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True Blood Recap: S04E08: Spellbound

Updated on August 14, 2011
The War begins. Bill arrives at his peace meeting with back-up.
The War begins. Bill arrives at his peace meeting with back-up.

When last we saw True Blood, a witch's spell was wreaking havoc upon the vampires of Bon Temps. Poor Jessica had wrenched free of her silver chains and crawled to the door, ready to meet the sun.

No matter what happened next, we could only believe that the consequences would lead to war. In "Spellbound," we see the calm before the storm and the storm's beginning, complete with break-ups, connections, betrayals, and fierce loyalty.

Jessica's Premonition

Do you ever get the sense that something big is about to happen to you? Like you might fall in love or fall out of love or you might fall through the cracks of the earth and disappear into it? Lodged in between layers of rock and dirt with feet pounding over your head so many miles away, it just sounds like a million muffled heart beats...? There’s no reason or explanation, it’s just a feeling you can’t shake and you can’t really make any sense of it. It’s kinda like the way I felt right after losing my virginity. Well, technically I’m always losing my virginity, but you know what I mean. The first time. I was walking around and my legs felt different, my arms looked different, older or longer or like they moved in new ways. And there was something in front of me, in my future, that just wasn’t there before. Maybe it’s because my blood is in another man now, or maybe it’s because I’m growing up and this is just another growing pain. Or maybe, just maybe, something really is gonna happen. And then I can say I told you so. I guess we’ll have to find out.

Source: Jessica's Blog, posted after the airing of "Cold Grey Light of Dawn"

Once her afterlife is saved, everything changes for Jessica.
Once her afterlife is saved, everything changes for Jessica.

Jessica's Journey

Jason manages to save Jess just in time. She almost bites him in retaliation, but the spell breaks before she can. Instead, she kisses him, and they start making out on the floor in Bill's entryway. Once the rush of danger has passed, Jason carries her downstairs and places her back in the cell, covering her in silver in case the spell resumes. Bill asks Jason not to report Bucky's death. Jason asks him not to report that he shot a guard in the shoulder to get to Jess. For now, everything seems great.

But when Jess gets home, everything changes. Hoyt was worried. He felt like Jess was leaving him. Is he referring to his talk earlier with Jason, or did he feel something when Jess almost burned? Jessica breaks up with him because she has a hunger for more. Hoyt breaks down. "I don't want something better than you, I want you. If I can't have you, I don't want to be alive. I'll die without you..." he sobs, standing in front of the door to block her exit. Jess smashes his head against the counter and goes outside. Jason, waiting for her in the car, finds the blood on her face hot.

Thank goodness that was all a dream. Apparently Jess is having them too.

Jessica goes home for real this time and tells Hoyt they made a mistake. Hoyt yells, a lot. "You don't deserve me, and I sure as hell don't deserve you!" He pulls out everything he knows will hurt her. Virginity. Kids. Being dead. He takes back his invitation and she is forced from the house. Upset, Jessica shows up at Jason's, telling him what happened. Looks like Jason is loyal enough to his friend to resist the temptation. He uninvites her as well. It looks like Jessica will have to live with Bill once more, unless she chooses to get an apartment by herself in Shreveport.

Weird... and Gross

  • "Bet it's gonna rain tonight," Kevin predicts. "I can always feel it where that panther tore my throat open."
  • Jason has to stop Andy from eating the pile of dead vampire to get his V fix. That is truly disgusting, and there have been a lot of disgusting things on True Blood.
  • Maxine takes a few pictures of the pile of dead vampire. Hoyt's mother is one sick woman.

Werewolves and Shifters Choose a Side

Marcus has a source that told him about the oncoming war between vampires and witches. He demands the pack stay out of the fight, as vampires are dangerous. Debbie claims she did not tell Marcus, but I doubt that. Either way, Debbie feels like she belongs with the pack, so Alcide agrees to feel that way too. Marcus recognizes the alpha in Alcide, which could either give Alcide a way to move up in the pack or to cause trouble. I vote for trouble. Because of the upcoming war, Debbie asks Alcide to promise to stay away from Sookie and her vampire baggage. But he knows something big is brewing between the witches and vamps, so I wonder how long his promise will last (Answer: not even through the end of this episode).

Tommy breaks into Maxine's and steals a bunch of clothes and jewelry so he can pose as her and negotiate to sell her land. The deal is considerably less lucrative than he planned, but he has to take it anyway.

Luna and Sam patch things up now that Tommy is out of Sam's life. Her daughter has something to do with their reconciliation though. Kids have a way of doing that. All is well until Marcus comes to Luna's and finds Sam there.

Lafayette's possession allows us to see why a ghost is following little Mikey.
Lafayette's possession allows us to see why a ghost is following little Mikey.

Spellbound Times Two

#1: Eric and Sookie

Once the night comes, Sookie takes the silver off of Eric, leaving his neck a gigantic bloody gash. He needs to feed to heal properly. She offers herself. Of course she does. He tells her to have silver in her hand just in case, and she picks some up, even though she trusts him to exercise control. He did drain her fairy godmother, and she is part fairy, so some caution is warranted. As erotically as possible, because this is True Blood, he drinks from her and then bites his own palm. "We will be one," he practically snarls before giving her his hand so she could drink his blood. I doubt Sookie is really thinking that through.

