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True Blood Recap: S04E02: You Smell Like Dinner

Updated on September 5, 2011

Last time, on True Blood...

Sookie escaped the fairies but a year had passed with her gone, Andy is using V, witches can bring birds back from the dead, Bill is Vampire King of Lousiana, Arlene’s baby may turn into a killer, Tara moved away to become a lesbian, Sam has made some new shifter friends, Jason is locked in a freezer, and Eric owns Sookie’s house.

All caught up? Good.

Relationships in trouble?

Jason and Crystal

We open on Jason, tied to a bed, with a young man licking his head wound. Apparently werepanthers do not believe in bandaids. Jason does not understand why the children he has sort of adopted have turned against him, but this is explained when Felton, Crystal’s brother and fiancé, comes busting through the door, gun cocked and ready to fire. Clearly, he is the one behind the plot to kidnap Jason, but we discover that Crystal is okay with it when she keeps Jason quiet so that a V-addicted Andy, looking to get a fix, will not discover him. It is not until later that we learn the reason for Jason's capture: Felton and Crystal cannot get pregnant, so they decide to use Jason as a willing sperm donor. The only problem? In order to guarantee the child will be a werepanther, Jason will need to become one. Cue the panther biting. Hopefully, Andy will sober up enough to realize that his partner has been missing for a day or two and come looking.

Hoyt and Jessica

Hoyt is adorable, especially when he stands up for Jessica in front of a crowd of Newlinites. In a post-Russell Edgington era, vampires are under a new kind of scrutiny, which means picketers are outside of Fangtasia every night, spewing verbal hatred. Pam and Jess have to hold themselves back so as not to add more fuel to the fire, but Hoyt starts fighting with one of the men after he calls Jessica a whore. The next night, Hoyt has a few battle scars, and Jess offers to heal them with her blood. He refuses to use "that shit," causing another fight between the pair. She leaves to get him some Advil but ends up driving to Fangtasia instead. Cut to Sookie essentially walking in on Jessica and a fangbanger in the bathroom as Jess feeds. Awkward.

Arlene and Terry

Arlene and Terry have not told anyone that Mikey is not his. Arlene freaks out when Sookie proclaims Mikey to be an old soul despite being unable to read his wordless thoughts and quickly labels her thoughts off limits, professing her love for her baby as she runs off in tears. Frankly, I will get tired of this storyline very quickly unless something more substantial happens than Arlene freaking out. I adore Arlene and Terry as a couple, but as parents? Not so much.

Sam and Luna

Naked Sam alert! We find Sam on another one of his nightly runs with a group of shifters. This time he tries to seduce a mysterious shifter named Luna, but apparently his pick-up lines do not work on women who have problems opening up. Luna stops by Merlotte’s the next day to seduce Sam, having missed the opportunity the night before. She may not have opened up in the past, but there is something about Sam that makes her want to try. apparently Sam's brand of seduction works in the long haul, as Luna chooses to open up about her past around a campfire that night. Newsflash: Luna once shifted into her dead mother. The Navajo would tell the“Legend of the Skinwalkers,” she explains, stories about evil witches who had the power to shift into other people if they killed another shifter in their family. Dying in childbirth apparently qualifies. Before we can hear more, however, Tommy crashes the party, and the brothers have a bonding moment of sorts. I have no idea where this storyline is going, but I am sensing a theme: power over the dead. Speaking of which...

Jesus and Lafayette

We return to Jesus and Lafayette, who are discussing the magic they had achieved that day as they get ready for bed. The discussion turns philosophical; Lafayette worries that they are delving into black magic, but Jesus insists that it is not the magic but the practitioner that determines the nature of the act. Lafayette retains his skepticism when they return to the coven, especially when Eric crashes the party under Bill's orders and demands they disband. It only takes Eric threatening Tara, who is in town to visit Sookie, however, to change Lafayette's mind. At the sight of his cousin once again cowering under a vampire, Lafayette quickly grabs hands with Jesus and chants with the rest of the group, who, led by Marnie, attempt to stop Eric. More on that a bit later.

