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True Blood Recap: S04E05: Me and the Devil

Updated on July 24, 2011

And I am back to bring you a recap of the latest True Blood episode, "Me and the Devil" aka "I Hate You, I Love You." I am including the second title, as that is the one that was listed on my channel guide information. Why the difference? I'm not sure.

Either way, this week I am trying something a little different by breaking down the events of the episode by theme rather than character arc. So here we go...

Speaking of and with the Dead

Rene Lanier's Influence

Given the scary message left on their wall last episode, Arlene and Terry decide to seek outside help in getting rid of the ghost of Arlene's lover and Mikey's biological father, Rene. Terry turns to religion as a solution. Reverend Daniels and Lettie Mae (Tara's mother, now Mrs. Daniels) come to exorcise the demon in Mikey. At Arlene's insistence that the ghost is the problem, Lettie Mae ensures her that their methods work for ghosts too. They sing to bring good energy to the room, chant at the writing on the wall, and smoke out the evil with sage (apparently evil hides in corners, the things you learn from this show...). Arlene and Terry are able to have sex that night with their child in the room (am I the only one who finds that disturbing?) without disturbance, which makes them believe their problem is solved. The matchbox on the mantle that bursts with flame might suggest otherwise.

A Grandmother's Love and Advice

Sookie tries to talk to Holly about her wicca group and is able to read Holly's mind to discover the name of Marnie's shop. Sookie, sticking her nose into trouble as always, visits Moon Goddess and poses as a customer seeking a reading. Marnie appears flustered (a side effect of facing Pam the night before?) and initially tries to turn her away, but Sookie convinces her to do the reading. When Sookie attempts to read Marnie's mind, she hears many voices competing for dominance. One wins out; Marnie sees an older woman with a yellow apron who has a message for Sookie. Through Marnie, Sookie's gran tells her to look after her brother and warns her not to give her heart away to Eric as his situation is temporary. Reading Marnie's mind once more, Sookie hears her gran directly as she delivers this message: "I know you're listening. Sweetheart. This women poses great danger!"

A Witch's Vendetta

Bill uses his witch spy Katie to kidnap Marnie and imprison her so she can be questioned. While in captivity, Marnie is treated to another vision from the spirit who cast the spells on Eric and Pam. This time we are shown the accused witch imprisoned with many others. They are chanting in a circle ineffectually. A group of Catholic priests enter the cell and choose a woman from the group, who they then proceed to drink from. No wonder the spirit does not like vampires; she was burned at the stake at the word of vampiric priests!

Remember the situation in Spain that Bill was trying to avoid by seeking out the witches in the first place? At a meeting between King Bill and the remaining four area sheriffs, we learn more of the tragedy. Apparently, as she was being burned at the stake, a witch named Antonia cast a necromancy spell the roused vampires within 20 miles from sleep and brought them out into the daylight to burn with her. Many vampire priests and nuns died that day. Sound familiar?

Eric's Dream

Troubling Dreams


When we were treated to a preview in which Eric bites Sookie while Godric watches, what we were not told was that Eric was having a dream. Or a nightmare, as he categorizes it. Though he cannot remember his past, he still dreams of his departed maker, Godric, but this version of Godric is far from the vampire we met in season two. This Godric tells Eric that he should listen to his nature and drain Sookie as vampires cannot love. When Eric wakes from the dream, he goes to Sookie's bedroom and cries with his head resting in her lap, promising, "I will never hurt anyone as beautiful as you."

Jess seduces Jason in the foreground while Hoyt looks on.
Jess seduces Jason in the foreground while Hoyt looks on.


Jason realizes that sex may be at the root of his problems, stating "As much as I love it, every bad thing that has ever happened to me is because of sex: jealous boyfriends, becoming a drug addict... and now this." He proposes that god may be punishing him for sleeping with too many people. Hoyt agrees, saying he too believes that god could be punishing him by straining his relationship with Jessica. They may both be right.

As predicted, Jason has a dream about Jessica. What could not be predicted was the way in which Hoyt featured in it as well. Jason questions dream Jessica to make sure that it is just a dream (he will not have sex with his best friend's girlfriend in real life, but he has no objections about doing so in a dream) before allowing her to continue. But she begins to talk about Hoyt and what he likes as she does. And then Hoyt himself shows up to comment on everything, finally appearing in Jessica's place as she calls Hoyt's name.

Is Hoyt's presence due to Jason's conscience or to the fact that Jessica was exclusively feeding on Hoyt's blood prior to giving Jason her own? Perhaps we may never know, but we can certainly expect some consequences from this dream.

