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True Blood Recap: S04E06: I Wish I Was the Moon

Updated on August 1, 2011
The full moon is out and the residents of Bon Temps are feeling its influence.
The full moon is out and the residents of Bon Temps are feeling its influence.

The full moon has come to Bon Temps, where it reveals the dual nature of not only shifters and weres but also the other residents of Bon Temps. This episode was all about the difference between what people are and what they seem. All of the main players have or are about to become something else: Tommy becomes Sam, Marnie and Lafayette become possessed, Jason might become a were panther, and Eric's change from Viking maverick to obedient subject continues to have major repercussions.

Tommy Disguised

The opening recap alerts me to a connection I should have made last week. Back in episode two, Luna tells the shifters about the skin-walkers, shifters able to take the form of other people. The catch? They only gain this power after killing a member of their own familiy. Now remember what Tommy did last episode? He killed two members of his family. Coincidence? Not on True Blood.

Tommy is still devastated from killing his biological parents. Sam is trying to be supportive, but a fire at Arlene and Terry's house calls him away for the day. Tommy starts hitting himself in anger and suddenly looks into the mirror to find that he looks like his brother, Sam.

As Sam, Tommy can stir up a lot of trouble, and he does. When Sookie comes to “Sam” and asks for the day off to look for her brother, “Sam” tells her off for always bringing her drama to work with her and fires her. She doesn’t think anything is wrong, even when he references “himself” in the third person. Come to think of it, she barely even reacts to being fired other than storming out the door. I imagine that Sam learning that she has been fired may lead to him discovering Tommy's new gift.

Not content with messing up one relationship in Sam's life, Tommy ends up damaging two. Luna comes to visit Sam, but gets Tommy/Sam instead. She has been waiting long enough, as evidenced by the kiss she plants on him as soon as he opens the door. Sam and Luna have sex, but it is not what she expects. Apparently it felt like they were strangers. No kidding. Tommy tells Luna to leave now that she has gotten what she wanted, and the second she does so, upset at his treatment of her, Tommy turns back into himself. It looks like staying in someone else’s skin for too long takes a toll, as Tommy throws up and passes out, only to be found later by Sam, still out on the floor.

Bloody Marnie

Marnie is cutting herself in an attempt to contact the spirits. “Avenge yourself,” she offers, and the spirits hear her. Again, we flash back to images of abusive, blood-sucking priests. Apparently draining and killing witches was not enough torture. They also raped them in prison. The vision continues further, showing the actual moment when the vampires stepped out into the sun to burn. While viewing this, the only thought I had was that Marnie had now heard the spell that controlled the dead. Would she be able to remember and use it? Apparently. The witch of her vision appears in her cell and enters her body through her mouth. It looks like the temporary possession she has undergone has now become permanent.

Father Luis recognizes the signs of possession and goes to Marnie's cell to visit Antonia, the witch who killed his maker. With a few spells, Marnie/Antonia has the vampire on his knees. We can only assume this does not end well for the former priest.

Et tu, Lafayette?

Jesus and Lafayette have breakfast with his grandfather. They need to find a sacrifice, but that sacrifice has to willingly come to them. When they have the appropriate offering, a rattlesnake, they return to Jesus' abuelo to get the information and help that thy need.

Jesus’ grandfather knows that Marnie seeks possession and may have achieved it. Apparently the spirits are always seeking for a way to come to our world. Jesus’ grandfather makes the snake bite Jesus and urges Lafayette to protect and heal him. How exactly? By letting himself be possessed by the spirit of Jesus’ uncle, Luca. We have dipped briefly into the idea that Lafayette has some sort of power before, but it looks like we are going to go even deeper in the future. Abuelo is about to open Lafayette's eyes to his own abilities.

Jessica and Jason share a heart-to-heart as they wait for Jason to change.
Jessica and Jason share a heart-to-heart as they wait for Jason to change.

Jason's Transformation

Sookie goes looking for Jason, hoping he can help her with her vampire problems, and finds him at home, handcuffed to his bed. Sookie forces Jason to tell her what is going on. Even Sookie doesn’t believe his crazy story at first, but his real fear that he will hurt someone when he turns convinces her of his honesty. She offers to stay with him as he waits to see if he will turn into a were panther. Brother and sister have a bonding moment of sorts over the fact that they are both not normal. She promises to take care of him, but Jason is having none of that. When Sookie leaves to get Jason a beer, he runs off.

Jessica is about to serve Tara and her girlfriend (Tommy as Sam also promoted the female vamp to server) when she feels something and runs out the door at vampire speed. Apparently she sensed Jason’s fear. I guess Jason and Jess have something to bond over beyond their shared blood connection. After all, they were both changed against their will into something supernatural.

“Picture someplace beautiful, or something that makes you happy and safe,” she suggests as she coaches him through his panic attack. Jason, being the hound that he is, stares at her chest, and the view calms him down. Jess stays with him so he doesn’t have to be alone the first time he goes furry, but things turn awkward when she accidentally admits that she finds him attractive. They both backpedal, knowing that things could go wrong quickly; "Sometimes words just come out of my face, and I got no idea what they mean,” Jason explains in his typical style before running off.

Note: JESSICA is the best thing about this show! Her genuineness and honesty are so refreshing. Her joy in what she can do combined with the struggle she has with how dangerous she has become makes her a sweet and fascinating character. In a show where every relationship is fraught with drama, the innocence Jess brings to everything is delightful.

