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True Blood Recap: S04E10: Burning Down The House

Updated on August 28, 2011
Nan shows some initiative by staking a cursed vampire with a pencil.
Nan shows some initiative by staking a cursed vampire with a pencil.

A new week with more vampire action to satisfy our cravings. Everything is ramping up for the season finale in two weeks. All attempts at peace are brought to and end, along with some inconsequential storylines. Other more important storylines heat up further, leaving me asking, what else will happen in the last two hours of the season?

Let's start off this recap by addressing the end of two plot points of which I have not been terribly fond.

#1: Andy and Terry

Terry finds Andy’s V stash. After much yelling, Terry takes Andy to Fort Bellefleur, the old treehouse in which they played when they were kids. Terry used it as a safe place after the war when he succumbed to drugs. Terry is trying to save Andy like Andy saved Terry back then. Initially, his plans come to not, as Andy continues to argue that he has no problem. “I’m a better man on V,” he claims. Terry returns that that is the common refrain of an addict. In the end, Terry reveals a cash of guns hidden in the forest floor and challenges Andy to back up his claim.

Apparently, V does not make Andy a better shot. After much frustration, Terry and Andy hash it out. Terry understands where Andy is coming from having experienced his own post-war nightmares. Of course Andy’s nightmare visions are not real, while Terry’s are based on what actually happened to him. Andy breaks down and promises to stay clean and sober. He starts this journey on foot when Terry tells him to walk back home alone.

The best part of this little arc? A single quote. “Men without souls do not cry,” Terry assures Andy that he is worthy of healing. This simple statement could stand for the theme of True Blood itself. If losing your soul means losing the ability to feel pain and cry from it, then why have we seen so many "soulless" vampires cry on True Blood? It is very hard to miss after all, given that vampires cry tears of blood. We have seen Eric cry over the impending loss of Godric, Jessica cry over her newborn frustrations and perpetual virginity, and Bill cry over Sookie. It goes to show that that vampires and humans differ primarily in how they sleep, eat, and heal, but little else.

Debbie and Alcide

While Alcide breaks his promises to the pack to keep with his moral code, Debbie continues to break her promises to Alcide. Curled up on the couch with Marcus at his home, she confides that she and Alcide want different things from life. She wants to run with a pack and have children. Alcide wants to be a lone wolf. Marcus preys on her vulnerabilities; he provides the drugs to weaken her judgement and then he hits on her. Marcus says the best way to deal with Alcide is to cheat with another wolf. Debbie says she is not ready, but that just means she will be ready eventually, and most likely soon.

Jason and Jess Talk

#2: Goodbye, Tommy

“A few stiches. Some ducktape. A pretty nurse.” These are the things offered to a dying Tommy by Alcide, who is attempting to rush him to a hospital after the beating he suffered at the hands of the wolfpack. These things could help, but Tommy keeps shifting. The situation seems dire, and Tommy asks to be taken home, to Merlotte’s.

At Merlotte's, they meet Sam who frantically offers to get vampire blood so Tommy can truly heal. Tommy chooses to die instead. “You were the best part of my life,” Tommy insists. Sam cries out his love for his true brother just before he dies. I have never loved Tommy. After all, he caused Sam a lot of trouble. But that does not mean I did not cry a little at his death. Whatever your feelings about Tommy and his death, you cannot deny it has its plot advantages. Immediately, Sam vows vengeance, and Alcide comes along for the righteous ride.

A Bromance Threatened

While Jessica wants to remember everything about her night with Jason, Jason wants to forget that in favor of remembering his friendship with Hoyt. Jason rehashes how he and Hoyt formed their strong friendship. There was a cane involved. Jason blames the blood. Obviously this is not what Jess wanted to hear. Jason asks her to glamour it out of him so he can look Hoyt in the face, but she storms off (and rightfully so!) without acquiescing to his request.

Unglamored Jason is visited by Hoyt the next day. Obviously something is wrong when Jason does not even know which teams are playing on his TV. Hoyt tries to play everything off as if he is unaffected, but his home is filled with memories. “Smells, boy, they’ll take you right back in time, won’t they?...I keep waiting to see walk through the door, like, crawl out of her cubby hole, all you know? All kind of cute and kind of sleepy in a…” he breaks off in tears. Looks like Hoyt will be crashing with Jason to escape all of these emotions. Not awkward at all, right? By the way, will we ever go back to the fact that Jason was kidnapped and raped by werepanthers? Still can’t believe that didn’t stick…

Ultimately, Jason takes refuge with Sookie, which gives her the chance to ask for his help.

Why does Sookie need help, you ask? Well that is another story...

Sookie's powers only manifest when she fears for her safety or the safety of those she loves.
Sookie's powers only manifest when she fears for her safety or the safety of those she loves.

Another Point of View

Nan to Bill: “You’ve been keeping secrets from me. What’s the deal with your little dairy maid and her lightning trick?”

Sookie loves Eric, but she cannot forget that she loves Bill as well.
Sookie loves Eric, but she cannot forget that she loves Bill as well.