"Wait, hold on, is this a dream? Okay then." Jason will not sleep with his best friend's girl, but he is okay about dreaming about her. But even his vampire blood-fueled dreams are messed up. She keeps talking about Hoyt, and then Hoyt shows up to watch. Jess starts moaning Hoyt's name and then turns into Hoyt. Is this because Jessica has had Hoyt's blood? Or is it Jason's conscience?

Quip of the Night

"Oh, good, the world needs more beekeepers." -Bill to Pam at first sight of the veil she is using to hide her rotting face.

Most Romantic Moment

Arlene: "Terry Bellefleur, sometimes I look at you, I feel like everything can actually turn out right, you know? Like I can relax, and stop expecting life to keep kicking me in the teeth like it always has."

Terry: "Baby, I look at you I know everything already has turned out alright. All the crap I went through before meeting you was worth it."

Matters of Family

The Bellefleurs

Portia visits Bill at home and immediately kisses him. Given the recent revelation that they are distantly related, Bill instantly pulls away. She turns on her lawyer persona to convince him that they can have a relationship despite being related. Bill isn't having it, and he glamors her into fearing him and running away from him. In the end, Portia is right. She and Bill are only distantly related, and the reasons society condemns such an act revolve mainly around the higher rate of birth defects resulting from such a union, an non-issue when it comes to vampires who cannot have progeny in that manner. Nonetheless, this relationship is now over for good.

The Menkenses

Tommy's run-in with his parents takes a turn when he attacks Joe Lee in defense. Melinda tries to stop Tommy from killing her husband, so Tommy hits her as well, killing her in the process. With both parents dead at his hands, Tommy runs to his brother Sam. With a close call when Andy pulls them over, Sam and Tommy go about disposing the bodies in the river. Tommy talks about how he is going to hell as he colorfully paraphrases the ten commandments. Sam tries to convince Tommy he did the right thing because it was self defense, revealing that he has killed as well. The brothers bond over homicide and Sam tosses marshmallows into the water to attract gators to dispose of the bodies for them.

The Valasquezes

Jesus and Lafayette journey to Mexico to consult Jesus' grandfather, a male witch or brujo. Jesus has not seen him since his grandfather gave him a goat as a present and then made him kill it so he could take the spirit into himself. The experience may have traumatized the young boy, but Jesus remembers the feeling of power that followed. He knows that power can protect them. When they arrive in Mexico, it is to find that they were expected.

A Pack of Wolves

Alcide opens his door to find Marcus Bozeman, packmaster in Shreveport. Alcide has not registered with the pack as he wants to be a free agent, and Marcus in not happy. Another reason Marcus may have to be upset? From the preview, it looks like he is Luna's ex, and when he finds out about Sam spending time with his family, he is not very accepting.

The Stackhouse Extended Family

Tara finally tells Sookie about Naomi after her New Orleans discovers Tara's true name. She anticipates Naomi will break up with her after finding out she has been lied to. Sookie tells Tara to fight for her if she loves her. "You gotta be honest wit the people you love," Sookie claims as she looks to the door to Eric's hidey-hole. After all, she hasn't told Tara that she is protecting the vampire who tried to kill her. Their discussion continues, but as the sky darkens, Sookie attempts to get Tara to leave. Eric comes out of hiding and Tara freaks our. Tara screams out the many wrongs Eric has committed before running out the door, setting up a wonderful conversation for Sookie and Eric in her wake.

Foregoing her grandmother's advice, Sookie kisses Eric after begging him to stay.
Foregoing her grandmother's advice, Sookie kisses Eric after begging him to stay.

Now That's An Ending

After Tara's outburst, Sookie and Eric have a heart to heart. Eric wonders why Sookie would help him if he had caused her so many problems in the past. "I always knew there was decency in you," she responds, "even when you were a smug, sarcastic ass."

But Sookie's explanation does not console the vampire. "There's a light in you. It's beautiful. I couldn't bear it if I snuffed it out," he confesses before leaving. Sookie runs outside and begs him not to go. He returns to her open arms, and she gives into her feelings and kisses him of her own free will.

Meanwhile, at the meeting with the other sheriffs, Pam loses her cool as her face continues to deteriorate and her ear comes off. She wants to kill the witch responsible, but at Bill's insistence that she cannot harm Marnie, Pam gets emotional. As she yells her displeasure at the witch's wrongdoings, she lets slip that Eric has lost his memory. Bill closes in and demands she tells him more information about her maker and his whereabouts. Regretfully, she whispers, "Sookie's." Bill vanishes out the door in a flash, leaving us waiting for the inevitable confrontation next week.

Preview of Things to Come (HBO)


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