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True Blood Recap: S04E04: I'm Alive and on Fire

Updated on July 18, 2011
Eric and Bill have always fought over Sookie, but now it seems the balance has shifted...
Eric and Bill have always fought over Sookie, but now it seems the balance has shifted...

Eric Gets Drunk and Horny

Drunk Eric is funny. And dangerous. Immediately after draining Claudette, he tries to take more blood from Sookie. He snaps out of it when Sookie yells that he will kill her. Eric claims he will never harm her, but I am not sure his assertion will stand up long to the lure of her blood. She lives at least for one more day as drunk Eric pinches Sookie's butt and runs away at vamp speed.

We know that Sookie's blood allowed Bill to stay in the sun, and now Eric is missing with the sun up after draining an entire faerie. Given this information, we know he can survive for some time, but no one can predict how long the effect will last. Ever proactive, Sookie calls Alcide to help track him. It is helpful to have a friend with a nose that can track an errant vampire and looks good doing it (see video to the right for an example).

"So Eric can day walk some with the fairie blood, but it makes him drunk as a skunk. He's hammered, and who knows how long before he starts to fry... Alcide, I know you don't like him, but if he dies, Pam will kill me." So Sookie explains the situation to Alcide as they track Eric's scent to a lake in the middle of nowhere. There they find Eric, still "drunk as a skunk," happily treading water and inviting Sookie to join him. He threatens Alcide and it looks like they may fight, but first Eric starts to burn. Sookie quickly bundles him in a blanket to keep him safe and sends him home.

This brings us to my favorite scene of the night (as those who saw the episode could likely guess). With Alcide waiting above, Sookie tries to comfort an Eric who is mournfully regretting the loss of the sun, and the image of its light in Sookie's hair. Sookie calls Eric "a happy vampire," but that is not the vampire that is in front of her. The happy Eric was and Eric with his memories. This Eric is somehow more real for not knowing who he is. The two Erics do have something in common: an attraction to Sookie that extends beyond her fairies blood. Ever the player, Eric offers the following: "If you kiss me, I promise to be happy." The line seems to be working (it would work on me!), but he stops short of kissing her when he senses a visitor at the door: Bill.

On a side note: Eric owns a plantation in Barbados. Really? I would love an episode where he takes Sookie to the apartment in Paris, though. These small details of Eric's life beyond Shreveport are titillating, leaving me wanting more information on the very private vampire's life. Given the progression of his relationship with Sookie, we might get more information, though slowly.

Songs in the Episode

Jason Never Gets a Break

We encounter Jason as we have for the past few episodes: tied to a bed, feverish from the were-bites. Now he has the added duty of impregnating not just Crystal but also all of the women of age in Hot Shot. Jason begs the next girl in line, a young virgin, to let him go by giving her an impassioned speech about how to make love for the first time. After forlornly declaring that he thought he would die in that bed, she decides to help him escape.

Or course, Jason can only get so much of a head start. Felton finds out he has escaped and chases after him, ready to finally kill him. Jason tries to throw off the pursuing panthers by confusing the scent trail, but eventually they their way to him. Luckily, Jason is able to kill Felton before he is actually discovered. Crystal follows close behind, excited that Felton is dead and she can now be leader of Hot Shot with Jason at her side. Jason, however, is not amenable to that idea. "We ain't nothing but disaster," he tells her before running as far as his injured body can take him.

Jason manages to make it to the edge of the highway before he passes out, and this is where Jess and Hoyt find him. The way in which her image fades in and out of Jason's vision as she feeds him her blood to heal him may be simply an indication of his wavering consciousness, but it could also signal a growing fixation on Jessica, which I would completely understand, given how amazingly beautiful Deborah Ann Woll is. We should be guaranteed that Jason has some dreams about Jess at least, which could prove troublesome given that she is practically married to his best friend.

Bill as King

Bill has a lot on his plate. He has to supervise executions. He has to be the shining example of vampire-ness. And now he has to find a missing sheriff who he had sent after a band of "harmless" wiccans. Nan Flannigan, public face of the AVL, chastises Bill for sending Eric after witches. She thinks it was a mistake. Bill thinks that they would turn into full blown necromancers and come after vampires. Small discrepancy really. Essentially Nan wants Bill to toe the line in the Authority's name. From this encounter, it seems like Bill may enjoy being king, since being king means he must report to those who enabled him to rise to that position.

Properly chastised, Bill confronts Pam at Fangtasia, attempting to track down her maker. He does not believe her when she says she does not know Eric's whereabouts, which is a valid reaction given that she does know he is with Sookie. She does not change her story, however, and he turns to leave, but not before she accuses him of loving the power that comes with his crown. A well-acted scene that should be reviewed, the video is embedded for your pleasure to the right.

Bill continues to have a rough night, as he goes with Portia to meet her grandmother, Caroline Bellefleur. He is as charming as ever, easily gaining the matriarch's good opinion, that is until a look at the family Bible reveals that Portia is actually Bill's great-great-great-great-granddaughter. That puts an end to that relationship.