The Festival Aftermath

Nan gets handy with a pencil (see picture above). Bill pulls a silver loaded gun to ward off his attackers. Sookie stops him so he cannot hurt Eric, and then she must pull Eric off of Bill in turn. When Eric is posed to deliver the final strike, Sookie uses her powers to stop him and ends up breaking both spells on him instead.

Back at home, Eric claims nothing has to change. The other Eric is still there. He is just...more now. Bill is the problem. “When you were about to kill him, I just couldn’t bear the thought of a world without him in it,” Sookie explains. She loves them both. What could become an even more intense moment is interrupted by Pam, who missed her maker desperately.

It is great to see Eric interacting with Pam. We know that the sweet Eric is a part of the Eric we know and love, and it is most likely that Pam was the only one to have witnessed that side of him before. They share a very deep bond.

Meanwhile, Bill is taking control from Nan and escalating the war against Antonia and the witches. He wants to burn The Moon Goddess, and is willing to kill Tara and the other captives if it means the witch threat is neutralized. “It’s war. It happens.” Wrong thing to say. Of course Eric has a moment to fit in a snarky comment about how loveable Bill is being at that moment. Sookie is definitely not pleased.

So now we know why Sookie needs Jason's help. She needs allies to save Tara. In turn, Sookie and Jason go to Jesus and Lafayette to ask for their help as well. They agree with one condition, Jesus wants to save Marnie as well, since he believes her to be a victim of Antonia’s possession.

Tara and Holly Plan to Fight

Antonia shows her sorrow over the loss of innocent life.
Antonia shows her sorrow over the loss of innocent life.
Jesus proves his devotion by forcing his way through Antonia's protective barrier.
Jesus proves his devotion by forcing his way through Antonia's protective barrier.
The only way Jesus survives the barrier is through his connection with demons.
The only way Jesus survives the barrier is through his connection with demons.
Holly and Tara band together to attack Antonia's barrier.
Holly and Tara band together to attack Antonia's barrier.
Vampires dressed to kill. Literally.
Vampires dressed to kill. Literally.

At The Moon Goddess

Just as Holly is about to tell Tara about a spell that could hurt the barrier, Antonia and crew come back from their attack. This scene brings some new information. It appears the control over Marnie’s body is weakening. Antonia’s face appeared when Eric’s spells were broken. Antonia seems to be arguing with Marnie, which makes for an odd external image.

While Antonia is busy arguing with herself, Holly and Tara try to use a Latin spell despite not knowing the language. “Magic is about energy and intention. And I’m thinking, maybe the Goddess will know what we mean, even if we say it wrong,” Holly explains. Holly asks Tara to believe in something bigger than herself, which, for Tara, is a difficult thing to do

In a back room, Antonia expels herself from Marnie's body. Surprise! Antonia wants out. It looks like Antonia did not like seeing the humans injured and screaming at the festival. Marnie believes sympathizers are just as guilty and attempts to convince Antonia into believing the same. Ultimately, her powers of persuasion convince Antonia to return to her body.

Outside, the cavalry arrives. Jesus wants to exorcise Marnie like he did Mavis. Lafayette is worried. Given what we know now about Marnie, we know his worry is justified. Jesus walks right into the wall Antonia has placed to keep her captives in. This brings the witch out, who offers Jesus a challenge. If he can get through her protective barrier, he will have proven himself worthy to fight for their cause. Jesus begins to fight his way through and must tap into his demon contacts to find the strength. “It’s a Latin thing,” Lafayette explains to his compatriots when they see Jesus change appearance.

After passing the test, Jesus asks to speak with Marnie directly. Antonia agrees, and Marnie is released to tell Jesus that she is not being held against her will. In fact, the opposite is true. Their desires are one. “This is not possession. This is union,” she explains to her horrified student.

As usual, things pick up speed as the end of the episode nears. Tara and Holly manage to make a crack in the barrier and race for the door. Once outside, Lafayette, Sookie, and Jason race toward them. Antonia feels the disturbance and rushes outside as well, where she casts a spell that raises the barrier, trapping Lafayette, Sookie, Holly, and Tara inside. Suddenly they are transported… elsewhere. From the preview, it looks like the make it safely inside the building, but it is a scary image to leave Jason, who was a bit too slow and thus escaped the spell.

Night falls and our four favorite vamps roll up to Moon Goddess to kick some ass. And cut! We will not find out what happens until next week!


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    • Megan Kathleen profile image

      Megan Kathleen 6 years ago from Los Gatos, CA

      I was wondering if you would be able to catch it! Yep, the ending was cool. Glad you were able to watch and comment. Now I'm off to look at those hubs I see you published with pictures of what's happening in your neck of the woods.

    • BWD316 profile image

      Brian Dooling 6 years ago from Connecticut

      great hub! i felt like this episode had a lot of exciting scenes and the didn't lag at all but then again i was surprised i would be able to even see it, i thought irene would knock out power! The last scene with bill, eric, jess, and nan walking up in black swat suits was kind of cool and seemed very differnt to the usual endings, can't believe there is only two more episodes left!