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True Blood Recap: S04E09: Let's Get Out of Here

Updated on August 22, 2011

And we are back with yet another week of True Blood. After this, there are only three new more episodes before the #waitingsucks campaign will have to sustain us until next season. So let's dive in, shall we?

Sookie wakes after being shot to find her former love interests hovering over her. Only problem? The one she wants is not there.
Sookie wakes after being shot to find her former love interests hovering over her. Only problem? The one she wants is not there.
More blood-fueled dreams complicated by Sookie's connection to two different vampires.
More blood-fueled dreams complicated by Sookie's connection to two different vampires.

Sookie and Her Men

When we last left Sookie, she was bleeding from a gunshot wound while her vampire saviors were otherwise occupied. Alcide came to the rescue, scooping her up and rushing her home. Bill quickly takes over with his super speed by literally stealing her from Alcide's arms. Back in the house, Bill tries to get Sookie to drink from his freshly bitten wrist, but she barely has a pulse and is incapable of drinking the life-saving fluid on her own.

Nonetheless, Sookie heals on her own and later wakes up to find Alcide and Bill anxiously waiting at her "bedside." Immediately, she asks after Eric. Bill offers to go out and join the search he has already put into place. He was only waiting until he knew Sookie would be okay before he could go out and address the danger of Eric being missing (and he also knows that Sookie requires his presence). Such a wonderful ex-boyfriend! In contrast, Alcide does not like her allegiances and leaves angry.

The complex dynamic between Sookie, her ex Bill, and her new lover Eric, comes out in the vampire blood fueled dreams Sookie has while recovering. It begins as usual: Eric comes to see Sookie during the day, and they begin to kiss. But sharing blood with multiple vampires complicates things and allows Bill to invade her dream as well. They argue. The talk. But Sookie gets her way when she articulates that Bill and Eric can be hers rather than herself becoming on of theirs. She is very persuasive in a way that involves shedding clothing. I love the music in the background of this entire dream sequence. Very retro, very housewife pleasing the man, or men, of the family. A great contrast to the sexy themes being discussed throughout.

Of course, despite the many fabulous scenes to suggest otherwise, True Blood is not only about sex and the relationships that come of it...

Really Jason?

"I have a theory. When you guys, uh, roleplay, does Lafayette ever turn into a woman named Mavis?"

Jesus uses his knowledge of magic to bring the ghost possessing Lafayette to peace.
Jesus uses his knowledge of magic to bring the ghost possessing Lafayette to peace.

Possessions and Exorcisms

Remember last week when Lafayette was possessed by a baby-stealing ghost? Yes, that still has to be dealt with. Especially since said ghost believes that she lives in Hoyt's house. Cue Jason and Andy coming to Arlene and Terry's aid. Only problem being that Lafayette has a gun and is not afraid to use it on his friends because they are not Mavis' friends. Arlene calls Jesus to get Lafayette to back down. Jason is the coolest head in this operation, a rare occurence, since Andy just took V. Luckily Jesus takes control. He bravely enters the house and understands right away that this is not his boyfriend. When Jesus points out that Mavis is in a male body, she freaks out. Jesus promises Mavis that he will try to bring her baby back so she can hold her. Nelsan Ellis, you amazing man you! The acting in this scene is phenomenal.

With clues from Mavis' background, Jesus figures out that her child's body may be buried on the property. Trying to fulfill his promise, Jesus gets Hoyt and Jason to help him dig. They find both bodies, and once Mavis is able to hold the body of her child, Jesus casts a spell that helps Mavis leave Lafayette's body. It is a beautiful scene that includes Lafayette accepting what has happened to him. Despite Mavis' obvious emotional response to holding her baby once more, I do not believe I could forgive her for taking over my body and causing me to steal my friend's baby. Just saying. Nonetheless, this is a happy ending for a critically dangerous situation.

Debbie awkwardly attempts to make amends.
Debbie awkwardly attempts to make amends.

Debbie Reformed

Debbie is back to her V addictions now that she feels she could lose Alcide. Luckily for her, this enables her to do some good in this episode, namely where Sookie is concerned. In an effort to strike a peace pact of sorts with Sookie, she shows up at her door with flowers. I imagine I am not the only one who feared she was bringing a gun instead with the brilliant editing done by HBO. Obviously, she cannot expect Sookie to forget that she tried to kill her, but she wants things to be better. She wants to help. Sookie takes her up on the offer.

Debbie goes to Antonia as a "representative of the Shreveport pack", pledging to the cause. This is just a ruse for Sookie to use to sneak into Moon Goddess and find Eric. Debbie had me scared for a second. I thought she was betraying Sookie right away. Instead she enables Sookie to sneak in and find Eric, and coincidentally, the many witches being held hostage by Antonia.

I like Debbie's redemption, but I have a feeling her relationship with Alcide will die when he finds out she is using again, and she may go back to blaming Sookie for her relationship woes.

Tommy's ability as a skinwalker gets him in trouble once more.
Tommy's ability as a skinwalker gets him in trouble once more.