In other news, Sookie runs into Alcide and Debbie and they tell her weres can’t be made. Looks like Jason's fear was for nothing. Or was it?

Eric is poised to kill Bill until Sookie reveals that he is Eric's king.
Eric is poised to kill Bill until Sookie reveals that he is Eric's king.
Role reversal: Bill holds a steak to Eric's heart, either to protect others from the necromancy spell or to protect Sookie from Eric.
Role reversal: Bill holds a steak to Eric's heart, either to protect others from the necromancy spell or to protect Sookie from Eric.

A Viking's Plunder

“Who is this vampire to you?” “He’s… he’s your king.” Way to skirt the real issue, Sook. Bill bursts into the house just as Sookie and Eric are starting to get to know each other intimately on the couch. Bill attacks Eric. Eric attacks Bill. Eric has Bill by the throat when he asks his question (how sweet that he asks Sookie before murdering someone who could be important to her!), but the knowledge of Bill's position gets Eric to back down. Sookie, however, never answered the real question. What is Bill to Sookie? And now that Bill knows Sookie lied to him, what is Sookie to Bill?

Bill survives and ends up arresting Eric under the impression that he is a danger to others. Sookie follows him back to his house, arguing for Eric's freedom the whole way. Bill, angry at her betrayal and the fact that she has moved on from him with Eric, sets her in her place: “Believe it or not, my entire existence does not revolve around what or who is between your legs.” Bill's stance has been made clear, and he orders his guards to place Eric in silver bonds and lock him up with Pam in the lower dungeons (when were those installed?).

Pam tries to convince Eric to commit treason and run away with her, getting his life back. But he wants nothing of it. Bill tries to convince Nan that Eric is a weapon made by the witches to be wielded against all vampires. He recommends that the threat be exterminated by issuing a warrant for the true death.

Eric is brought to Bill for slaughter, and he does not put up a fight. Bill does not understand why Eric is not protesting, but the bound vampire explains, “The vampire I used to be is a stranger to me. I have nothing to say in his defense. I will accept my sentence.” He does require some concessions from Bill. Loyal to the end, a trait that Eric with full memories also displayed, the vampire asks that Pam, as near to true death as she is, be released. And the final request:

“Sookie. Tell her I was born the night she found me. And because of her, I went to my true death knowing what it means to love. Tell her thank you... She still cares for you. I saw it last night. After I’m gone, I hope you’ll find your way back to each other… ‘Cuz she deserves happiness with whoever can give it to her.”

Romantic to the end, Eric stays on his knees as Bill lowers his ceremonial stake to deliver the killing blow.

Meanwhile, Sookie continues her search for Jason, only to have Eric come to find her. They reunite with a sweet and sexy kiss. Bill stands on his porch, obviously thinking over the consequences of his decision to let Eric go free as Eric and Sookie make love for the first time on the forest floor. A beautiful, bittersweet ending for the episode this week, with only a few cliffhangers present.

Miscellaneous Happenings

- Arlene and Terry’s house catches on fire from the lit matchbook. The pair awake to a full blaze, and Arlene frantically attempts to find her baby, but Terry pulls her out of the house. Luckily, Mikey is already outside, with the creepy doll Jess gave him. And it looks like he might be able to see dead people.

- Andy uses his vampire blood enhanced strength to move some furniture for Holly. She agrees to go on a date with him at Merlotte’s. Something might finally be going right for Sheriff Bellefleur.

- Debbie joins the pack without telling Alcide. She needed a community to belong to, something outside of her dependence on Alcide to keep her stable. His reluctance may stem from his experiences in Mississippi, but as a good boyfriend, he should be supportive. He ends up following Debbie to the meeting the night of the full moon.

- Tara's girlfriend comes to find her and beat the truth out of her. They patch things up, but Pam finds them both at the end of the night, and she is set on revenge. However much I want to care about what's happening to Tara, I find myself constantly forgetting her girlfriend's name. And given that the preview shows Tara possibly helping Marnie fight the vampires, I am concerned. I know Tara went through a lot of bad stuff with vampires, but she does know her best friend is in love with at least one, right? Why is she being so willfully unlikeable?

Masks can hide who we truly are, but if we wear them long enough, can we become what others perceive?
Masks can hide who we truly are, but if we wear them long enough, can we become what others perceive?

Hidden Selves Come Out to Play

This season is shaping up to reveal more about our beloved characters than ever before. The other side of Eric has highlighted his innate sweetness, something that could only be glimpsed while he actively maneuvered to make Sookie his own. Jason's lack of thought has brought him into more trouble than usual, and he seems more cautious because of it. Even rough Tommy is beginning to show his vulnerable side (though it is still often covered with vindictiveness). Fry cook Lafayette has hidden depths that might have a magical side, and solid, dependable Bill has shown that he too can let jealous rule his actions. The full moon revealed much of this, but the days to follow will most likely unfold such secrets even faster.

See ya next week!


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    • BWD316 profile image

      Brian Dooling 

      7 years ago from Connecticut

      once again a great recap, i didn't even make the connection of the title to character's idenity, very nice! as for Tommy becoming a skinwalker, as soon as he killed his mother, i instantly asked myself 'does this mean he's going to become one' and sure enough he did.

    • Andayi F Bownz profile image

      Andayi F Bownz 

      7 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      Thanks for the Recap


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