lose. He could easily pick up an NXT star like Corbin or maybe a current roster superstar as an enforcer. With so much young talent coming up it would be beneficial for superstars to work with a legend. Even AJ Styles could be elevated with a feud with Triple H. With so many possibilities the story lines would be refreshing. You could go to Summer Slam with a new feud every month for the WWE Champion.

Here Comes the Money

Sources are saying that Shane McMahon is scheduled to win at Wrestlemania with the help of some kind of interference. My guess is Sting setting up his final match with Undertaker at Summer Slam. This makes for another natural rivalry. Shane McMahon as the leader of Raw and Triple H as the WWE Champion. This goes again with elevating the talent. Shane said he wanted to give guys opportunities who don't get it. He could throw damn near anybody from the back at Triple H. Shane O Mac could grab someone from NXT like Samoa Joe. He could even get in the ring himself for a showdown with The Game. This sounds a whole lot better then the rumored Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman. Does anybody really care to see that feud?

Options for Roman Reigns

So with Triple H staying champion and Reigns losing where does Roman Reigns go after Wrestlemania. Heel turn. Plain and simple. He needs to remove the riot gear and show off his Samoan tattoo and be a nasty, violent, and silent heel. He could even have Rollins come back and be his mouthpiece before Roman Reigns turns on him. Roman can get over with the crowd, but he will have to be seen like Triple H or Stone Cold as the ant-hero. The man that is not being pushed any more. The man that Vince gave up on. Feel the sympathy yet? Triple H stays WWE Champion at Wrestlemania. It is whats best for business.


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