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Truly Great TV Shows to Binge On

Updated on May 30, 2019

The problem with too much choice is just that, too much to choose from. Finding a show to binge on can be a trying experience because of the plethora out there on Netflix, Hulu, and others. How does anyone keep up? Well, what usually happens is that you find that one show that hooks you and you binge on it until done, meanwhile, there are plenty of other shows that pass you by. Sometimes, you avoided a show because it did not appeal to your tastes, and finally a few years on, you watch it and are hooked and then binge to catch up (that is what happened to me with GOT).

What is a great show?

At its core, it is good character development with the leads, good plots, and execution by the cast and director. Good shows will have all three well done, like Homeland, GOT, and many others. Great shows are not always in English, so many I have stumbled on are in Spanish, Dutch, German. Do not be turned off with subtitles, yes, there is a distraction in reading it, but if the show has all three elements well done, watch it! Good shows always have elements of intrigue, back stabbing, special effects, surprise turns, humor

Great Shows to Binge On

  • Chernobyl - a horrific, engaging, drama on the Soviet nuclear plant meltdown
  • The Hot Spot - a true, well acted,scary, drama on the first Ebola outbreak
  • Undercover- a true, police drama, busting a narcotic ring in Europe
  • What If - How far will one go to get success in a start-up? Tests morality
  • Vikings - the GOT replacement with 5 seasons of greatness and caliber
  • Black Summer - well executed Walking Dead-like show, entertaining
  • All American- a Friday Nights-like show circling around football
  • Deep State - fantastic CIA show much like Homeland
  • Enemy Within - Another great FBI show after a terrorist with twists
  • Catch-22 - WW2 drama about a soldier trying to go home, like the book
  • Berlin Station - More great CIA drama after terrorists
  • Killing Eve - a great BBC show with undercover agents with funny moments
  • Homeland - Seven seasons of CIA intrigue cannot be missed
  • Santa Clarita Diet - great acting, funny take on zombies with twists. A gem.
  • Dead to Me - great acting with unsuspected story line
  • Hand Maidens Tale - a growing rebellion within the ranks of society. Excellent.
  • Billions - gripping financial empire drama between justice and whitecollar crime
  • Imposters - a drama about who is conning whom? Full of twists.
  • Versailles - drama during King Louis period in France. Superb.


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