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Troye Sivan's Performance Touched My Youth

Updated on July 28, 2017
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Kenna has worked in the entertainment business for over 20 years, helping to promote special events with celebrities and fundraisers.

Billy Graham Civic Auditorium
Billy Graham Civic Auditorium

My daughter is a huge fan of South African-born Australian singer, songwriter, actor, and YouTube personality Troye Sivan. When his US tour, The Suburban Tour, tickets went on sale with San Francisco the kick off city, she had to go. So, we bought two tickets.

San Francisco is the perfect place for Troye to kick off his tour because he is openly gay and supports many LGBT organizations throughout the world.

My daughter is not gay, but relates to Sivan’s message from his song Youth

“What if, what if we start to drive?

What if, what if we close our eyes?

What if we're speeding through red lights into paradise?

Cause we've no time for getting old

Mortal body; timeless souls

Cross your fingers, here we go…”

Waiting in the Rain

CBS 99.7 Now
CBS 99.7 Now

Two Hour Drive to San Francisco

I insisted that I go to the concert with my daughter because she is only 16, and this is her first concert. When I was her age, I remember concerts being insecure and kind of shaky, so I didn’t want her to go without me. So, we bought our tickets right way. They were only $34.00 each, general seating, not bad.

I must admit I didn’t know Troye Sivan but knew my daughter worshiped his songs because they spoke directly to her as a young adult. I did listen to his hit song Youth and thought it was okay, but I my appreciation grew when I saw him live from the mosh pit – more about that later.

We had roughly a 2-hour drive to San Francisco on a Sunday afternoon. The concert started at 7:30 with doors opening at 6:30 at the Billy Graham Civic Auditorium in the heart of San Francisco. Even though it had been raining all day, my daughter wanted to get in line as soon as possible because she wanted to be one of the first people in the auditorium to get as close as possible to Troye on stage.

The Grove on Filmore
The Grove on Filmore

The Grove Looked So Inviting

We arrived in San Francisco around 4:00. Luckily, we were able to park on the street and the rain stopped. We went right to the line, and my daughter felt we were in a good spot that would place us right in front of the stage.

Being a mom, I went and got food for us to eat. I told my daughter, she can stay in line while I go sit in a nice warm restaurant and eat. I will bring her dinner to her shortly. She was all smiles and fine with me going off and leaving her.

I went back to the car because I spied a nice restaurant near where we parked. The Grove looked so inviting. I am so glad I walked into this restaurant because the service friendly and food was delicious. It was also healthy. I ordered their Berkeley Row salad and Veggie Lasagna with two containers, so I could take food to my daughter. I figured we would split the meal. I eat inside, and she eats in line. I ordered a glass of their house red, which went down smooth and warmed my palate for a great meal. While ordering, I did spy some awesome cookies but kept to the just the meal – more about those cookies later

Troye's Personal Video Blog Before His Performance

CBS 99.7 Now
CBS 99.7 Now

Troye Texted Fans

I finished my meal, bagged the other half of the meal for my daughter with the help of The Grove staff, and headed back to the line. The line was much longer now, and my daughter smiled and was so very happy to see her warm meal.

While she ate, she told me Troye texted the fans to wear glitter and bring their Pride Flags, a 6-rainbow colored flag representing unity, pride, shared values, and allegiance to one another for the LGBT. Neither of us had glitter or a Pride Flag.

Then, my daughter found out on Instagram that one of her friends from school came to the concert, too, with other friends from school. I asked her to find out where they are in line, so we can hook up. We did, and my daughter was so happy to be with her friends. I was happy, too.

While the clouds began to sprinkle rain, I kept warm because I wore layers of clothes. I got to know her friends. They were great people, so nice. All of them loved Troye and were so excited about seeing him live and in concert. When the line started moving to let the audience in the auditorium, we screamed with excitement.

Last Years Interview with Troye After Performing

Opening Acts

We ran to get to our places, about 7 – 10 feet from the stage. One of my daughter’s friends said, “It gets scary in the mosh pit, but just relax and go with the flow. You won’t get hurt.”

I looked wide-eyed at my daughter, and she smiled, “It will be okay mom.”

After standing for about an hour or so, two potent female singers, Frankie and Astrid S, opened the show. Each performed as solo acts with their own style and intensity. When they were on stage, I never thought about waiting for the main attraction, Troye. They were good and unique in their own way.

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Troye on Stage

But, once Troye came on stage it was a whole new creation with the ringing white noise in my ears as the audience screamed for Troye. I was literally mesmerized by the sheer intensity of his performance and the response from all these teenagers. I tried to resist the lure but to avail. I started dancing and swaying in the mosh pit. His lyrics lifted me to a whole new level of awareness of being young in a troubled world with a future looking bleak. His words gave hope and possibilities, and he spoke to not only them but to me. I got it and understood why my daughter stood in the cold, sometimes drizzling rain for over two and half hours to see this 21-year-old performer.

Troye singing "Take Me Down"
Troye singing "Take Me Down"

Speaks to the Youth

Troye’s songs speak to the youth because he is literate and young. He understands what they are going through, such as the peer pressure of fitting in. Dare they be themselves? But, Troye sings from Ease:

“I'm down to my skin and bone

And my mommy, she can't put down the phone

And stop asking how I'm doing all alone, alone

But the truth is the stars are falling, ma

And the wolves are out c-calling, ma

And my home has never felt this far”

Mosh Pit During "The Quiet"

New Rendition of "The Quiet"

He performed new songs and never before renditions of an old song. Like, he sang The Quiet live for the first time anywhere.

“I don't mind that I know that you're wrong

I don't mind that you think you're right

All I want is a fight to fight

Anything but quiet

Just tell me

Say anything

Anything hurts less than the quiet”

Happy Little Pill

But, Troye also performed the album version of Happy Little Pill live, which blew my mind with the lights shining out and over the audience with special effects happening behind Troye. I discovered that he’s only performed the acoustic version of this song before, so this truly was a moment to remember. I lifted higher to the younger generation, a whole new perspective of what it is to be young today. I am grateful for Troye taking me to that special place.

I did spy some older folks in the audience, only a few. I wonder what brought them here, too.

CBS 99.7 Now
CBS 99.7 Now

Merch Table

After an hour and fifteen minutes Troye did one curtain call and lights came up. My daughter grabbed my attention, “We got to get to the Merch table!”

“Merch table?”

“Merchandise” and we proceeded to stand in line for another 30 minutes to get a Troye Sivan t-shirt. Still in the moment of Troye ecstasy, I happily dished out twenty-five dollars to match her ten for a 35-dollar shirt donning a photo of Troye looking mighty fine.

Cookies and Lemonade for the Ride Home

We thanked her friends for a great time “It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.”

We headed back to the car, stopping off at The Grove to pick up the two cookies I spied earlier and two Lavender Lemonades to wash down our worn-out throats from screaming and shouting so much.

My daughter smiled and talked about the concert during the drive home. I was exhausted but happy, too.

The next day, my body was sore. It ached in places it hadn’t ached in years. Which is rare for me because I work out all the time. My daughter? She was still smiling all the way to carpool. “I am still energized, mom. That concert changed my life.”

My daughter and I are closer now, but the concert changed my life, too, because I got in touch with a great performer and today’s youth.


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