Bill and the AVL

Bill is sexing up his witchy spy when Sookie crosses the border of his property and is confronted with a bevy of guards. Said spy, Catarina, does not appear pleased that their détente was interrupted, but Bill had told his guards to let Sookie through nonetheless. Sookie begs Bill to work around Eric’s ownership of her home. He sends her away with promises that he will try, despite believing he will not be able to affect anything Eric does. Seeing them together kills me. Even though I prefer Eric for Sookie, the connection that Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin have to one another really sells that relationship.

Once Sookie leaves we are treated to a flashback of Bill’s past. We get to see him as a punk rocker in London, 1982, complete with a more natural accent for the actor. Going back a few years still finds Bill taking only what blood he needs from a bartender and glamoring him into taking iron supplements and vitamin B to get over the weakness of the next few days. This is when he meets Nan Flanagan, who knows all about Bill's habits. She already belongs to a group of mainstreaming vampires who want to change the way vampires interact with the world (Louis Pasteur shout out! Of course he was a vampire!). Nan recruits Bill to infiltrate the monarchies in the states to sow the seeds of discord and ready the nation for mainstreaming.

When Bill tasks Eric to take on the necromancers, we learn that though the AVL might have something to do with Bill’s rise to power, he is certainly in no mood to bow to them. The next flashback, more recent this time, is of Bill battling Queen Sophie Ann with humans in tow. Cue a big blood fest as Sophie Ann splatters to the ground after taking one too many silver-cored wooden bullets to the chest. Bill may have his queen killed and take her place at the AVL's urging, but as Nan surmises, the fight was personal because it involved Sookie. Even under Nan's demand to tell the truth, Bill is still loyal enough to keep Sookie’s heritage a secret.

Though Bill may have moved on while Sookie was away, his feelings are still very much with Ms. Stackhouse, a fact Jessica attests to when Sookie sees her at Fangtasia. No matter the facade he displays, Bill will still do anything to keep Sookie safe, which is a conflict of interests that I am sure will come up later on in the season.

Quote of the Night

Sookie: “Thanks for the advice, but I will never be Eric Northman’s puppet”

Pam: “Shame for you then. He pulls good string”

Eric and Sookie

“Your blood tastes like freedom, Sookie, Like sunshine in a pretty blonde bottle.” Apparently Sookie’s blood is an aphrodisiasic for vampires, and it might put her in danger. Eric tries to convince her that he bought the house and supposedly her (otherwise he paid too much) in order to make her his and protect her from the coming threat. I know that Sookie denying Eric is half the fun, but part of me just wishes she would get over herself and accept his protection and all that comes with it. A girl can hope.

We begin to see the extent of Eric's care and protection when Tara comes back to see Sookie. When Sookie enters the house, she discovers the new door and microwave Eric bought for her. “Out with the old, in with the new” indeed. She also discovers blood in her fridge, prompting her to exclaim about that “psychopathic frat boy.” I have not seen the frat boys in Bon Temps, but Eric definitely is not like the frat boys I know. And if Sookie thought the blood was an invasion in her life, wait until she sees the beautiful armoire he added to conceal the rather large hideyhole he built!

Sookie turns to Pam to talk some sense into Eric. Pam's dress is amah-zing, and her sarcasm is as sharp as ever as she asks Sookie if they are now friends or members of a book club that would commiserate with each other. Of course, Pam, being Eric's child, would not contradict Eric for Sookie's sake. In fact, Pam urges Sookie to rethink Eric's offer, telling her that if she does not let Eric own her, someone else will take the choice away and claim her for her sweet fairy blood. Pam leaves and Sookie stays long enough at Fangtasia to discover Jessica cheating on Hoyt. Of course Sookie will not find Eric, as he is too busy crashing a coven meeting.

Which leads us to the big game-changer of the night. Fans of the books should be excited, as Marnie gives Eric amnesia. Question, did she curse away his shirt as well as his memories? He was wearing it when Marnie cursed him, but now he is out wandering the roads between Shreveport and Bon Temps without it. I can say that he looks delicious when he’s half-naked, innocent, and confused. The authority in his voice is gone, and he sounds much more… accessible. “Why do you smell so good?” What a great way to end the episode.

Next time, on True Blood...

The witches get proactive, Claudine tries to convince Sookie to leave, Jason may or may not get furry, Tara threatens Pam, Jess tells Hoyt about her infidelities, Alcide returns, and Eric stays shirtless.

Hope to see you all next week!


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