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Trump and Duterte Should Just F****Shut Up!

Updated on October 2, 2016
Accused but not proven- this man was killed under Duterte's war on drugs.
Accused but not proven- this man was killed under Duterte's war on drugs.

Trump should just shut the phuck up. The more he opens his mouth, the more he spews out his paranoia that EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY is crooked like Hillary, that everything is against him except Sean Hannity on Fox News, the more he does not look presidential.

Well, the same sentiment in the Philippines about their newly elected president is occurring there. Duterete ran on a very in your face platform to eliminate all corruptness and drug gangs to make the country safe. It was very much like the U.S. election now. The former president, Aquino, received mixed reviews at best and viewed as a true politician, much like Hillary Clinton. Duterte was a breath of fresh air for many, his use of the F word, the S word and other slang, seemed to rally his followers prior to the election. Duterte accused the established government as corrupt and vowed to get in and clean house. He is even about Trump's age. The voters loved his self expression and to shun political correctness. The similarities between Trump and Duterte are uncanny. The media, like in the US, could not get enough of Duterte and he dominated the Philippine news cycles pushing candidates in the background.

Duterte was elected in May, 2016, and not long after, the voters realized that maybe they had made a mistake. Duterte would insult the President Obama, calling him a "son of a bitch", called the U.S. Ambassador a "fag", would negotiate with China over them seizing Filipino islands, declare war on anyone associated with drugs and gave police rights to arrest anyone under suspicion and if they resisted, kill them. This led to over 900 vigilante-style murders. The U.N. condemned Duterte, and he called the U.N. a "useless" organization. He accused former and current members of the Senate of drug dealing with no evidence. His comments about women rival those of Trump. On and on its goes. Just like Donald Trump.

Now, many Filipinos are posting on social media they wish he would just shut up! Their support is waning and they are sick of his non-presidential dialogue. Members of the government are expressing the same sentiment.

While the stakes are much higher in U.S. election because it is a world power that can lead, if Donald Trump is elected, what happened in the Philippines may come to pass. Having a president that just acts weird at times, cannot stand being challenged, talks about issues that are 20 years old, and just never provides solid details on his policy, would be another disaster for America. Many Republicans are telling other Republicans to vote for Hillary. That alone should tell you something.

About 50% of the American voters are undecided. Neither candidate is liked. Trump is as crooked (legally) at Clinton being a businessman. His inexperience about how the world works is revealing. He treats this election cycle as a TV show to get high ratings. But, his personality and temperament is fine for business tycoons like himself, but not good for being the leader of strongest nation in the world. Being a former Trump supporter, the light has finally came on. Accusing that Hillary cheated on Bill with no evidence, like so many things he said, is just sinking his own ship.

On the other side, voting for Clinton makes many puke and hate the American politicial system for what horrible candidates we have to vote for! Voting for Clinton is simply voting for the better of the worst choices. Clinton will just be more of the Obama term in many ways. There could be more Clinton scandals as her email and Clinton Foundation that was "pay for play". Her email scandal would have sent anyone else to jail for breaking Federal laws. The FBI director avoided doing this using legalese to obstruct.

A Trump presidency would mirror Duterte in the Philippines. It would be controversial all the time. He might make America great again just before he miscalculates foreign activities and acts causing a chain of events not anticipated by acting before thinking.


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    • perrya profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago

      yes, while true, there are many fed up with how he acts and are embarrassed.

    • sabrebIade profile image


      2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      The problem is the same there as it is here.

      A July poll showed that 91 percent of Filipinos said they trusted the new president.

      No matter what he does, people seem to love him.


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