Shower scene! Or not. Being a fan of the books, I got my hopes up (if you have read them, you know what I mean). Nonetheless, the following scene is breathtaking in its own way. "It's a miracle... you, your blood. It's amazing," she states as they kiss in the shower, right before it starts to snow indoors. That's right, just like the hallucinations Jason used to share with Amy in season one, Sookie and Eric find themselves in a fantastic world. Here they can have sex in a fur-covered bed out in the snow as long as they want. Sookie never took a V-trip on Bill's blood, but with Eric's age (as increased age increases the potency of the blood), this should not be surprising. In this dreamworld, "all is possible," especially their unconventional love.

#2: Lafayette and Mikey

Terry is adorable. He brings Mikey to Merlotte's and installs a mirror above the stove to watch him while he cooks. This is cute and practical, but he still cannot see the ghost that comes back to sing to his adopted son, however. Lafayette, who walks into kitchen suddenly, can see this ghost, and he immediately turns around and leaves.

But the supernatural will not leave Lafayette alone. It is as if his powers as a medium have been unlocked and he is now projecting to the spirit world that he is open for communication... and possession. The ghost (named Mavis, according to HBO) gives Lafayette a flashback of her life. She has the doll Jessica and Hoyt gave to Mikey, but it is brand new. She was going to give it to her own child, but she returns home to find that the father has killed her baby. He, a married man, could not stand the existence of a mixed race child. At the end of this vision, Mavis possesses Lafayette and goes after what she truly wants: her son. But since he has the doll, she thinks this is Mikey. She breaks into the Bellefleur mansion and steals him from the room where his parents are sleeping.

Sookie lays on the forest floor after being shot.
Sookie lays on the forest floor after being shot.
Antonia weaves another spell on Eric.
Antonia weaves another spell on Eric.

Prelude to War and What Comes Next

A single vampire succumbed to the sun during Marnie's curse. It just so happened to be Maxine Fortenberry's neighbor. Cue an interview team coming to talk to Maxine. Bill crashes the party, intent on spinning the story so it is relayed as he wants it told "Are vampire suicides common?" the interviewer asks. He replies in the affirmation and then glamors the interviewer into accepting a fully prepared statement.

Meanwhile, Tara and Antonia watch Bill's interview. The fact the only one vampire died enrages Antonia. "We must restore the sacred power of creation to this wounded earth. That is our only hope. Snuff them out! Once and for all!" she explains to her willing cohort. Bill calls the shop to speak with Antonia, and Tara answers. They both listen as he tries to apologize and offer a peace treaty. He accepts blame for sending Eric and offers a meeting. He suggests meeting in the cemetery. Won't that put Sookie and Eric in danger as it is closer to their home?

Eric wants to run away and be with Sookie forever, forsaking everything he cannot remember for her love. She refuses to leave Bill to fight alone. So the pair visit Bill before he goes to his meeting, and Sookie offers to fight. Bill objects, but she gets her way.

Marnie and Bill meet in the cemetery as planned. He chose to bring Sookie, Eric, and Pam with him, along with his human bodyguards. Antonia has brought her circle, Tara included. When Sookie reads Antonia's mind to find her casting a spell and shouts out a warning, Eric retaliates by tearing out a witch's throat. Marnie brings down the fog and the fight begins in earnest.

Alcide tries to warn Sookie of what's to come, despite his promise to Debbie. Bill forbids Pam from killing Tara. Eric is busy devouring the witch he killed. Sookie uses her power on a witch about to hurt her, but before she can revel much in her abilities appearing when she needs them, she gets shot. Bill and Eric both respond to her pain, but Bill gets silvered and Eric runs to find her but finds Antonia in his way. Alcide finds her and takes her away; Debbie sees him break his promise to her not a day after he promised it. Eric remains with Antonia, caught under another spell. The end.

This cliffhanger leaves me easier than the last, because I know Sookie cannot die. But I am not happy seeing Eric in Antonia's clutches. As for Alcide, I am glad he was there to save Sookie, but I am not a fan of him when it comes who Sookie should date. As Alexander Skarsgard says of the possibility of Sookie returning to Alcide, "No. I don't think she's interested in dogs." I can only hope that Eric and Bill will escape relatively unscathed in time to save her and keep her from falling in with the werewolf community.


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    • Megan Kathleen profile imageAUTHOR

      Megan Kathleen 

      7 years ago from Los Gatos, CA

      My DVR tends to cut off some of the preview because it has to jump to another channel (Glades on A&E), but I did see something about Bill trying to save Sookie. Bill will ALWAYS try and save Sookie, I'm sure.

      And already done ;)

    • BWD316 profile image

      Brian Dooling 

      7 years ago from Connecticut

      another great review! If you look at the preview for next week it shows Bill trying to save Sookie, not sure if its going to be that easy but like you said we know she can't die. When you get a chance check out my new hub on true blood about their social media campaigns, would love your opinion!


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