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True Detective Season 2

Updated on May 31, 2015

Season 1

The much anticipated release of the HBO hit series, True Detective, will begin it's second season premiering June 21st, 2015. If you followed the first season, be prepared for the same dark twist, and turns that engulfed viewers in the lives of Rust Cohle, along with Marty Hart as they ventured into Louisiana's darkest depths, to catch a cult-like serial killer. Satanic rituals, devil traps, along with just being plain gruesome intrigued viewers every Sunday night.

I was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. I had the pleasure to actually work on the first season of True Detective as an extra on Episode 4, "Who Goes There". To say the least, I was much more drawn into the series than most. Seeing all the hard work firsthand that Nic Pizzolato put in while on the set, makes you appreciate how excellent the story line really was. This makes Season 2's release that much sweeter.

New Cast, Locations, and Plot

If you were hoping for a comeback of our two favorite Louisiana detectives, Rust, and Marty, you are out of luck. Season two of True Detective will debut a new plot, new cast, and a new location. Expect the same cult-like feel to the new season. Nic Pizzolatto revealed that the upcoming 2nd season will have absoulty zero connection to the 1st.

"There's no relationship between the stories or characters, which was the result of fully committing to something new, but I do think that the seasons have a deep, close bond in sensibility and vision, a similar soul, though this is a more complex world and field of characters."

The plot for second season of True Detective is as follows:

"The second season of True Detective will follow the death of Ben Caspar, the corrupt city manager of a fictional California city who's found brutally murdered amid a potentially groundbreaking transportation deal that would forever change freeway gridlock in the state. Three law enforcement officers from different cities and branches of the government are tasked with finding out who did it. They soon discover their investigation has much broader and darker implications than they initially thought. Caspar's 52-year-old corpse is found on a lonely stretch of Pacific Coast Highway near Big Sur-satanic symbols etched on his chest. It turns out he had a penchant for rough sex and may have been involved in the occult."

Now let's discuss the new cast of Season Two. Rachel McAdams, Vince Vaughn, Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch will spearhead the main characters as season two unfolds. Honestly I was skeptical about Vince Vaughn being selected as one of our main cast members, but after watching the HBO trailers that have been released over the past few months, Vince looks like he really nailed the role. Rachel McAdams will play the role of our lead female investigator, which should be pretty interesting. Rachel has progressed greatly in her acting career since her hit role in the movie "Mean Girls".

All of the new cast members will not be without their own personal issues, something that made the first season hit hard to home for some. The Wrap broke the news that Colin Farrell’s character “has been damaged by years of turmoil,”. The Sheriff (Rachel McAdams) plunges into “gambling and alcohol” while she isn't on the clock. Our California Highway Patrol officer (Kitsch) was “put on leave” after he pulled over a lady for drunk driving and let her off after she got him off."

An official HBO press release came out saying True Detective Season 2 would be about “Bad men, hard women and the secret occult history of the U.S. transportation system.”

The location of the second season will primarily be between Los Angeles, and San Fransisco, a dark place that spans over 400 miles. A dark place that Pizzolatto describes as "the places that don't get much press and where you wouldn't normally set a television show."

The writing that was put into True Detective Season One was some of most intelligent, and finest to ever premier on television. Even with most of the plot for Season Two still unknown, you can expect an excellent and award winning series. The investigation starts June 21, and the new puzzle will unfold once again.

True Detective Season 2: Will it be better than Season 1?

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