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Troubled souls

Updated on January 10, 2013


I am currently trying to figure out what is up with this friend. They are either messed up and want to die or they are hiding behind a facade and not very happy. I try to cheer em up but they keep getting annoyed then asking why when I do not answer they simply bug me. what is up with that. I am sad that this person is either a celeb i may know or obsessed with them. hmm. Messed up. Then I told them something weird I had been going through 10 years ago which really added to the mess.Hmm. It all ties together somehow. It makes me wonder how messed up celebs could be being in the spotlight. Hmm. Honestly they get sad and depressed themselves but I guessed right if this is true. Celebs are people too not just perfect people. They have problems.


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