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True Detective Season 2 Premiere Review

Updated on June 23, 2015

Welcome to Vinci, California, a corrupt city in the midst of Los Angeles County. This season features not only a new location, but a new list of stars as well. Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell take the lead in this crime drama that is set in an all too familiar setting. Farrell plays Ray Velcoro, an alcoholic cop who is going through a divorce and trying to connect with his son. He is a very unstable character who is erratic and violent, which is shown in the manner that he deals with the child who is bullying his son. He takes it upon his self to find the kid at home and beat his father to a pulp in front of his child.

Ray has a connection with career criminal Frank Semyon, who is played by Vaughn, from 20 years ago when he gave him information on the man who raped his wife. Since that time, it is clear that Ray’s life has been caught in a mudslide, while Frank has become more accustomed to the finer things in life. As a casino owner, his criminal side has not fully departed, but he is looking to hit the jackpot by investing in a 68 billion dollar high speed railroad through Vinci.

Two other characters do not seem as connected throughout most of the episode, but they both seem reckless. Both Ani Bezzerides and Paul Woodrugh seem to have trauma in their past that affects their current life. Ani’s mother “walked into a river” at some point in her past, which makes her feel vulnerable. She carries several knives, including one in her belt buckle, as well as guns as a means of protection. Her relationship with her hippy father and sister is not on good terms, but she tries to maintain a tough cop persona to keep from losing herself. Paul has a lot of physical scars on his body. He is clearly in pain, as he reveals when he leaves his girlfriend's apartment late at night to ride his motorcycle at top speed down a road without his headlights on.

We see these four characters come together in the final few minutes of the episode. A man is taken to a rest stop in a black sedan. He has sunglasses on and it is hard to tell if he is alive or dead, until Paul discovers the body with the eyes eroded away from acid. It is Ben Caspar, a city manager that is linked to the railroad project who has been missing. All of the main characters are now linked by this single dead body, and the investigation is about to begin.

The first episode of season 2 was a bit slow for my taste, but it has a good premise. I am trying not to compare it to the first season, so that I give this season a fair chance. What did you think of the first episode of season 2?


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    • Oliver Stark profile image

      Oliver Stark 2 years ago from Sacramento, California

      I really loved matthew mcconaughey in season 1!

      with season 1 setting high benchmark anxiously waiting for season 2