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True Blood Recap: S04E07: Cold Grey Light of Dawn

Updated on August 8, 2011
Dawn is a beautiful time of day, unless of course, you're a vampire.
Dawn is a beautiful time of day, unless of course, you're a vampire. | Source

Dawn is a time of transition. The time when night gives way to day gradually. While day bows to night with a riot of color, night gives way gracefully to the approaching sun. As with any other transitional period, change is guaranteed at dawn. Some creatures wake. Some sleep. It is a beautiful time full of possibility.

If you are a vampire, it is a herald of sudden death.

HBO: Jess on Rebirth and the Power of Nature

Relationships, Old and New

Debbie and Alcide

Last we saw Debbie and Alcide, they were heading to the pack meeting to become full-fledged members. Now we see their initiation, a rite involving blood and a promise. “We welcome you to our land and call on you to defend it with us,” their packmaster intones. Defend it from what? Perhaps that will come into play later? The partying commences, but Alcide cannot enjoy himself because he is worrying about Sookie out alone in the woods. Of course, he doesn’t know that she isn’t alone. Debbie asks him to join the party, but soon she changes her mind and they go looking for Sookie, only to find her with Eric, making love in the forest. I guess Alcide now has the ultimate sign that she is over whatever was between them.

But that is not all. Later we see Alcide and Debbie attempting to have sex. But Debbie, wracked with thoughts that Alcide loves Sookie, cannot really get into it. He denies it, but she starts to cry, so he tells her he worries about Sookie but nothing more. He is all about Debbie apparently. Forever. Don’t make promises you can’t keep, Alcide!

Andy and Holly

Andy comes to take Holly out on a date. Or not out, but in, as they are simply having lunch during her shift at Merlotte's. Arlene warns her that marrying into the Bellefleur family is not going to get her money. Silly Arlene. Poor Andy has been without V for too long, and he is beginning to go through the agony that is detoxing. That does not make for a good date. Agitated, Andy takes back his roses and leaves. I wonder if Holly will give him another chance...

Sam and Tommy

After Tommy's post shifting collapse in Sam's apartment, Sam rushes him to the hospital. There is nothing wrong with Tommy except for his normally high temperature, so he is released. Little does Sam know, but he will soon find out. Sam calls Luna, oblivious. She tells him off for the other night and hangs up, but once Sam visits Luna at work, they both figure out what happened.

Cut to Sam confronting Tommy. He accuses Tommy of attempting to steal his life as he attempts to choke the life out of his brother. Even for the violent Sam to which we have been introduced, this seems like an overreaction, even given what Tommy has done. Given Tommy's depression over killing his parents and the sudden ability to "change skins," Tommy could not be considered to be in a healthy state of mind when he did everything as Sam (although I adore his promotion of Jessica to waitress).

Tara and Naomi

Last time we saw Tara, she was about to fight for her life against Pam. Now we see the fight unfold. Pam has Tara on the ground; Naomi is on top of Pam, trying to get her off of her girlfriend. It makes sense she would fight back; they were both cage fighters after all. Unfortunately for Pam and fortunately for Tara, a crowd of people start to document the attack.

Once safe, Tara decides to be self-sacrificing as usual and distances herself from her girlfriend to save her from Pam’s vendetta. I’m not too upset. I still can’t remember her name most of the time… but Tara obviously loves her, because she starts to bawl outside of Merlotte’s. Tara is just destined for heartbreak... and trouble.

Tara and Antonia

Because trouble finds her when Antonia, in Marnie's body, finds Tara. She makes her anti-vampire argument. “It’s written all over you. It’s in your face. It’s in your rage. It’s in mine too,” Antonia tells her, convincing her of their shared pain at the hands of vampires. Tara is skeptical until she touches Antonia. Touching her allows Tara to see the visions that we have seen. Now Tara is in. She starts recruiting for a witches’ circle.