Unfortunately, Bill comes across more opposition when he attempts to search Sookie's home for the missing Eric. She refuses him entry, claiming that Eric was not in fact below her house as they spoke. "What reason to you have not to trust me?" she implores. "When have I ever lied to you? Ever?" Bill opens the door but stops as he realizes what she has said, which is, as we know, the ultimate lie. Since when has Eric's safety meant more to her than her relationship with Bill, even after his betrayal? Maybe since she has developed feelings for a very different kind of vampire. Bill does not know she has deceived him now, but surely this information will come out eventually.

Miscellaneous Plot Points

- The spirit possessing Marnie shows her how she died at the stake. What I can only assume are different spirit guides have the power to make books fall from shelves, revealing the countercurse to Eric's predicament. Marnie may just be at the mercy of a greater power, but she annoys me.

- Tommy has not kept in touch with his real mother, Melinda, but he goes to visit her now. Apparently Melinda left Joe Lee, but it did not stick, as Tommy finds out when Joe Lee comes up behind him and starts to choke him with a large chain.

- Sam shows up to surprise Luna, and he discovers she has a kid, Emma. Sam is really good with kids. Luna's ex is a werewolf, which will most likely give Sam some problems.

- Alcide tells Debbie that he went to help Sookie after a little prompting from her. Debbie seems okay with it, dedicated as she is to an open and truthful relationship. Debbie seems to have changed, but am I the only one who thinks she will cause Sookie major trouble in the near future?

WTF Moment of the Night

First Place: Walking Corpse

When Pam interrupts Marnie's attempt to break the curse on Eric, things go wrong. Marnie begins to speak with a possessed voice, cursing Pam to be seen as she truly is: a walking corpse. Cue Pam's skin beginning to rot and fall off of her face. Pam runs away screaming. I don't blame her; I would find that disturbing too. Props to the special effects people who made it look like Pam was putting her fingers through her flesh and tearing it off.

Honorable Mention: "baby not yours"

It's no redrum, but when this phrase is written in red on the wall, presumably by the baby sitting with marker in hand that is literally not yours... it's weird. And creepy. What exactly is little Mikey?

Instant Reaction

This episode flew by. Maybe it was the glass of merlot I was enjoying, but it did not seem like there was enough here. There were quite a few delicious Eric moments (aren't they all delicious though?) and great progression of the Jason storyline (boy, but I'm tired of Crystal's ravings), but other than that? I'm not sure.

That being said, the acting is what really sells this episode for me. I am a fan of Bill, but I much prefer this mysterious King Bill to Boyfriend Bill. He seems more conflicted, and Stephen Moyer's ability to act powerful while maintaining a hint of vulnerability where Sookie is concerned (something to do with Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer's marriage perhaps?) is brilliant. And as I said at length in my last recap, the amazing Alexander Skarsgard shows his range yet again with yet another side of the Viking vampire: a drunk and wistful one who as always, desires Sookie.

Next Week on True Blood

Eric drinks Sookie's blood? That image just about erased everything else that was shown from my memory. Except that Pam's skin ailment seems to be at least semi-permanent, Tommy is still in loads of trouble, and Tara wants to book it to New Orleans given the increasing danger of associating with wiccans. Oh, and Jesus thinks he might have a solution.

A touch of Jess and Lafayette

I do say that I would prefer an episode completely filled with Eric and Sookie, but sometimes I do miss other characters, like Jess and the amazingly fabulous Lafayette. So take a moment with me to see the world from their perspective.

Jessica's Take On Things

"I can’t get Hoyt’s words outta my mind. Calling my blood shit.

When I think about my blood, I think about its healing nature. Its way of connecting me to the man that I love. At least that’s how it used to be. But lately, it’s like the little rope tied to him at one end, and me at the other? It’s fraying or unraveling. All the fibers are coming apart and now we’re just a mess of string that used to be something strong.

When I think about things that are shit, I think of my daddy’s beatings. I think of what I did to Hoyt, with that guy at Fantgasia. I think of whoever or whatever beat Jason near to his death.

But my blood? My blood ain’t shit. Hoyt Fortenberry, you could not have been more wrong. My blood just saved someone’s life. Maybe it’s my fault that the rope is coming apart, but it ain’t my blood’s fault.

There are things that are shit, and then there are things that are not shit."

via Jessica's Blog

Because waiting even a week is difficult: Lafayette


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    • Megan Kathleen profile imageAUTHOR

      Megan Kathleen 

      7 years ago from Los Gatos, CA

      BWD316 - I love the #waitingsucks campaign. I had to struggle with which video to include because they are all quite funny (Pam's was a definite possibility). Depending on Jessica's insights, I may include other quotes from her blog. We'll see. Always great hearing from you!

      Andayi - Having read the books, I was unsure how the show would work around Eric's maker dying, as he becomes important later on in the series (and given that Godric is not Eric's maker in the books... more complications), so I am always excited to see Godric make an appearance. Can't wait for tonight's episode. Thanks for the comment!

    • Andayi F Bownz profile image

      Andayi F Bownz 

      7 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      Cool I like this Especially now that things are getting tricky for Both Eric and Sookie with Godric making a comeback.

    • BWD316 profile image

      Brian Dooling 

      7 years ago from Connecticut

      another great recap! I liked that you included Jessica's Blog and the video from Lafayette. The multi media promotion of this show is amazing, especially the #waitingsucks campaign that keeps the audience engaged inbetween seasons


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