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True Blood Season 6 Review

Updated on September 9, 2013

Warning: This review contains spoliers.

This season of True Blood was a disappointing, but still entertaining affair that saw Bill go completely insane, Warlow revealed as a suitor for Sookie with a dark agenda, the death of a main character, and a plot to eliminate all vampires with far-reaching consequences.

The main storylines of the season saw the governor of Louisana team up with Sarah Newlin to create an internment camp for all vampires that would lead to their deaths after torture and experimentation, and the reveal of Warlow, who tries to make Sookie believe that he actually loves her but actually wants to use her as a puppet for all of eternity. Other storylines featured Alcide and his wolf pack hunting down Sam and a naive political activist who know of their existence, Bill dealing with his new Lilith powers that drag him into the camp conflict, Terry trying to find some way to die so he's relieved of his pain, and Sheriff Andy dealing with his new fairy kids.

Rob Kazinsky did a good job as the villain Warlow, despite being wasted for much of the season.
Rob Kazinsky did a good job as the villain Warlow, despite being wasted for much of the season.

The thing that made this season as weak as it was is the fact that the storylines were jumbled, often random, and characters underwent drastic changes that came out of nowhere and felt out of place. For instance, Alcide quickly becomes a complete jerk once he becomes packmaster. He allows his power to go straight to his head which is uncharacterstic for Alcide because he's always had his head on straighter than other characters. He just loses it somehow and starts talking about killing people and kidnapping a little girl because he thinks it's the in the best interest of the pack when in fact, those actions would get them found out and likely killed. The other major shift in character goes back to last season and involves Bill Compton. Last year, he lost his mind, drank the Lilith blood, and emerged as a freak vampire monster. He quickly returns to a more human state and just acts like an asshole for 95% of the season. Every bad trait that Bill had before gets amplified by a thousand because of his newly found powers, which makes him think that he's destined to save the vampires from meeting the sun at the internment camp. I also think that Sam Merlotte took an unlikable turn this season by completely ignoring the fact that the "love of his life" died in his arms at season's beginning and a few episodes later, which was a couple of days after Luna's death, he starts banging the naive, and annoying, political activist Nicole. Luckily, Sam, Alcide, and Bill find some form of redemption. Sam grows as a person and becomes Mayor of Bon Temps, Alcide leaves the pack and eventually becomes Sookie's new lover, and Bill helps Sookie kill Warlow and rids himself of the influence of Lilith.

Something else that was wrong with this season was the pacing. Things felt very rushed at random times because of the cut in episodes from 12 to 10. The only storyline that wasn't affected as much by the time cut was the internment camp story since it served as the main storyline of the season. For some inexplicable reason, the season wasted one of it's villain's by keeping him chained to a tree for seemingly half the season. Warlow was completely wasted as a character and was really there to just have sex with Sookie and give people daywalking powers. It wasn't until the very end, where he finally revealed his true nature, when he became the villain we were promised by attacking Sookie and admitting that he just planned to use Sookie for tail and blood for all of eternity. That was a shame because Rob Kazinsky did a good job in the role.

The Bellefleur family drama took up a lot of unnecessary time this season with Andy dealing with his new fairy daughters, who were just plot devices for the internment camp story, and Terry trying to find a way to kill himself. He succeeds and gets shot in the head by a former Marine cohort after getting his memories wiped out by glamouring. Arlene wanted her husband back and she got him until it all came crashing down. He was then given a very nice funeral which was just used to juxtapose the internment camp rampage in the season finale. It kind of sucks that Terry's dead since I liked his character, but it's good to see the creative team trim some of the fat for the show's last season.

Some characters, like Bill Compton, were unfortunately turned into complete, unlikable jerks this season.
Some characters, like Bill Compton, were unfortunately turned into complete, unlikable jerks this season.

What did work this season was the vampire camp storyline as I said before. It was interesting, offered cool insights into vampire life, and gave Eric the perfect platform to be the absolute badass that he is after his sister Nora is poisoned by the evil humans at the camp. He goes on a bloody rampage that was as epic as it was grotesquely violent. I do not believe that he's met the true death after seeing him burst into flames when the daywalking power left his body so I look forward to his epic return next season. The other thing that really saved this season was everything that changed after the death of Warlow. Time jumps six months where we see Sookie in a relationship with Alcide, Bill becoming a successful writer and expert on the mutated Hepitis-V vampires, Sam becomes the mayor of Bon Temps, Merlotte's Bar and Grill is now Bellefleur's Bar and Grill, Eric has vanished, and a horde of mutant vampires infected by the Hepitis-V put into the True Blood by the tag team of Governor Burrell and Sarah Newlin. The show has pretty much used this as a way to introduce zombies to the show in it's final season next year. These zombies, however, have super speed, super strength, and a super hunger for blood. Their arrival in Bon Temps was a nice cliffhanger, leaving behind a lot of promise for season 7 next summer. Hopefully the showrunners follow up on their word and make True Blood's last season look a lot like it's beginning, which would give us a hell of an end to a great show.

One of the bright spots of this season was Eric Northman, who was his usual badass self.
One of the bright spots of this season was Eric Northman, who was his usual badass self.
3 stars for True Blood Season 6


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