Lafayette and Magic

Lafayette is understandably angry at Jesus’ abuelo for forcing Lafayette to heal him. But that is not the take home message here. Lafayette is a medium! Sounds like a useful skill that Marnie has somehow tapped into as well. “Tienes la magíca,” abuelo tells him. Of course he has magic. No one is normal in Bon Temps. Of course, this means nothing good for Lafayette. “You are the answer," Jesus tells him.

But first we have more problems. It seems that channeling Tio Luca may have unlocked something in Lafayette. While playing peekaboo with Arlene's baby, Mikey, Lafayette turns to see a woman who starts to sing in French to the baby. Mikey can see her too. Not at all freaky.

Jason and Hoyt

Jason is trying to workout to forget the images of his dream of Jess, but it isn’t working. Hoyt stops by to check on him. Jason is worried that Hoyt knows something is going between him and Jess, even though there isn’t, but Hoyt is just checking on his mental status. Once he realizes Hoyt is concerned about his rape at the hands of werepanthers rather than his lusting after Hoyt's own girlfriend, Jason noticeably relaxes. This prompts Hoyt to open up about his own problems; he is still worried about losing Jess, and Jason is just trying to make sure he is not the one to come between them. Somehow I doubt he will be successful.

Father and daughter bonding over the shared threat of imminent demise.
Father and daughter bonding over the shared threat of imminent demise.

Bill and Jessica

Antonia, exerting her control over Luis, gets the vampire sheriff to kill Bill's witchy spy and then sends him with a message of death to the king. After a struggle, Luis plunges the stake Bill holds into his own heart so as not to answer Bill’s questions concerning Antonia’s whereabouts. Worried, Bill summons Jess, and they have another heart-to-heart. He clues Jess into the history we have already seen. Why is Bill telling her all of this? Antonia wants all vampires to burn, and she will most likely start in Bon Temps, so they are all in danger. His plan? They will bind themselves with silver to "brace for the resurrection.” On a side note: I really like Bill’s bedding. Very dramatic.

Sookie and Eric

How did Eric and Sookie get back to the house naked? How did no one see them? They make up for lost time in any position they can think of, in multiple rooms in the house. Once the frenzy has calmed, Eric turns poetic. “Sookie, do you want me to remember again?” he asks. The question startles her in a way, as she cannot reconcile the image of Eric now with what he once was. In the end, she wants him to regain his memories, but she can only hope that once he has, she will maintain the feelings she currently has for him.

Bill comes to visit Sookie. I imagine he can smell Eric on her, and he can definitely see the chaos their love making has made of the house. Poor Bill. However brokenhearted, he comes to offer Eric and Sookie his solution for the witches' curse.

Pam and Herself

After trying to kill Tara and Naomi, Pam calls Dr Ludwig to try and find a cure for her condition. But Dr. Ludwig does not have a cure. What she can offer is a way to make her look like she did; she cannot stop the internal decomposition. Even the solution is not much of one. Pam has to take six shots, four times a day for the rest of her life, which, unless Antonia gets to her, is forever. At least she will be back to looking fabulous in no time!

The Silver Moon

Last week, we saw how the new moon created change in the lives of our characters. This week, we watch as vampires chain themselves with silver. The connection? Silver has often been associated with the moon, because of their shared color and association with water. Ironic, then, that the very metal associated with the only source of light at night causes vampires pain and zaps them of strength. Silver is said to hurt evil creatures like werewolves because it is pure while the creations are not. This seems irrelevant in a world where vampires have varied moral guidelines just as humans do. Perhaps it has more to do with the old idea that vampires have no reflections. After all, silver makes the mirror surface. Or it could have to do with the old adage that "silver is the mirror to the soul." If vampires have no souls, silver would have nothing to reflect. Source: Skyscript

Whatever the reason, we know that silver does hurt the vampires in Charlaine Harris' world. This fact is essential to Bill's plan: he believes that binding themselves in silver will keep them from answering the call of the witches' curse.

