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Aliens as Humans

Updated on April 22, 2014

Under the Skin


Under the Skin Film

In this new film, Scarlett Johansson portrays an alien that needs to find a human body to do its work. Her work in the movie is finding human men for a certain experiment that her alien race is doing. It never seems to be completely clear what the experiment is about. It is left to be a bit vague.

In the movie her character arrives in Scotland. The idea is that she pick up different men to get them to go with her. She needs to be able to use her social skills and charm. She speaks in a Scottish accent. One assumes that is so that she does not alarm the men. She does pretty well with it getting different men to get in the car. It is not overly difficult for her.

It probably scares people a bit about the idea that she is an alien, come from another planet, and just going about and picking up men. The worst about happens to them that could happen. Later she decides that she may really be human after all. It is difficult for her to process all of the info. She begins going into the Scottish countryside. She is supposed to stay in the city to hunt the men out.

I won't give all the plot away. The reviews are not saying it. People may want to see it for themselves. I want to read the book by the same name. The movie was made to be different from the book. The movie is getting mixed reviews. It is supposed to be quite a feat but not perfect.


She has bought herself a white dress in LA.
She has bought herself a white dress in LA. | Source


The first Species movie begins with the alien character being imprisoned in a lab. She is a young blonde girl. She is being experimented on. The experiment seems to have going wrong for them. The lab people had intended to mix an alien's DNA with a humans. The girl looks human but she is not. She is supposed to be half human and half alien.

The Earth contacted the planet from SETI, the search for extraterrestrial life. The aliens sent the Earth a DNA sample to use. It is not completely clear about the reasons for that if they know it. They are afraid the experiment is not going as planned and they do plan to do away with the girl. Feeling that she is in danger, the girl escapes from the lab. She is very frightened and runs away. She does the best she can in an alien world to her.

The scientists decide she will be dangerous outside and that they will have to eliminate her. They still do not alert the American public to alarm them. In the meantime, the girl is growing older. It is a speeded up sort of growing up that she is doing. Soon she is an adult and loose in Los Angeles. She sometimes switches between her human life form and a new alien one.

Several people that are experts are sent to track her down. She wants to mate right away in order for her to be able to have a baby and continue on the species. The scientists and the trackers do not want to let her do that. She is to be stopped at all costs. In the end she seems to have been shot but is still living on according to the last shot.

This is regarded as a B movie. It has had sequels titled Species II and Species III. In the later movies other versions of the same character try to help the scientists or have different things happen to them.

Mars Attacks!

The Mars alien in human disguise
The Mars alien in human disguise | Source

Mars Attacks!

The Earth is hoping for a peaceful encounter with Mars but that is not what it gets. It is similar to the radio show that had Mars invading. At first, the representatives from Mars pretend to be going along with it, but then another side is shown and they begin to attack. The Martians have great fun doing so.

The aliens then begin to construct a human lifeform disguise. Their ultimate aim is to fool the White House into thinking it is a human woman. They pick out a woman from Playboy magazine and fashion a disguise. She will also have gum to chew. The gum will have nitrogen in it that they need to survive. Their disguise works long enough for them to do some damage in the White House and go in to see the president. Later the attack is curbed.

Alien Movies

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The Invasion of the Body Snatchers


Movies and TV with More Alien Visitors


A space alien visits planet Earth to learn more about the planet. He has a human body that he uses while there. It is an interesting movie. No one really believes that he is an alien and instead he is put in an insane asylum. There are scientists that come and test him. He does well on the tests. Still, he is left to stay in the asylum and they do not really believe him.

The Day the Earth Stood Still

There have been two movies with the same title. Keanu Reeves played the lead in the latest version. He is an alien from another planet that has a mission to see if Earth is worth saving or not. It is a little scary.

Strange Invaders

This film had several aliens coming to Earth and getting human bodies. They were supposed to fit in on Earth. It was a funny movie but serious also. There is a fight at the end and the alien that is a woman there helps the humans to stay on Earth.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

This is the all time scary alien movie. There have been two versions of this. The older version is perhaps the most scary. The aliens simply take over human bodies. There are plants that they leave on Earth to grow. They intend to take over the planet that way.

The writer of "The Body Snatchers" was inspired by seeing the people in Marin County, California as they went about their daily business.

What Planet are You From?

The alien in this movie is part of a plan to take over the Earth. He is supposed to find a human woman to mate with and have a baby. It is a little silly. He is eventually convinced to not go along with the plan.

American Dad

American Dad is an American animated cartoon show. It is a funny show where an alien comes to live with a member of the US State Department. He is not supposed to show himself as being an alien. He has had several disguises where he endeavors to look like a human. He plays males and females alike.

He was told he had a mission to blow up the Earth. But he was lied to and really a note was there saying he was just a dummy they left on the spacecraft.


Superman was from another planet. His planet was destroyed. He came to Earth but the people on his planet looked like humans. He decided to fight for good on this planet.

NASA Along the Western Veil


Alien Invasions

As we can see in the first film, the alien has only been sent to take humans as samples to experiment on. That is what many people think the UFOs have been doing here. Many people have reported different alien experiments taking place on the spaceship.

The Earth has never before been actually invaded by aliens in known history. The US has a plan in place in case of alien contact or a direct invasion. First, they would attempt to make a peaceful contact.

Top 10 Alien Invasion Movies


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