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Some Everyday True Lies we tell

Updated on April 11, 2012

Everyday, we come across them. In the news, the papers, in the movies and in what we say or know but somehow we don’t even consider their meanings anymore or rather we don’t bother with knowing what implied meanings they actually convey. What am I talking about?

I called them true lies. These are some everyday statements that we are accustomed to and we have accepted as true but under some closer scrutiny, they start losing some or all of their perceived truthfulness.

Alright, let’s have a look at some of them.

1. You have a right to remain silent.

Of course that is exactly your right. No matter what the officer of law say to you to provoke you or make words come out of your mouths, you always have the right to remain silent. It would have been true if not for the real reason why you are advised to do so. Just look at it again, is your keeping silent the real solution to the problem(s) at hand? I ask this because the reason why you are advised to keep quiet is because anything you say will be used AGAINST you in the court of law. You see?

2. It’s for free

This’s one the biggest true lies. Save for free air we breathe, if you really check it, you will hopelessly find out that NOTHING is really for free. The truth is that with most things in this life, there is always a price tag. I was listening to one radio program where the host was doing some advertising or was it marketing concerning an upcoming money-making seminar. Hear him: “The seminar is FREE because it has been subsidized by the United Nations. All we ask of you is to bring your two thousand Naira for the study materials we will be giving you” and I was like “Oh…not again. Why didn’t the UN subsidize those materials too?” But that is the idea – nothing is really for free. The other day I was with this guy who was spending like hell for some other lady he just met and when he noticed my raised eyebrows, he simply reminded me that sooner or later, the girl will realize that nothing is for free but then I guess I knew that already! Look closely and you will see for yourself this fact. There’s always a price tag. Do I have to explain it anymore than this?

3. Smokers are liable to die young

But do they? I am not supporting smoking by any means but I think it’s time that slogan is completely overhauled and replaced with maybe something more direct and truthful like “Life is precious. Stop destroying yours with smoking”. You won't see useful advices like smoking causes blindness or doubles risk of genital cancer. The statement is a smart confidence trick because if you really check it, smokers don’t really die that young. So with this realization one could easily be convinced that his/her bad/excessive smoking habits will not amount to any serious health problems that early because there is really no one so young who is known to have died of smoking. So please pass me the lighter, let’s smoke tonight…it’s just only one more stick! Besides, there is this ridiculous question of how young is young with an equally ridiculous reasoning like after all, something will surely kill a man…

4. Time is money

Yes everybody knows that time is money. So if you like wasting your time in unproductive ways, just know that you are wasting your money. But let’s look at that statement again. Is time really money? If you answered a direct “yes” instead of “somehow…in a way” or “maybe”, then next time you are going to paid for whatever services you must have rendered, I pray you will be paid in TIME…quality time, whatever that is…

5. Everybody knows what is right

This is quite ridiculous. Inasmuch as people think they know what is right, fact is that this very true lie is based on assumption and nothing else. Do you really think everybody knows what is right? If people really do, then why are things still so much topsy-turvy around the world? I stand to be corrected but I don’t think everybody knows what is right.

6. Don’t believe everything you read on the papers

Why? Of course the papers could be talking trash but then it could be telling the truth and you might never know which is which. And that’s just the way it is!

7. What will be will be

This statement is only true because of the rationality behind it. What will be will be, of course! But I hope you know that most times people don’t use that statement as a result of the strong faith they have in whatever the future portends. Most times, this statement is used as a last option which is normally a demonstration of hopeless as well as helplessness. Please who can tell me what will be? Just a reminder, first you don’t even know whatever is it that is going to be! Another version of this true lies is the statement “God’s time is the best”. No one in his/her right senses will ever argue this. We all know that God’s time is the best. But what we don’t really know is which time is actually God’s time?

8. Police is your friend

Whenever I hear this statement, I ask myself “Are you sure?” This is so because we for all we know, the police is definitely your friend if you are not a criminal or a persona non grata in any form. But then, you being a friend of the police do not guarantee the police being your friend all the time. Actually, you may be shocked to discover that sometimes especially when it matters most, that is when you really need a friend, the police is actually your…fiend.

9. Politicians are there to serve

Hahaha! Of course, who doesn’t know that the politicians are elected into public office to serve the populace? But there is a little problem in that assumption. What type of service is it when the people whom you are serving say that they don’t want to see your face again because they don’t want your services anymore and what do you do? You say that you must continue to serve them because you love serving them and you are ready to continue serving them until death comes. I will advise you change your name to something like Laurent Gbagbo or Hosni Mubarak or better still Muammar Gaddafi.

10. Don’t worry about tomorrow because tomorrow will take care of itself…

Unless you are a like the biblical birds of the air that do not need to worry about tomorrow, if you ask me, not forgetting the fact that you do have a Father in heaven who is taking care of you, I’ll tell you that you just have to reconsider. Fact is that no matter what happens, you just have to worry about tomorrow because everything, okay let’s say almost everything we are doing in this planet, either for good or for bad, is done with tomorrow in mind.

11. I love you

Now, you get the idea? Do I need to explain this one?


You are free to add to the list.


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    • Emmyboy profile image

      Emmyboy 6 years ago from Nigeria

      For saying that Mr or is it Mrs. No Relation Produ, i feel like saying GOOD MORNING to you now. But just before you start complaining if i do this to you, always remember that you have your right to remain silent...Hahaha. Thanks for reading!

    • Emmyboy profile image

      Emmyboy 6 years ago from Nigeria

      For saying that Mr or is it Mrs. No Relation Produ, i feel like saying GOOD MORNING to you now. But just before you start complaining if i do this to you, always remember that you have your right to remain silent...Hahaha. Thanks for reading!

    • No Relation Produ profile image

      No Relation Produ 7 years ago from Scotland - Glasgow

      oooo can I add one? When people wish you a good morning out of habit rather than because they actually mean it. They don't really care if you have a good morning or not, they're either just being polite or are sick of saying hello...