Ginger holds on to Pam's coffin for dear life.
Ginger holds on to Pam's coffin for dear life.

Funniest Moment

The moment the curse took hold and the vampires started to struggle against their silver bonds, every second was filled with tension. That was, of course, until we caught sight of Pam, struggling so hard in her coffin that it began to jump and shake like a mechanical bull. Cue Ginger jumping on top to try and keep it still. Pure comedy!

Once the plan is laid out, Bill’s house is put on lockdown, and vampires everywhere get ready for the chains. Bill holds onto Jessica as she is chained, sobbing and screaming all the while. Ginger gets the job of injecting Pam. Lucky her. And then she covers her in a silver link blanket, closing the cover of her pink Barbie dream coffin and effectively muffling her screams. Eric gets chains on the neck from Sookie. I cringed just watching them scream in pain. Sookie stays with Eric at his request. That’s really sweet.

The vampires lie awake, waiting for the curse to come, blood seeping from their ears as they cannot sleep. Cue another father-daughter bonding moment! I love that Jessica has embraced her new life. She talks about Hoyt and how much he loves her. You can see on Bill’s face that he thinks of Sookie. “If you have fallen out of love with him, it doesn’t mean you lost your humanity,” he assures her, convinced that vampires can love. No matter how much I champion Eric for Sookie, I do love Bill. He is a good man at heart.

Bill refuses to fight violence with violence and continue the cycle that has brought them here. Jessica, angered at her situation, has better ideas, stating, “I am going to eat that… witch starting with her face.” I LOVE JESS.

Meanwhile, the wtiches’s circle convenes. Marnie/Antonia makes an entrance. “Our brave and loyal friend Marnie has summoned me from across the centuries,” she explains to the stunned crowd of wannabes. Didn’t Antonia reach out first? Isn't Marnie just a tool to reap her revenge? Antonia explains that humans are more powerful than vampires because “human spirits are immortal.” Then how can vampires be made in the first place? What happens to their original human spirit? I smell propaganda. Despite her experiences at the hands of vampires, I find no reason to trust Antonia. She has her own agenda, and I do not think she will care if her followers get harmed on the way to her goal.

Antonia starts to levitate as the circle finally casts its spell. Jason goes to check on Sookie, ad the wind begins to blow. He is concerned at the blood all over Sookie. ”It’s a liitle complicated," she explains, "Eric’s under silver and I got a little bit of him on me.” The spell starts to take effect, and Jason, realizing what is going on, leaves Sookie to run to Jessica's aid.

Because Bill took pity on Jess, she is able to break out of her chains. She calls for the guard, Bucky, and lures him close enough to kill him and get the keys. Bills tries to command her to unchain him as well, but the curse is stronger than a maker's compulsion. She stumbles and crawls through the house with the silver still on her ankles, eager to get outside to burn. Jason reaches the house, but runs into a guard who stops him. Jess opens the door… why, hello, cliffhanger!

Jessica, driven by the curse, opens the door to step into the sun. Can Jason get to her in time?
Jessica, driven by the curse, opens the door to step into the sun. Can Jason get to her in time?


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      i LUV PAM!!!!!!! I feel so bad for her :( it hurts to see her look like an alian lol and her screaming is hard to watch an hear.. however her coffin looks AMAZING LOL!!! :-)

    • BWD316 profile image

      Brian Dooling 

      7 years ago from Connecticut

      I agree she's become such an interesting/important character with so much potential when it comes to plot, they can't get rid of her!

    • Megan Kathleen profile imageAUTHOR

      Megan Kathleen 

      7 years ago from Los Gatos, CA

      Yes, best cliffhanger indeed. Except that I honestly cannot see them killing off Jess. She is way too fabulous to be killed off. As always, thanks for the comment!

    • BWD316 profile image

      Brian Dooling 

      7 years ago from Connecticut

      another great review! I found this week's episode had the best cliffhanger so far this season!


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