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Trump And British Star Adele.

Updated on February 1, 2016
Iowa Will Decide Whether A Presidential Nominee Can Go Any Further.
Iowa Will Decide Whether A Presidential Nominee Can Go Any Further. | Source
British Star:  Adele.
British Star: Adele. | Source
Donald Trump An Adele Fan Using Her Music In His Campaign.
Donald Trump An Adele Fan Using Her Music In His Campaign. | Source

The Soundtrack Of Trump's Life.

When Donald J Trump (as he refers to himself right now) flew in for the Iowa Caucasus and arrived on his private airliner marked Trump as he stepped down on to the tarmac and the music playing was the theme to 'Air force One' anyone would think we had jumped into the future and he had already become President because lets be honest he did look Presidential as he stepped down the steps from his jet.

If Trump trounces his nearest rival Ted Cruz in Iowa which is pivotal in any of the nominees careers to be being picked by their party to be their Presidential candidate it will mean that unless something drastic happens nothing and no one can stop the armoured tank of an express train of Donald Trump's Presidential campaign as it comes thundering down the political track.

In Iowa Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders for the Democrats will also be facing the same thing and only one will probably emerge to be picked for the Democratic nomination for President and by no means does Hillary have it in the bag yet as Sanders remains popular and is being followed closely in his campaign by Jeremy Corbyn who shares many of Sander's Socialist ideas.

Something that has not gone unnoticed by pundits however is Trump's use of British star Adele's music at some of his rallies. The track ringing out before Trump takes the stage is 'Rolling In The Deep' and it is rumoured Trump is an Adele fan as he recently saw her perform in New York.

One Adele fan speaking on Twitter said besides noting that Trump does not have the permission to use her music for his campaign said she thought Adele would be horrified that her music was being used by the Donald Trump campaign.

Donald Trump is one of many politicians that incorporated popular music into their campaigns who can forget 'Things Can Only Get Better' by D - ream in 1997 which Tony Blair used to land him in 10 Downing Street difference was he had permission to use it where as Trump as far as we know does not have permission to use Adele's 'Rolling In The Deep'.

However whether Adele endorses Trump's use of her music in his political rallies or puts a stop to it I expect Trump will brush it off either way and carry on as he always does.


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