Shapeshifter vs. Werewolf

Another consequence of Debbie's reformation is Alcide's determination to become a part of the Shreveport pack for her sake. He goes to Marcus to "kiss the ring." Marcus asks for Alcide's help in "communicating" with "the shifter" that is moving in on his ex-wife. This shifter being Sam, of course. Marcus promises not to hurt the shifter, but just to communicate that he will if Sam continues to have relations with Marcus' estranged wife, Luna.

Marcus sets up a meeting with Sam, but he does so through Sam's brother, Tommy, who is the only one present at Merlotte's. Sam, being smart, has taken Luna and her daughter out into the woods on a mini vacation to get away from danger, so Tommy not only takes the message but decides to go in Sam's place. At the meeting Tommy-as-Sam claims he never slept with Luna but his brother did, which prompts Marcus to get phsyical, despite his original intentions. Alcide breaks things up, angry Marcus broke his promise. Tommy, being injured, shifts back and the werewolves discover they have injured the wrong man. Of course, all of this is juxtaposed with Sam and Luna actually having sex for the first time. Go Sam. Poor Tommy.

Jessica wants to connect with Jason just as badly as he wants her.
Jessica wants to connect with Jason just as badly as he wants her.

Jess' Woes

Jessica, having no home to go to with Hoyt or Jason, ends up at Bill's, pouring her heart out to an unsympathetic Nan Flanagan. Nan has come for has come to Bon Temps for the upcoming "Festival of Tolerance" that will unite humans and vampires for a common cause. This leads to poor Jessica having to listen while her "parents" argue over (while chained in silver) what should be done with the witches.

Meanwhile, Hoyt starts to pack up Jess's things (up until the point that Lafayette comes in with Mikey and tells him to get "out of my house"). Hoyt has put everything in a "Monster Box" that he asks Jason to give to Jess. I understand the need to remove elements of Jessica in his life now that their relationship has ended so brutally, but does he really need to do a 180 with regards to how he views her and vampires in connection? It is one thing to call an ex-girlfriend a "monster" when she is human, but quite another thing when others in society view her entire race or species as such.

A distraught Jessica opens the door at Vampire Bill's to find a nervous Jason with her possessions on the other side. She asks him to come in; he declines, apparently still uneasy about being alone with his friend's ex. Of course, this does not stop them from being alone together outside, where we find Jessica and Jason having sex in the bed of his beloved truck while Taylor Swift (an artist Jessica likes if the presence of her CD in the "Monster Box" is any indication) plays in the background.

Eric waits behind the wings for the time to strike at the Tolerance Rally.
Eric waits behind the wings for the time to strike at the Tolerance Rally.

War Begins Again

Now back to the main storyline: witches versus vampires. Antonia has Eric fully under her power, but her witchy cohorts are upset that she did not take the peace offering given to her by Bill. Unhappy with dissension in the ranks, Antonia will not let anyone leave Moon Goddess. In fact, the spells the doors to burn anyone who attempts to leave. How does Tara get herself into such trouble? Yes, she hates vampires, but maybe she should have followed her initial instincts to run away. At the very least, Tara is able to communicate with Sookie that they are being held captive. Perhaps Sookie can deal with that after she has made sure that Eric does not kill Bill.

Because that is Antonia's ultimate plan. She will use the Festival of Tolerance (which consists of Bill, Nan, a representative vampire speaker, and a crowd full of humans) to strike back at the King of Louisiana. Eric plays the weapon effectively by luring Bill's sheriff-guards away so Antonia can corner them and take over them as well.

When Debbie drops Sookie outside of the festival after leaving Moon Goddess, Sookie tells her to go as she runs in to save her first love from her current, spellbound one. Here comes a dramatic speech followed by even more dramatic killing: "History teaches us that war can sound a louder call to action than can peace," Bill proclaims on stage. "That hate, can seduce impressionable minds far more readily than a message of love. Which means we must remain vigilante." This comes as the perfect moment to show why vigilance is necessary. Cue vampire assisted man-slaughter and a mass panic in the auditorium, which is of course caught on tape by the vamps-kill campaign. Eric goes about his mission to kill his king as Sookie screams at Bill to "Run!"

What will happen next on True Blood? Will Bill survive the attack? Will Hoyt find out about Jason and Jess? Will Sookie get her many men back? Tune in next week with me to find out.


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    • Megan Kathleen profile imageAUTHOR

      Megan Kathleen 

      7 years ago from Los Gatos, CA

      Keep writing things that are relevant to my hubs and I will happily give you a link. I didn't even consider the possibility that Marcus may not like that Debbie got involved. Alcide should definitely appreciate her being friends with Sook though! Now I just want to know how Eric will come back to himself memories or not.

    • BWD316 profile image

      Brian Dooling 

      7 years ago from Connecticut

      another great review! this episode really got things moving, can't believe theres only a few episodes left! Thanks for the #waitingsucks link! i wonder if Debbie's involvement in the witches/vampire fight will get her in trouble in her new pack and with alcide? The leader of the pack specifically said not to get involved...


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